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  1. Europizza

    Submarine tokens ?

    Had no token played battle in sub mode got token. No relogin required.
  2. Europizza

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I was too busy killing everyone else and when I finished there weren't any left? I killed one in my first subs match though. Very uneventful experience tbh. Sail over stick. Press G.
  3. Europizza

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I play WOWS because of exactly that reason, even as a cruiser and DD 'main'. Many game developers though think fast and short is better then slow and long. My wife tells me differently. Their loss.
  4. Europizza

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Maybe you're playing them not to what their role should be: ninja snipers, not brawlers?
  5. Europizza

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    So. I had my second battle with subs. And carriers. An all human player match. Me in Leander again. 7 kills. Feedback below. Matchmaker: almost no battleship in the queue. None in the match. Community picked up the new test META pretty fast. Gameplay: annoying. 2 subs and 1 carrier in this all human player match. It's a constant distraction: dodging planes and dodging guided torpedoes while unable to interact with (shoot at) the players using them. The little stick sub is difficult to grasp and focus on, so it is impossible to glance at it and understand the sub's position instantly. All this, the subs guessing and plane dodging, distracts from the fun part for me: shooting players and capping objectives. And like in my first match, I noticed how little fun and engaging it is to hunt a little stick on the water surface. If this is going to be the new norm for gameplay, the constant distraction of what I actually want to do (fight ships manually and not autobot planes and subs), and I never thought I'd say this, then I have little hopes for me playing this game short after release in random. Look at my screenshots. Ask me If I had fun.
  6. Europizza

    Subs and CV completely contradict WG philosophy

    Really, you can't blame anyone for being cynical about WG being able to create compelling gameplay. They have a track record for creating games with mediocre gameplay but have good understanding of compelling addiction and hoarder mechanics.
  7. Europizza

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Played a round in my Leander. 1 sub per side. 3 human players in surface ships rest bots. The interaction with the sub was as thrilling as expected. Not. I sailed towards him while he was attacking a BB. Popped hydro. Pressed G while hovering over the little stick. Kept hovering over the little stick. Pressed G again. Dead sub. Thats about as thrilling gameplay as making a sandwich. Now imagine if you will making a sandwich while 11 other people throw furniture at you. There you have it: the magic of sub counterplay.
  8. Europizza

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    You get what for what now?
  9. Europizza

    Come on WEEGEE... Really?

    PEGI rating 7+ as mentioned on the games EU website. The plus stands for ingame lootbox monetization exposure to children. No refusal or scrupules there
  10. Europizza

    Subs and CV completely contradict WG philosophy

    WG has a philosophy?
  11. That's so alien to me. All this does for me is make me feel unlucky and consequently keep my wallet even more tightly shut then it already is. I went from paying fan to NOPE after being pummeled with BS events, BS gambling, BS inflation and increasing BS 'offers' for years.
  12. launched WOWS got 2 russian lootboxes on logging in 5 tokens each quit game launched other game that is actually fun
  13. Europizza

    Ochakov? Bagration? Mikoyan?

    <3 <3 <3
  14. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    I'd say the game was great thanks to the lack of events, free goodies and the constant stream of ingame advertising for lottery and lootbox mechanics. It was about tanks and playing tanks. Nothing much else. Now there are so many monitizable variables in WOT its overwhelming and convoluted. In my leisure time I want to be able to break with the constant stream of 'buy this buy that' real life already throws at every surface. I want to be immerged in a fantasy world where none of that stuff exists. I dont want to manage spending budgets, put effort in ignoring a developer screaming at me to finally start gambling, or spend idiotic amounts of real money on fake currency to buy overinflated ingame items.