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  1. And another post of a person ranting about people ranting. Thanks for keeping up appearances.
  2. Mad_Dog_Dante

    Why are UK subs on double for Naval battles

    I bet they learn how to solidify them better. ^^ Edit: screenshot of mine: Pffffffrrrt lol. Go suck a stick WG.
  3. I find the builds part in wows is very uninteresting and poorly done. I hardly ever experiment or change builds around because there is little point to it and it's too costly to experiment just to see what happens. I even didn't bother with getting my captains up to 21 points, it just happens. The last two points are usually not very important. So I don't understand why they should cost as much as they do except for the good ol' 'extortion' game design philosophy. There's simply no point if you don't play CW. So overall score on the build gameplay of this title: Meh.
  4. Mad_Dog_Dante

    Made a mistake and decided to return to game.

    People get frustrated by the game so they complain. You get frustrated by the forums, so you complain. People complain. You, me, people who play carriers, people who play battleships, people who play subs, everyone. Block people on the forum you get fed up with, it's a great feature. But please, don't let it get to your insecurities like some of the trolls we have. What puzzles me is people bitching about people complaining about their matches on the game's forums. We have a few that have been doing it for years now. They are like feeders, the fetish. It's a bit cringe and quite toxic. I get people complaining about their leisure game time being ruined. By whatever. That's a legit emotion and a thing. Complaining about a game forum containing content of gamers complaining about their game, and specifically targetting them constantly, thats a broken personality trait. It's parasitic on the negative emotions of others. That reeks of sadism. Brrrr. -------------------- That being sa(i)d, pun intended, I don't think subs should be a reason to not play the game anymore. Most subs are quite harmless because the ones playing them are quite bad in them. They aren't breaking stealth and tactical options like bad carrier players do by accident. That is becasue the subs are extremely poorly designed for generic gambler 'gamers' instead of specialized gamers for which these classes are perfect for. There are sub players who are great at exploiting the poor gamedesign though. Meetin one of those can be quite annoying to gameplay. What i find worse actually is that much like carriers, this developer has created more boring shallow gameplay to what could be a great IP. Two out of 5 classes are just right out boring, when their real life counterparts should invite them to create interesting stuff. Classes that should have been perfect for specialized players (like RTS was) have been gutted to packman levels of game depth. That just makes me sad. Mismanagment and misproduction for the sake of mobile gatcha game style revenu. Both carriers and subs are too boring to play, that is what annoys me most.
  5. Mad_Dog_Dante

    How much more damage and kills I need to win more?

    Nice damage farming, quite impressive. Are you just sniping damage without tanking for your team? If so, you won't be able to improve your winrates, ever. Only ships(*)/BB's that put themselves in harms way will usually make a difference in map control, which is the essence of winning matches. (*) with the exception of carriers ofcoarse because why the f not. In your case: use BB's that will help your team by tanking damage. Drawing aggro and smart tanking is as important as applying damage and killing priority targets.
  6. Mad_Dog_Dante

    What is your 'rarest' ship in WoWS?

    "Is it 'popular' enough that it will sucker 'gamers' to whale lootboxes?" And... "Crap, we made it obtainable for an ingame resource when we should have made it pay2win"
  7. Mad_Dog_Dante

    General Submarines related discussions

    These little tidbits make me realise again what a failure this developer really is in regards to fun gameplay.
  8. Mad_Dog_Dante

    General CV related discussions.

    You just use your own judgement on those requests and ignore everything else. You can forget about teamplay. That has been edited out in this game by the developer. And if you have a special attachment to Karmapoints, well you can forget about those too lol. Carriers aren't seen as very respectable overall, which kind of comes with the character of the way they are designed: dumb spam 70% survival rate even when stupid.
  9. Mad_Dog_Dante

    Changes to combat economy are in testing

    Sub base xp buff test was greet sukses!
  10. Mad_Dog_Dante

    General CV related discussions.

    If you get snipe killed you most likely were a perfect target. The only way that happens from 20-30 km away is if you were stationairy while being scouted by the enemy carrier. All you have to do is move about a bit from round start to avoid most of that. Carrier play is actually a damage race, not a spotting job. Spotting already happens automatically when you fly to and attack your targets. In rare occasions spotting or harassing a DD will be important when one poses a threat to your team that can't be solved by other teammates (radar, friendly dd's etc). But your job is to apply as much DOT as you can as quickly as you can. I'm not a carrier gameplay fan much (i find it boring and repetetive), so my advice is probably dodgy. Find targets that are 1- easy to hit 2 - soak the damage type you are currently flying 3 - preferrably close by and 4 - threats. More avid carrier nubs could give you some better advise, but the most vocal ones here are usually too weirdly obsessed with the forum to be bothered. Some seem to have trouble understanding basic human behavior and at the same time suffer from cringe levels of attention craving. Anyway, try to rearrange your expectations, carriers play differently now. Boring, but different.
  11. Mad_Dog_Dante

    General CV related discussions.

    Lol, except carriers do have that exact luxury, an entire team actually. That's why you see carrier players humping islands and corners of maps with their entire team between them and the enemy team lol. Which is just breathtaking stupid gameplay mechanics. If a carriers is being caught prematurely it has mispositioned. The carrier should be punished accordingly. That's only fair. Yet carriers still get away with more then any surface ship can. Their survival rate is absurd compared to any other class. It's true, I agree. Carrier play is boring, broken, and what is worse, the immersion breech is aweful These are not carriers being modeled into a game, but mario meets packman on an invisible flat plane. There is no fluidity, no gforce feeling, nothing. It's bad. It's boring. They are capable of doing plenty of damage and help carry the game if you play them according to their new design. Just not as much alpha damage as the RTS days.
  12. Mad_Dog_Dante

    General Submarines related discussions

    How long does it take for a balao or german sub to reload its torps? Minutes seems like a gross overstatement as well.
  13. Mad_Dog_Dante

    WG WTF is this !!!

    Amagi lookin sexeh!
  14. Mad_Dog_Dante

    Next premium battlepass? Will you get it?

    It may be for people who play more then average and get all stages anyway. For me it's no longer interesting. I did the first two passes, with ingame earned dubloons actually. I then learned that I don't like game enough anymore to be playing that much. This pass, which I didn't buy, I still played more then I normally would but was disregarding the pass, and I noticed I got to stage 26. So no, it's not a great deal when you take all costs into account for my part, like losing time better spent on practicing my instruments and DAW or other fun stuff. I don't mind the pass though, especially buying it after you got all stages anyway. That's actually a nice feature.
  15. Yeah in this case, IF I would play and collect the Minotaur's 10x bonus (5 times the 2x bonus) I would earn 10x 6000 RP with 1 play. Not planning to probably, I am already on 800.000 FXP again which is enough to reset and fxp the complete line again. Since I'm low on silver I won't be collecting - you have to rebuy each ship to collect.