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  1. RegularLogic

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    This is just not fun now. Main issues as I have experienced and see them; DD's without AA are screwed if a fighter squad finds them. Before you were just spotted, but now the fighters can hit you with rockets. This is annoying. Playing battleships is even less fun against carriers. Before, you could expect a single strafe from a plane squadron, now you have to dodge multiple strafes from the same squad. This is not enjoyable. CVs are much more useless than before. One squad out at a time means that you cannot scout for your team, nor can you protect your allies from enemy carriers in the same way as before. This is frustrating for you as a CV and as a member of the team. AA builds are completely worthless, no longer do they have the range to make them viable, meaning that you can't defend allies from air attacks without literally humping the side of their ship. Whoever thought that players would like to fork out 30,000,000 credits for a tier ten, was most likely playing warthunder at the time. All in all, this is a complete step backwards. No one is going to want to play carriers more frequently, nor are new players likely to want to. If you wanted people to play CVs more often, you could simply make them earn more credits at a time than most other ships. If you wanted to balance carriers better, you could remove the strafe function and make them all autodrop, or remove the number of planes in a strafe. I know that you want to give the WoWP bunch an opportunity to have some input into the development of this game, as WoWPs is a drastic failure in comparison, but this has totally gutted the current state of play. At this point, I would rather have all my carrier stuff removed immedietly without any compensation, than play the game in its current form.
  2. RegularLogic

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    maybe you're just bad with it? really bad ship, can't make any damage
  3. RegularLogic

    Critical Error

    Critical errors direct to "https://ru.wargaming.net/support/ru/products/wows/help/" Not exactly helpful if you're on EU and don't understand cyrillics.
  4. RegularLogic

    Black Friday containers...broken?

    What a fantastic idea, relegate yourself to playing only certain types of ships, and ignore others... not based on any form of objective issue, just personal bias
  5. RegularLogic

    Please, return possibility to kill teammate.

    sorry, people care about win rate in this game? How sad for all of you who do... me, I'm just enjoying the game.
  6. RegularLogic

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    Well, we're telling you one thing, and you're telling us another... I think you must have bumped your mouse into something and flipped the aim. Either this happened or you zoomed in and the camera clipped something which was present behind you.
  7. RegularLogic

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    It's a shame that you didn't read what I wrote. I thought the second word being "free" would have made it obvious, apparently I need to dumb things down for you I know that you're upset with me for your comments in the question section getting moderated for insults. My suggestion to you is to be a nicer person, you must at least be human enough to do that :)
  8. RegularLogic

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    TL ; DR - Player free XP's into a tier 10 battleship, doesn't enjoy it and then asks the community why the devs aren't changing the ship because it sucks. - Community then makes player look like a mouthbreathing fool, by posting statistical information from several servers. - Player follows up be spending all available replies insulting anyone who makes light of his hidden stats, failed opinions and previous attacks on others. Honestly amazed that the forum moderators put up with this flame war... amusing though. Not really a question though, judging by the vitriolic replies things have decended to.
  9. RegularLogic

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    First free black friday crate - Massachusetts B.... aaaand I doubt i'll play it very much :3
  10. RegularLogic

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    torps are a funny thing... I'm sure a few of the posters here have seen the "infinite torpedo" bug, which passes torps through solid islands, or more commonly have unlimited range. Put it down to one of the many features of the game :3
  11. RegularLogic

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    It's a bug. Happens occasionally when you RMB and the camera thinks you're looking at a section of water which you've just moved past... there's other silly things like this in the game. Next time you're at a loose end in a game, try and do this enough to get the camera inverted :3
  12. RegularLogic

    Inbound weaboo.

    I don't entirely disagree with this, however; knowing first hand how planes are used and how they can be used most effectively is important. For instance, knowing about the 11km spotting "Feature", or the way in which planes interact with terrain features in terms of spotting/dropping are things which you'll only discover with gameplay experience. Taking the lessons you've learned across the board of classes will make you a more complete player, and dissuade you from making the same mistakes which the majority of players of WoT make when they get out-maneuvered/out-played by a mechanic which they don't understand (bush mechanics, arty, etc.) CV play is difficult at high tiers, and while not as antagonistic as the artillery in WoT, having a little first hand experience on the complexities of the class can alieviate some of the frustration involved when you're on the recieving end of it.
  13. amusing that the window once opened in the launcher refuses to close, and only exiting the process from the taskbar seems to fix it... can't wait for the update
  14. RegularLogic

    Inbound weaboo.

    I can't speak for the toxicity in WoT, as I am permanently chat banned, and to say otherwise would be hypocritical. The game balance and design of the current build of WoT is leading design practices for some features of this game. The reason that some people aren't enjoying WoT is because the game has changed and evolved since it first made itself available to some of us who've been along for the ride for a long time. We're either burnt out, or jaded after all these years of development, testing and screw ups. WoWS can act as a nice refuge for you if you're looking to get away from the monotony of tanking. I full heartedly agree with this. A rudimentary understanding of how each class plays, and understanding of how to fight effectively can lead to a better experience for yourself and the teams you play with. I would not however, dissuade you from playing CVs. The reason is; they're part of the current build and will still be used as the framework for any balance changes going foward. Understanding the complexities of managing several squads, organising strafes, drops and avoiding hazardous AA fire all the while, will give you an insight into how difficult (or easy) it is to play the class. If you can understand what makes it easy to play, you can more readily make it difficult when you're playing against it.
  15. RegularLogic

    EU server down?

    you must have some serious issues with feral children in your part of the world