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  1. Europizza

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    Right in the feels brah, right in the feels
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    Congrats, I play similar to you, many ships, different ships per session, so the grind to tier X took me ages, which was fine because the tier X meta is a boring snoozefest.
  4. How about maybe I won't play these obnoxious modes they keep coming up with lately
  5. Europizza

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    To be fair: I usually never play on weekends, but this weekend I felt like cocooning a bit, so I decided to play some WOWS to relax this weekend. Honestly? I get worked up, there is nothing relaxing about the state of this game especially during the weekend. Not only has the quality of the game and updates decreased the gameplay quality (sure, lots of crap being poured in the game mostly evolving around pushing obnoxious game industry standard lootboxes), but the ease of leveling up and focus on tier 9 and 10 has grown an ever decreasing quality of players. This game is in decay for me personally, it's starts to riek. Just as WOT at one point became obnoxious and dissapointing by ways of it's own creators. (I'm not saying it's dying, as WOT happily kept on churning masses in some weird way, but to me it's no longer something I enjoy). WOWS keeps rapidly heading that way. It makes me a bit sad, as I have no clue what game I'd like to pick up after this, as I am really fed up with the business models games use these days. I want to play in an advertisement and gambling free enviroment. I'm so fed up playing in an online store.
  6. Europizza

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Three games, T6. Not anecdotal, chronical First, a DD sails around, when he spots a ship he fires his guns, then he immediately torpedoes and smokes up. This does 3 things: make him detected (so he smokes up), make enemy ship turn so his torpedoes miss by a landslide, makes enemy invisible due to his own smoke. He does this the entire round. What is telling of the state of the game is that this one ended up first on our team lulz. I was stunned. Second game: UK tier VII DD lingers behind our cruisers, he is the only DD we have. We get torped by a fubuki, several torps land on the cruisers, he runs away. DD spent the ENTRIE time hiding behind cruisers and battleships. When I smoke up my cruiser he comes and sit IN my smoke. We have hardly any targets for minutes. I don't even know where he ended up, as i can't bring myself to look at the scoreboard anymore. Third game, no comment. The state of the game is WTFW (wotdefukweekend).
  7. I just finished the regrind of 4 IJN lines: both DD lines, the cruiser line and the carrier line. I found the three surface ship lines quite fun actually, and it rekindled my interest in the game, which was fading rapidly, and now after it's done actually is fading again. I have enough gold, research points and coal to buy various ships, but there is nothing that interests me at all. I can't bring myself to buy the Colbert. I might just for shits and giggles, but i'd like to know what we can expect as future reward ships... The carrier line is the only line where I used free XP to get from 150k in tier VIII to the tier X 330k, i simply couldnt bring myself to grind through that . The carrier line was easily the WORST experience of them all. At lower tiers stupidly overpowered, ruining everyones game, up to mindnumbly stupid and boring gameplay higher up. The reset made it crystal clear for me that the carriers have been completely stomped into a bad dream of world of warplanes gameplay inserted into my favorite ship game. It. Is. Insanely. BORING. One thing I also noticed: The higher tier I got in, the more boring the rounds became. Really T10 players, take a chance and some have fun instead of damage grinding every bloody match. Unless damage grinding is your funzone, in that case: . So in conclusion: IJN DD lines great fun, IJN cruiser line even better, IJN carrier line OMGMAKEITSTOP. Any takers on their experience on various lines? I'm looking into what lines I want to reset next season.
  8. I find neither ships interesting enough to spend this much on. I actually don't want tier X ships as the tier meta is mindnumbingly static and a strain on my will to live (play). Anyone have any idea on what's next as a reward ship for this kind of doe? Any lower tier ships that are coming up?
  9. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well so what -> Provide better examples if you want to make a point. We are discussing CV's here. And we are talking end game situation where 1 on 1 can easily happen. Yeah this game is played in teams. Doesn't mean one type of ship should get speshul rules vs. the other 3 <- 'balanced' for the worst quality player is what that means for carriers. The issue is that surface ships will always be at a disadvantage to CV's in the endstage of a battle because: CV hulls usually havent taken any damage CV's usually survive up to the last stage of the round Surface ships usually are battered including their AA making AA less effective Carriers can attack without risking their ship HP pool (losing all ship HP is losing the battle at that point) CV's have super fast scouting ability so they will always know where their enemy is Carriers have speshul damage rules (fire damage doesn't stick) CV's have a regenerating plane pool and 3 types of planes to attack with so plenty to go around unless the CV played like an idiot. Oh and as for your DD vs. BB point: torpedoes can be dodged, it's not even hard and torpedoes have long reload times. Carrier attacks are relentless and constant, and point blank. As for the surface ships, well, ehm, lets see... Planes can be depleted if the carrier captain played really bad?
  10. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah look at what type of ship was left to take the win. Also, in your example the JB whould not be able to sink the CV either, so much for the situation being reversed.
  11. Europizza

    the "carry harder!" thread

    just look at this sir
  12. Europizza

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    I have one too. And deleted and countered plenty, so that makes just your adversary speshul mate. See I can be anecdotal too
  13. Europizza

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    It's fine, most players just simply don't know how to kill it and start running away, or stop and try to reverse only giving it more time to dakka, especially BBabies.
  14. Europizza

    Coal Disparity in Ships Available

    Yeah i was thinking the same thing yesterday. Guess Wg has been pushing tier 9 and 10 way hard :P