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  1. Explain this to me...

    Even if it is arcade, naval battles were fought in open waters, not hiding behind islands. The whole arcade premise is irrelevant because what players want IS immersion. Unrealistic aspects of naval battle destroy immersion from the get go and have indeed turned wows into a wot clone of corner and back line camping.
  2. Clan battle prime time, who else can't play?

    Coupled with exclusive clan rewards, exclusive indeed.
  3. Quite literally no point in aircraft carriers.

    Nah op doesnt need advice, he just needs a 19pt cv captain...
  4. Jack Dunkirk

    Never had the spare time to grind either way before the deadline. I guess we were supposed to drop $ on containers from the prem shop or something.
  5. Akizuki broken or what ?

    You said yourself "fire chance low", thats a reason to take ifhe, not a reason to avoid it. I wont say anything else, mods seem busy enough in this thread lol.
  6. CV's need their own game

    I dont play cv's, but the truth is a competent cv player kills who he wants, when he wants. Thats the truth, not an opinion. edit: or she
  7. iChase removed from WG-CC program

    Only wg 'gets' the delayed ap bombing mechanic. At least thats my understanding from all the feedback of gz purchasers. That it was reinforced by cc's and streamers is something wg cannot ignore. That said, its never going to work directing your vitriol at wg employees directly. Ichase could easily have made his points without getting down and dirty. Surely not giving the gz tb's was enough, without adding the strange db mechanic. Would it have been op with a conventional mechanic?
  8. UK Battle Mission Week 1

    I hope youre getting paid by wg to write this kind of thing. This isnt a community, this is customers. Who paid money already, and may or may not continue to do so. Conceit will be met with disdain. But hey, you carry on with the insults. I think the op has a legit issue, it was met with fanboys. Now this gets to a few pages and ive felt compelled to raise a pitchfork.. Huzzah!
  9. Blueprint for british BB's

    This is why treating regions with so much disparity is not only unjust, morally and ethically(its the exact same game/product), but it also erodes a players trust in the game and the people running it. Its unfortunate i come to the forums to push me into logging in and playing a few games, but end up reading something negative and giving the game a miss. rip. I hope it is just 'different wording'.....
  10. Main battery dispersion - battleships- USA

    You will be pleased to know its fairly easy to hit the target at <5km with a bit of practice.
  11. 1000 battle count....why

    The problem being, the more successfully aggressive you are, the even shorter the game. aka less damage, less xp. wr isnt everything. p.s it wasnt always like this.
  12. Be honest (Stats)

    As a solo casual, never. But i understand why clan divisions might feel inclined to better assess the other team.
  13. Fair Compensation For Nerfed Ships?

    17k games?! Is this your full time job?
  14. If kiting was a thing, then it would be great. But in a cruiser there is no kiting, its more about hoping the bb shooting you has bad aim or bad rng. Couple this with the game mechanic of how shells travel to target, all the bb has to hope for is good rng, aiming isnt that hard. I like cruisers the most, but play them the least. Its just not fun being insta-deleted game after game, smoke or no smoke.