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  1. RegularLogic

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    taking the term "special" to new levels...
  2. RegularLogic

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    So basically, you've run out of ideas and want the vastly experienced players to reset their tech trees whilst you come up with some more content? Have you been taking advice from CCP games on how to ruin a multiplayer experience?
  3. I've already started to see CC's organise "tournaments" under the guise of competitions of their own making, requiring new accounts only, and all using referral links. This is a serious oversight from you guys, WG.
  4. RegularLogic

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    Boost display indicator randomly dissapears sometimes, doesn't happen with all squadrons, just a few random ones. The other bug I've noticed frequently, is the reticule bug; where a bomb reticule is displayed on the surface of the water from the last squadron of planes you had out. Doesn't seem to be effected by which plane squad it is, torpedo squads also have the same reticule after they're called back/destroyed. The reticule will remain on the surface of the water for the remainder of the game... 2 visual issues that I've noticed, but not as bad as some of the previously listed ones.
  5. Hello Selisar,

    I saw your question, sorry for not replying in game, i've been punished by the fun police and cannot chat with others for a day.

    The shokaku skin is from the halloween events, called Gorgon. If you like, I can upload some more screenshots of it to the wiki page, for other people to inspect.