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    Using binoculars while having torpedoes selected.

    To estimate what the target ship is doing. If it is directly heading to you and guns pointed some other side, you can think it will remain its course. This would allow you to torp at 5,0 or 5,2 km range, since the target will be reducing the distance itself. I think bino view in torptargeting mode would be very handy.
  2. Must say, Furutaka was a bit hard to grind, but you just need to play it very conciously. Use the range you have and the speed you have. Could even use the flags that give you extra range. Use your caliber and load AP when facing a phoenix or omaha. Citadel galore! Now with reload buff coming USN CL's really have to think 2 before closing in and doing some broadsides. Aoba is better indeed. I would not go as far as to call it a revelation. But the range is decent and the guns do their work good. Really like to ship, I also kinda like the furutaka, however hard the grind could be sometimes.
  3. I can not sell ships without dismounting upgrades and I can not dismount upgrades without gold. Since no gold is available to me, I can not sell my ships. Can this be changed or helped?