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  1. Now that the GZ is back in the Store we saw that the "Adler" Camo is nowhere to be found so we ask us if it will be available again at some point. Thank for any answers
  2. _Fenrisson_

    Lightning Quest

    So I still have the Lightning quest halfway done, but have enough XP on my Jervis to research the Lightning. My question is what will happen with the Lightning quest if I have already researched the Lightning maybe even bought it? Thx for any answer
  3. wow just wow.... I can truly say that I do not like you good sir well your behavior first of all. Now have a good day and do not get triggered by my manners :) That meme made me smile in this occasion fellow german
  4. Nah I am quite sure it means that @Crysantos and the other Community guys and gals are trying to have a headstart with the new Campaign
  5. Are you kidding me? This is an open Forum so I can state my opinion as long as I abide to the Rules. Anyway this comment shows me how your mind is set and you are a costumer that will never be satisfied, but you can post your opinion here as long as you want.
  6. Well while you are right with the problems that often appear with a Patch you can not say that there are always problems, because in the normal day to day business I almost never had any problems with very rare exceptions over the last years. Also never forget that there are games that you can not play for a few days after they rolled out a patch, because of instability or game breaking bugs.
  7. Honestly guys just calm the **** down... Let them take their time crap happens as we all now at work etc. if you can not rely to that then get a job. Weather is nice get some Sunlight on your bellies come back in a few and have fun with WoWS as always. And give the Community Managers a bit more appreciation they do a really good job in my opinion and never forget they are not your personal slaves......
  8. _Fenrisson_

    Game won't start

    When I click on the PLAY button the launcher closes and nothing happens then. The game just runs in background without openning any window. I just can kill the process in the task manager. I uninstalled und reinstalled the game, but the problem is not fixed. Any help will be appreciated