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  1. Vork

    How to play Z-31?

    There is no need to free-XP the Z-31, it is a playable DD. This entire line plays more like a cruiser. While shooting AP at long range you can deal a lot of damage, and the slow torps wil help you. Your setup is good, no concealment but range. The major downside of this DD is that it's not good at the typical DD roles like spotting, contesting caps, killing enemy DDs and screening. And that can be a problem if there are only 1 or 2 DDs per side. My advice: -Use mostly AP, learn where you can pen BBs and cruisers. -Stay at max range, especially in the beginning of the match. -Learn when you need to stay concealed, because when you get focussed you will die fast. Edit: I checked your stats and I see you have 63 random battles and a lot of battles in coop. If you want to play it in coop: I don't play coop but I don't think it's very good in coop. If you want to play it in randoms: get more experience in randoms, this is a ship for experienced players.
  2. Besides the friends list that is still bugged I have no issues.
  3. Vork

    Upcoming or recent must have ships

    As a DD main I think Groningen and Cossack are must haves. Groningen is a great gunboat with a unique and fun playstyle and one of the top tier 9 DDs in capable hands. Cossack is a very versatile ship with a lot of utility that makes it good in almost every situation. In my opinion the best tier 8 DD. *Ah you are talking about ships that came in the game this patch and the next, my bad.
  4. Vork

    Unsportsmanlike conduct

    Posting this rubbish means you deserve to be banned from the forum anyway.
  5. I find it supershit. I play a lot of tier 9, and now battles will be filled with these ships. If they would only limit their numbers, but the announced economy will not do that. It's very easy to grind 50mil credits if you have a permium account, a good tier 9 premium and some flags. Limit the superships to 1 per team and I would find it acceptable. The problem is they want to make money out of them so the superships can't have a very bad economy or long waiting time. I find this the worst addition to the game ever. We hevent seen the full impact on the game yet because 90% of the times superships were played by -not so good- players.
  6. Vork

    Prime Gaming WOWS content is a joke

    I totally agree with the TS. It's tier 4, which most players don't play. Then you'll get it for free anyway in a few weeks, and probably every ship in that line up to tier 7, so no need to grind. These tier 4 tech tree ships are the worst offerings WoWs has on Prima Gaming. So useless.
  7. Vork

    Am I the only one who does this?

    You should be forbidden to play this game.
  8. It's not only the winrate but also the frustration of having people in your team doing stupid things like leaving the flank they are on, immideately rushing to the enemy in a BB, getting killed within 2 minutes in a DD.
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    I didn't start a topic.
  11. Vork


    Then don't play it. I don't have a problem with them. "Killed ranked" he says, no argument, no reason, just frustration. Why do you post this? It has no value/
  12. Vork

    A simple poll

    Why do you even post this? Not even a decent title. Like there aren't enough "CV's are crap" posts on the forums. So sad this.
  13. Vork

    Clan wars - are we having fun yet?

    I like the tier 6 CB. I didn't see that many 2 CV teams. And when I met them, we beat them. I think it's fun, and different from the tier 10 battles.
  14. Vork

    CV Rework rewind

    Really????? Did you forget how it was before the rework? The CV decided the game so often it was just stupid.