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  1. USS_Billy_Herrington

    You thought Smolensk and Thunderer were OP?

    It's survivability is hot garbage, doesn't get zombie heal (going of dailydounce here). It's shells are 'only'29% fire chance (bug, maybe?), it has atrocious sigma and dispersion. Citadel is huge and exposed and it has mediocre hp, firing angles look bad, while not complete garbage, at 20,8 km range, it doesnt have that much reach But the conceal, the and the speed..Unless Dailybounce is wrong/outdated, we're looking at a ship that does 31,5 knots and with conceal at or around 12 km with a full build. I don't know man, still think I'd prefer Conkek/Tsunderer over this. Still with the direction WeeGee is going (read: downhill) you never know
  2. USS_Billy_Herrington

    How are the German ‘Battlecruisers’?

    Anyone with either T5, 6, or 7 (or all of them) can tell me their topspeed without flag/captain for each?
  3. USS_Billy_Herrington

    [PSA] Submarines participating in Random Battles in update 0.10.9.

    Oh the good old times when Murmansk was still considered a strong premium. How time goes by. I'd play classic WoWs without a second thought. Hell I'd take pre-REEEEwork CVs to the fold as well because back then if you were an AA speced American cruiser, you had fun picking off whole squads at what, 8 km range? Good times Also, It's a good thing most subs are cylinder shaped, makes it easier for Weegee to shove them somewhere where the sun doesn't shine. And i am not talking about Siberia during winter
  4. USS_Billy_Herrington

    General CV related discussions.

    Can't really say I enjoy the Serov/Pobeda Yes, they're strong. Yes they got a large plane reserve but look lord they play so boring! I get more milage ( and more fun/damage) playing Ryujo and Shoukaku/Lexington. It's most likely a playstyle i can't get used too but for me I cannot for my life enjoy playing Russian CV's as much I enjoy playing IJN/USA. tl;dr - I'll take Ryujo/Shoukek/Sexingtong over their Russian counterparts any time of the day I don't talk about Weser/ Von Parseval because I don't like them either for different reasons
  5. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Superships - Tier 11 incoming?

    Like I need more reasons to avoid T10 like the bubonic plague.
  6. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Division Matchmaking in Randoms

    Please stop typing. All your ''proposals'' amount to punishing people for playing this game well. Deal with it. Suck it up. Or quit.
  7. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Purchases getting nerfed. Is that a thing?

    This has been a thing for years. Ancient Wot players might remember how often they changed (read: nerfed) the Type 59
  8. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Do you like ITA BB´s?

    And I can't quote/edit. Ignore this
  9. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Do you like ITA BB´s?

    From my experience Pros: -Amazing concealment (11,7 km with conceal build). -45mm deck armor around the SS, which helps agaisnt pesky 152 HE (I think) -hilarious belt armor comparable to Vladivostok -Fantastic gun handling and shell flight -The ship itself is quite agile -good firing angles face on -Strong protection agaisnt metal fishes -Amazing pen -She looks absolutely beautiful Cons -Amazing pen. Get used to overpens or alternatively, practice shooting cruisers that give a bit of angle -HE shells are crap -Very weak AA with poor range -The shell spread at times will make you pinch your fingers together like Italians do -She tends to eat a lot of damage when trying to fire all three turrets while kiting away -No SAP or smoke like her sister ship Vittorio Veneto -Her secondary suite is worthless, even more so than her AA I like her. I hated playing her at first but if anything at all she is extremely comfortable and relaxing to play. Like that oldschool car you drive in on sunny days through the local countryside
  10. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Port queens

    60 something ships, unless I feel feisty I usually play Graf Spee, Odin, Scharnhorst, Gorizia, Zara, Roma, Farragut, Myoko, Atago, Ryujo, Fiji, and Belfast (tier 7) only I got too many prem ships. Good thing Roma was free (CC container) and Odin was almost free, right? Help.
  11. USS_Billy_Herrington

    General CV related discussions.

    With good aiming and little RNG you can devstrike Ryujo's with Serov Rocket planes or skip bombers A friend told me this. Honest
  12. USS_Billy_Herrington


    The problem here is that this convoy ship has an identity crisis and thinks it's a submarine. Needless to say, its attempt at diving failed spectacularly
  13. USS_Billy_Herrington

    Soviet CV heads for the middle of the map.

    (YMMV, I will never claim to be an expert on CV play) What I do in my Serov is use rocket planes on whatever flank I spawn before i can figure out wether or not that flank is fucked before I use other squads People sleep on the rocket planes ( I did too ). You get a shitload of them in a strike (potentially 24 rockets but unless you strike something with little/no AA, expect one plane to go down before you get an attack off) And they do a lot of damage. 37mm does not sound a lot but that's miles better than REEEyujo/Furious/Ranger can pull off. And they're faster than the skip/torpedo bombers. Much faster
  14. USS_Billy_Herrington

    How to lose your new players 101