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  1. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    Comparing Hindenburg guns to H/E guns is like comparing Volkswagen Golf and Porche 911. Both are cars, both are german . Thats it. ,,German AP" is good if you can throw enough of them at the flat side of enemy ship. In Hindenburg it works , because number of guns/reload lets you to switch between HE and AP against cruiser , that goes bow in , while any tier 8 cruiser can just shoot your Eugen to crap with HE , because - better rof, better HE dmg, better fire chance . I can pull out of my [edited]some sick 200k+ dmg games in Eugen and claim its not that bad, until you realize that ive just farmed some dumbass going full broadside to me or torped some shitty tier 7 bb , who couldnt overmatch my stronk 27mm bow armor, when i was yoloing him. Yeah, much wow. Also - stronk german hydro. Yeah , its good when you can use it , yet in mm youre getting theres so much higher tier bb's throwing RN HE at you or Nippon AP , because who wouldnt shoot huge , slow , large HP pool cruiser , that doenst have any camo or firepower to hurt you back? ,,But 1/4 pen HE" .... My tier 3 Katori cruiser with 2x2 140mm guns and IFHE does more damage per salvo to tier IV battleships and got better reload , than 4x 2 203mm guns on Eugen.... Every cruiser , that relies on enemy players to be complete coconuts, to be able to perform well is a shitty ship to begin with. No wonder its sucha garbage in ranked, since every other tier 8 cruiser had something going for it . CM - fast, awesome HE spammer, Kutuzov - same + smoke, Chapa - radar + HE, NO - radar, ok firepower , Atago - good HE, Heal, RN one was used with radar mostly or combo with chapa and smoke, then theres IJN regular tier 8 with 152 IFHE setup. Seen those rarely, yet from what i saw it performed far better than these....
  2. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    Anyone tried to play Eugen/Hipper in current bb/dd meta? BB's that outspots you and your shitty guns cant set any fires or do significant AP dmg to them, DD's that can just dump torps onto your face and even if you spot them, you cant kill them in time, with tragic dpm . The only targets that made this ship fun 5% of the games are out of mm. F
  3. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    The ship wasnt working before 5bb/5dd meta and is definetly not working now. Played few games after couple months break - its tragic and drains all the fun you can have , even with tier 8 mm ... Charles Martel(with Scarab or The other special camo) feels like two tiers higher than this piece of crap. Who cares about your 27 mm bow and turtleback , if the ships youre fighting against are dd's and bb's with mostly larger guns than 380mm? Both targets , you need good HE to kill, yet your dpm , on both ammo types is garbage + you have no cammo or speed..... Same goes to Hipper.
  4. PricelessPlayingPancake

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Played couple games in my good old Nelson today. First one was standar 100k , nothing fun or special. 2nd one was pure memes , since it was the first time ive decided to fire full on HE at enemy bbs..... Yeah , HE in RN BBs , shocking. That 50% fire chance tho
  5. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Best CA for 8th Ranked Season

    Hipper/Eugen sucks both in random/ranked. Its a terrible ship , maybe theyre trying to prove a point
  6. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Dear Bismarck and Tirpitz players (Ranked)

    I could add some more . Dear DD players - dont smoke up when just entered the cap and dont sit sideways on to enemy direction . Im seeing so much dds getting torped inside theyr own smoke or radared by some Chapa or NO and rekt, without seeing anything. Other fail - Kagero trying to gunboat akizuki.... Harekze with torp reload booster getting permaspoted by cv.... Z-23 trying to gunboat Tirpitz while getting absolutely rekt by his seccondarys.
  7. PricelessPlayingPancake

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Played 8 games in my IFHElanta . Got few pretty good ones
  8. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Your favorite T7 ship?

    Lolanta and Indianapolis
  9. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    Idk about Pensacola, but Indianapolis is worth all for Des Moines radar at tier 7 and these moments
  10. PricelessPlayingPancake

    The Ultimate Frontier

    Just played new scenario with Flamu, on stream - really fun and easy mission to play. Gives alot of CPT xp to.
  11. PricelessPlayingPancake

    20 DDs in a game (19 of them Longjiang) - any advance on that?

    Easy - play Derpski with 19pt cpt and torp the living crap out of them while rushing theyr smokes
  12. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Ashitaka in the Premium Shop

    You can cit Ashitaka from 8km with Kirov, Pensacla guns . You have no aa so any carrier can just end you with no losses, your ap got less penetration than 356mm guns onFuso. Mutsu got same guns but shes tier 6 and got some meme torps if going gets tough. Even Colorado looks good in comparision. I killed full HP Ashitaka from 12km with one Nelson AP salvo, 5 citadels with terrible pen BB gun . And its the same tier BB . Now think what ships like Missouri can do to this floating citadel
  13. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Ashitaka in the Premium Shop

    Dont dare to buy this ship..... Neither Huang Meh - both are complete garbage
  14. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Prinz Eugen aka Hipper and WG attitude towards her

    Hipper/Eugen got tragic firepower for a tier 8 cruiser. Hindenburg and Roon doenst have this handicap compared to their tier ships. Solved
  15. PricelessPlayingPancake

    Your highest kill count in random battle

    My Katori with IFHE + Demo expert does 2k damage salvos on bbs with HE and sets them on fire really easy .My little 19pt cpt secret joy