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  1. Average_Oldie

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    I'm just waiting for the day when premium currency falls under the same rules/laws as RL currency. When you look at it, you are basicly just trading your own country currency to another, as if you were going on a vacation in another country. Companies keep hiding behind the whole "The player did not use his RL money to buy this digital item, (ship in WoWS) he bought digital currency instead, wich he then used to buy the digital item with. Ergo, he have fully recieved what he spent money on, so no refund options for you and we can screw around with the item he spent digital currency on all we want!"
  2. Average_Oldie

    Can we have less RNG based events ?

    RNG brings in tha monah. They aim for the players who either thinks "I wantz it naow! *throws money at screen for containers" or the players who actually play, but eventually thinks "40 containers opened and still nothing. Screw theese missions, I'll just buy 50 containers instead!".
  3. Average_Oldie

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    Hmm this "you get your money's worth' in the boxes" made me think.... When the game is free, and the various XP/Credits etc bonuses you can get from flags and camo's in the boxes, can also just be earned completely free by playing, although have to play a bit more than someone using the bonuses. Then how can such boxes be valued, when the exact same amount of XP/credits etc can be gained for free? Or am I having a brainfart here?
  4. Average_Oldie

    Would you like co-op battles to be made 8v12?

    I would love to see Co-op being improved. There are more options for WG to add to it, like AI subs... Would actually give thoose depth charges on our ships a reason to even be there... Before the PvE scenarioes, I mained Co-op only. I stopped in WoT, because I just could not keep up with the PvP frustrations anymore. So the PvE here is a nice change. Hell, the scenarioes actually made me spend money on this game, more than I ever thought I would. For frags sake, if WG actually added PvE to WoT, I would be back there in no time aswell... But dont seem like they want me to.
  5. I rather see them add more bots to make it "harder". 8 vs 8 is yaawn.... what happened to the 8 vs 16 or 20, whatever it was. Thoose were amazing.
  6. Average_Oldie

    Azur Lane Collab

    I dont care much about the camo's, but I do enjoy the voices. I bought several of the HSF captains, simply because I'm too damn tired of the overdramatic male voices. Just when the battle begins, its all "BATTLE START!!!!!!!!!!" *major drama voice echo+music* Its crap... I wish there would be HSF captains (or others) for other nations too, instead of just Japan and the 1 for Germany. I hope that one day, WG changes it to something like this:
  7. Average_Oldie

    Serious Gameplay Issues

    About the smoke, I'll agree. I've had it happen a couple of times with tier 4 US and russian DD, where I would sit still inside the smoke or even have the smoke cover between myself and the enemy, AA off and not donig anything, yet I would still get detected from the DD's max detection range. Started to happen after the last patch.
  8. Average_Oldie

    Sonar Abillity bugged?

    I do not have replays enabled, and its hard to explain exactly how it all happened... I'll remember to take screenshots, if it happens again. Basicly, on the 2 brothers map I think, (The one with narrow passage in the middle), a DD came through. He popped smoke in our cap circle, and I activated my sonar. The DD appeared visible around 4 km, and I engaged him. Turned away from him, kept firing, and eventually sunk him about 2-3 km away from me. We were both outside the smoke screen during this, and shortly after (thinking I was safe), 10 torps appear at max 1 km range of me. The angle/direction of wich the torps were launched, suggests that he had launched them before coming outta the smoke. But considering the time it took to kill the DD, and the DD even crossing the path of the torps, Its almost as if there was a 2nd DD in the smoke, however, I checked the team lists, and that was the last DD alive. Gah, really need to enable replays.... WG, why u no gief replay system yet!
  9. Average_Oldie

    Sonar Abillity bugged?

    This happened after both the DD and myself were clear of the islands, and had plenty of open water around us.
  10. Average_Oldie

    Sonar Abillity bugged?

    Came outta a Co-op match in me Cleveland (Oh yes, PvE scrub be I), where I was engaging a destroyer in too close combat for comfort, max 3 km range. I had activated my Sonar, cause I was coming around a island, so wanted to make sure I was detecting any torps coming my way. Well, I manage to sink the enemy destroyer, who had left its smoke screen, and suddenly outta nowhere, 10 torps pop into view, max 1 km away. I was nowhere near the smoke screen when it happened, and during the fight with the destroyer, it was visible 100% of the time at close range, so I would imagine that my sonar could have picked up any torps coming my way ahead of time. But theese did not pop into view, until they were close enough to read their serial number... "1337H4XINYOURFACE-LOL"... Seriously thu, have anyone else noticed the sonar being a bit iffy?
  11. Average_Oldie

    Servers down?

    Yeah, down in DK.
  12. Only thing thats making me scratch me head..... The most unique and important ship in the anime, is a submarine... And its partnering up with a game, that have no submarines...
  13. Average_Oldie


    Honestly, I think this can be very possible... I'll probably get banned for linking this video, but it shows the mods currently in WoT, that really makes ya scratch your head. Gameplay begins around 6:00... I seriously hope this kind of shitty mods NEVER make it to WoWs.
  14. Average_Oldie

    What's the best premium ship to begin with?

    Yeah, will recommend the Murmansk too. I'm enjoying both that and the Omaha atm. just never ever let an Atlanta fire AP into your side.... it rips your citadel apart in seconds... It does have 8 km torp range, vs Omaha's 5.5 km. However, Murmansk need to expose more of its sides to the enemy, to fire thoose torps. The Omaha dont need to turn that much, making it easier to fire torps from both sides quicker.
  15. Average_Oldie

    warspite back on sale

    Another bundle.... They really never learn huh... Had it been the ship only, I woulda bought it. The Tirpitz too. But this? Hell no... I'll go spend that money on a premium tank in AW instead I guess...