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  1. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    @FishDogFoodShack 1 thread and one poll whatever
  2. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    Bit of a poor game but still a win:-) Thank you all who voted and I wish everyone a happy new year. Sea you all on the high seas!
  3. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    @jako737 Yea lol
  4. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    @Robber_Baron also I don't know if I should stick a 0 point captain in it as well. @El2aZeR good idea but I don't have ship might do that for the 10k
  5. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    @SeaWolf7 I wanted to try something else poll on what I should play @BrusilovX good idea but played them all last week.
  6. Maddog30

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    I took your ideas I decided to make a poll. You can vote then I will play and post.
  7. @BlobBuster_2017 cheers pal I just want to do something that's out the box
  8. @forlornsailor thanks I will put a poll up soon !
  9. Just noticed I am on 4999 battles in random I would like to do something special I do have a couple of ideas but I also want to ask yous guys for your ideas? Thanks
  10. Maddog30

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Brought My yearly Crates here is what I got 20x Santa Gifts 100 Zulu 300 Papa Papa 10000 free exp 50 Zulu Hotel 900 Doubloons 18 New Year Camo 4 type 59 camo 20x Santa Big Gifts 7.500 Coal 2000 Doubloons 70 New Year Camo 30 Dragon 15 Wyvern 15 Scylla 15 Leviathan Arizona Le Terrible Z. 39 Asashio 20x Santa Mega Gifts 12.500 Coal 4000 Doubloons 80 New Year Camo 60 Red Dragon 30 Hydra 30 Dragon 30 Wyvern 30 Basilisk 30 Ouroboros Massachusetts Kll Ashitaka Alabama Nikolai I Had Flamu's video playing in the background
  11. Maddog30

    [OCTO] and [OCTOC] recruitment

    Fun Clan and have a bump on me. :-)
  12. I have found a clan thank you all for posts and messages.
  13. Hi there I am looking for a clan that is serious about clan battles and can have fun in divisions uses Discord or ts3 communicates in English and has mature players that are over 18 years old. The clan I am looking for is around my win rate has finished in typhoon or storm league (if your a new clan but have good set up feel free to message me). As you can see I have not found the right clan yet but i hope to have trial to give each other a chance see if we are both good fits. Thanks very much for reading this
  14. Maddog30

    [ENG] seeking Mature Clan with Discord...

    In Game Message sent