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  1. Europizza

    Looking for Coaching

    Fortytoo dolla?
  2. Europizza

    Random battles now include that grab a buff mode?

    This is me. I've given up sadly :( Probably will be back at some mega event collecting free stuff
  3. Europizza

    Looking for Coaching

    Fitty dolla
  4. Europizza

    Game experience after two months of not playing

    My advise is to actually uninstall, because you're still getting milked.
  5. Europizza

    General Submarines related discussions

    I hear they got worse somehow lol.
  6. Europizza

    Game experience after two months of not playing

    The answer to that is a simple yes. I wouldnt call it an excuse though. I would call it a poor executive producing job.
  7. Europizza

    Pretty sure I found a bug?

    Thats not a bug, that is bad coding, poor QA and lazy feature design.
  8. Europizza

    The most frustrating game.

    It's a joke. Tongue in cheek. Probably an alien concept to you.
  9. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    The problem with all of your mental constructions is that your brain is whitewashing itself, probably to protect yourself from mental harm. It means, when using your own vocabulary, that your brain is unqualified to pass arguments. This is the problem you created and face on all levels: Nobody here understands almost anything of what you are trying to say, and nobody is with you at your empty forum. Also, nobody plays in division with you, not even people from your clan, because nobody wants to deal with your BS.
  10. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    Someones silence should never and can not be your complacency, since there was no or irrelevant answer. When you do this you are violating their 'human rights' by creating a falsehood in their name. You don't win anything other then lies, and you actually lose connection to another person. The only 'opinions' you agree with are false misinterpretations you create. You didn't explain my opinion is wrong, you actually confirmed something way worse. You suffer from an toxic level of cognitive dissonance.
  11. Europizza

    GPU Temps in Port

    Users optimize port. Lesta doesn't. Thank you for getting your priorities right neuromarketingveloper.
  12. Europizza

    Good Work WG! Really...

    OP likes artwork.
  13. Europizza

    Good Work WG! Really...

    The last 3 years solo carry minimum.
  14. Europizza

    Subs again, again (sorry)

    Agreement on math is the very reason you are able to seek engagement with minds all over the globe currently. Stop being arrogant and condescending plox.
  15. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    This is the core of your delusion. You reject everyone and everything. It is why you are lost to everyone here on this forum, even the ones that try to help you due to pity or concern.