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  1. [NUKED] are looking for players!! What we offer: You can play with us in divisions You can join us for ClanWars and other activities Active members The core of the clan is German (most of us speak English) Players from Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland, Israel, Norway and the Netherlands - this is now a Pan-European(+) clan! What we expect from you: Be on our Discord on a regular basis Be active in Wows Own Tier 10 ships and know how to use them Be nice to other clan members Have decent stats - (no we do not require unicom players, but we do hold the right to deny applicants based on stats, please be reasonable in your expectations) Interested? PM me in-game, or my discord: bemljj#2732
  2. Guys we are still looking for players :-) If interested contact a member of the game Cu
  3. Maddog30

    bots invasion

    @crysantos I think the t22 is a bot
  4. Hey Justdoitlater


    I am looking to add more quality players like yourself for the next season of clan battles. We can offer all the clan bonuses, Divisions, Operations and competitive Clan Battles.  If you are 18 years or older can use discord when online and are active 3 days a week and 2 nights of clan battles.


    Does it sound good?


    just send me a message if it interests you maybe we can have a chat and division :-)

  5. Maddog30

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I just got a Super Container with 14 days of premium.
  6. Hey Notvader

    I would like to invite you to [-AWF-] After Work Fun  

                 The Club                








    Right now we are looking for players to join up for Division and Team fights in World of Warships. Players with the right type of mind are welcome to join.





    It is easy to become a club member, just apply by contacting me or apply online

    [-AWF-] requirements: ability to use Discord or Teamspeak on occasion ( Division )
    [-AWF-] Recruitment Officer: Maddog30



    Read more: http://afterworkfun.club

  7. Why should you sail with us? 1. because like you we all have our own lives work, study, kids, family. no stress to log in everyday. 2 we sometimes like to drink beer and have fun blowing stuff and having a sense of humour. We have the awesome clan icon The Club                

    We are 12 people atm but I am trying to grow the clan a bit more I have a lot of plans.
    Good luck on the high seas.