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  1. Europizza

    How can a DD escape from air rocket attack?

    Yeah all great advise but evading won't work 95% of the time. It will reduce the damage a bit though. Always try to face attack planes head on. Anything else is bollocks. There is only one way to avoid damage, and then even sometimes not. It is also just a temp measure and UK dd's are screwed anyway. Smoke up instantly. I can still hit you once probably but that is it. And I'm not likely to wait for your smoke to clear, but I will return with my next attack wave. In short, nope.
  2. Europizza

    some short news CV vs DD (public test)

    I want to feel wonderful no matter what MM shoves up my street Thank you for the micro reviews. I've been eyeballing the Saipan and the GZ for a while now, both seem to be speshul. I like Speshul.
  3. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

  4. Europizza

    some short news CV vs DD (public test)

    I am at Shokaku but the Big E is so addictive. I can see why @El2aZeR keeps rubbing it into everyones faces. The Shokaku seems okay, but the Enterprise is so much more comfortable for me in how it plays: it's like a street fighter ^^ and it can use everything for everything on the turn of a dime, with a topping of the best fighter consumable to mess with the enemy CV's performance. Somehow quadruple citadelling a Des Moines feels more fun in the Enterprise as opposed to the Midway, because I feel I'm not supposed to pull that off. I think the Enterprise has spoiled me rotten: when I play any other CV I feel a bit handicapped in one way or another, and none of the other traits are making up for that. How are you doing in the Shokaku compared to the other TVIII CV's?
  5. Europizza

    some short news CV vs DD (public test)

    His non IJN hits were IJN bombers not attack planes
  6. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    I usually check if there are friendly torps on their way, and if i think they're good I usually find myself a new target and return to the other target once it is actually hit by the dd torps wave to try and invoke DOT by flooding or fires. But I have to say that I learned the hard way that the current CV's are designed for damage farming and nothing much else, like most unicums will tell you. Any second not spent dealing damage is a risk to the team losing. Which actually bums me out since I usually prefer play support classes in games. So I do get a little out of my way to help teammates, but I also lose matches because of that to be fair. In all honesty it is a bad habit I have a hard time shedding because damage farming is boring as hell. The Midway for instance can't afford to help anyone deterring from it's damage race if the team wants a chance to win the round, which makes playing it actually surprisingly boring compared to the tier 8 CV's. In tier 8 you get some leeway to help your team, in tier X, forget it. One has to assume your friendly team is bad at most and are forced to race for damage, or bust.
  7. Europizza

    Any tipps to get fun as DD ?

    Fun in a DD? Wut now?
  8. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    Becous balans
  9. Europizza

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My current highest Carrier performance: 203 k damage round in the Big E. It wasn't [retty though, a real struggle.
  10. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    This. 100% this.
  11. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    No the Midway aim circle is huge and round . Lex was my fav silver CV. I had to really get used to Midway and am still learning how to play it. Way different. Bit boring if you start to play it 'right'. In the Midway I use bombers vs destroyers now.
  12. Europizza

    CV problem and wargaming's lack of communication

    The Elephant in the Room is Russian?
  13. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    O but it is very much possible. When spotted most CV's can tank exemplary due to the abundance of fighter plane consumables, repairs, armor (high tier), 5 sec fire duraction etc. CV's are durable beyond stupid, because designed for stupid (me). All that's needed is a autopilot path thats at a nice angle, and avoid torps every now and then :P Even in my Midway, in which I specifically suck (37% WR 11 matches), my survivale rate is currently sitting at 100%. That's just silly. CV's can easily do without the 5 sec fires and the insane auto fighter consumable spam for starters.
  14. Europizza

    CV Rework Discussion

    Ofcoarse it does
  15. Europizza

    To CV or not to CV, that is the question

    On a more serious note, I was facing the same question. I fell out of love after trying my best to have fun post rework the first few weeks. It was do or die for me, either quit and be dissapointed once again (ex-WOT player who moved to WOWS) or see if the carriers could keep me interested. So I went full on CV main for now, and I do keep playing so far. It is very very different though. I do not feel part of a PVP match mostly, even though I help out the team by spotting crucial elements, help ships out f they are focused by the enemy CV, help friendlies that are struggeling with a particular enemy or support a weak flank if I can. But overall it feels more like I am playing a singleplayer game, but with live targets. It's totally weird, CV's are so disconnected. I suggest give them a go. Try the USN ones, they are great all rounders, no real weak point. There are plenty of great tips in this thread already.