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  1. TheMarketGardener

    DDs and citadelling= longest penetration you made

    Got a cit in my Pensacola way back when the Nagamon had incorrect citadel armor, cant remember the range but it had to be at least 12km, also on a Warspite back when it sat too high in the water while again I was in my Pensacola if my memory serves me right, but that time it was really close range. Final case is in my Myoko vs a Bayern. I still have little to no clue as to how I got a Citadel on him, must have been some weird barbett hit or something because that's where most of my shells went. I still have the replay of it even...
  2. Hmm, does anyone have any idea if the HSF Musashi camo will be permanently available in game on the Camo tab? 'Cus nearly 20 euros for a camo for a ship that I probably won't be owning for long while still, not to mention I'd rather get it with doubloons, is kinda ehh...
  3. TheMarketGardener

    Musashi or Alabama?

    If you already have the Missouri there's not much benefit owning the Alabama as well, as the Missouri offers more than plenty captain training on it's own, let alone credit farm, and with the Musashi you can train your IJN captains
  4. TheMarketGardener

    Division window in port

    Yeah, new Div window is super clunky...
  5. TheMarketGardener

    HSF and Yamamoto collection

    The HSF ships' missions can be completed 20 times while the Yama/Mushashi ones 10. Note that you can also complete these in Co-op too if you quickly want to grind them out...
  6. TheMarketGardener

    HSF Crew members - 'Recruitment special'

    So if you don't get duplicates, what happens? You just get nothing even though you pay for them?
  7. TheMarketGardener

    the "carry harder!" thread

  8. TheMarketGardener

    the "carry harder!" thread

  9. TheMarketGardener

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Alrighty then, let the painful memories come forth! Bottom tier Cleveland match; cyclone kinda screws us over... Another bottom tier match; this time in my Blyatmarck... Having triple Yamato on the enemy team didn't help a whole lot, even if they where rather, "special"... Also, not having a 5th heal cut my chances of winning quite a bit...
  10. TheMarketGardener

    The Forum Tavern - Off Topic Thread - Bring Your Own Beer !

    Next ranked confirmed tier 6. My Cleveland is gonna like this
  11. TheMarketGardener

    Who needs cruiser's...

    A friend of mine had this match...
  12. TheMarketGardener

    The Forum Tavern - Off Topic Thread - Bring Your Own Beer !

    >Be in Greece >Have cool weather/occasional rain for past week or 2 >Not complaining
  13. TheMarketGardener

    The Forum Tavern - Off Topic Thread - Bring Your Own Beer !

    Wow, BarTavern sure is kill...
  14. TheMarketGardener

    Austrian-Hungarian Ships

    So what kind of whips will this tree consist of and how will it be filled all the way up to tier 10?
  15. TheMarketGardener

    Torpedo range indicator on mini map?

    My torp range cirlce works just fine on all my ships too, Fletcher as well...