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  1. Europizza

    I don't get the dev blog (CC) outrage

    I do to. I have sub zero faith in WG releasing something that will make the game better and more interesting without throwing a giant wrench in everything else, based on how poorly they performed the last 2 years. Except for their fom techniques and gambling ofc. Those will be on par.
  2. This is the geste of it. Ot is not the total amount of damage generated, it is about how that damage is applied that has lost tactical depth, everything these spreadsheet mongrols touch lose character and depth.
  3. Not even that well disguised personal brag threat.
  4. Europizza

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    WG's notion of fun is opening lootboxes. Their balancing revolves around making things average so the spreadsheet doesn't complain. When carriers are involved in my ship sinking, it's usually because of carriers spotting and not by carriers.
  5. Europizza

    I finally reached my goal!

    This. Ive been a solo player for years. If I hadn't joined an active clan, I would have stopped playing long ago.
  6. So I was checking out my stats in her, to see if i could remember her. Noticed there is an old and a new Kirov? What happened after 10.6.2019? Was she changed?
  7. Europizza

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    I actually hate that you put the 7 prov behind the FOM dockyard mechanic. Just more reason to dislike the gambling and manipulation crap your company has been pushing onto everyones babies and mothers. Sell it in the premium shop.
  8. Ranked match start. Fantastique, already pink, reverses immeditately. Sails along south coast at 1/4 speed until the match is won for him. I don't understand why these arses can't be publicly shamed.
  9. Europizza

    Magnetic Smoke.

    Substances were involved. I am pleasanrly surprised by the outcome.
  10. Europizza

    CV bias confirmed

    This. WG: 'hold my beer'.
  11. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    I'm not making an assumption, it's called a question. The point: 100k plane damage didn't make a dent in it's strike and spotting ability in any meaningfull way. 100k damage made no difference. The way the damage is applied is irrelevant, as this little exercise is not about skill, but the influence of damage on the functionality of a ship receiving that damage. Let me humor you and point out that 100k secondary damage applied to 1 single ship can sink many ships out there or bring them on the verge of being sent to port, seriously limiting it's options to participate in the battle. Your 'point', if it even is one, is moot. Again. But who's counting.
  12. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    Wut. Are you saying there's no counter to carrier attacks? 100k damage, 22 plane kills of which 7 spotters (fighters lol), so 15 bombers, that's not even a visible dent. That FDR wasn't harmed in any meaningful way. I had an 80k plane damage earlier with 15 planes killed, god knows which ones were lolispotters. But he kept me spotted for everyone else to shoot at ofc. Because balans: he hardly damages me but gets me killed by just hovering over me endlessly, I do 100k damage to him and he doesn't flinch. Totally great design. Right :D
  13. Europizza

    General CV related discussions.

    When I do 100k damage to 1 single ship, most ships would be severely handicapped. Right?
  14. Europizza

    on Dodging CVs in ranked

    I simply assume the enemy CV is shait, which it usually is.
  15. Europizza

    Please Explain Me this World of Warships

    Time for WG to set WOWS PEGI rated to 3 months and up. Also no seperate parts that can be swallowed so no worries lawpeeps.