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  1. shyguybadman

    Andrew Cunningham - best use?

    Just use your old 19pt captain on Audacious then put all the Capt xp you earn on the new one because it just goes into the general pool of Elite Capt XP you have... but yeah will take a while, I'm going to do the same thing I think! Although using him on Conqueror looks a bit insane... Watch Flamu's latest vids....
  2. shyguybadman

    black screen during game session

    Hi, Yes I have been having this problem first battle I play of the day will go blackscreen about 2/3 mins in then I won't be able to do anything on my pc without restarting. Once I restart my PC game runs fine with no crashes...although I haven't been playing for long periods in the last month or so. I do run AVAST as well. I don't really see why I should uninstall an antivirus I am happy with and runs with all other games just because 1 game doesn't play nicely with it. It's hard to find an easy to use low bloatware antivirus that you don't mind using. Which other games recently did avast have problems with? Cheers,
  3. shyguybadman

    Royal Navy T10: Minotaur - A Strange Beast

    Love the vids and the ship! Cheers Flamu, see you at sea! Roll on the Royal Navy!
  4. shyguybadman

    Your go to ship when it's all gone wrong.

    Warspite FTW Solid, Grand Old Lady
  5. shyguybadman

    Patchnotes 0.5.11 from TAP

    As if the stupid Russian cruisers aren't OP enough already ffs.... especially schors (i can set you on fire if a shell lands anywhere near your ship) ffs As if US fighters aren't OP enough already ffs... er wrong way to balance CVs...
  6. shyguybadman

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    Onboard graphics is when the graphics is on the same chip as the cpu. You may just have driver issues. I don't know how this is resolved on a Mac....I guess just with OS updates. If you click on the Apple in top left corner, then "About this Mac" then "Software update..." , make sure you have all the latest updates! I generally just use Windows PCs so sorry I can't be more help.
  7. I don't think this is a Win Win...because before some people wouldn't have had this skill so it is a BIG loss for DD sailors! > So you forgot 3.BIG LOSS FOR DD PLAYERS. It's actually a big buff for BB players....because, I would say, these people are the least likely to have this skill.
  8. 1. Bad move removing SA as a choice. There are many ships, mainly BBs, I don't use this on and don't quite see the point most of the time. The point is that people should have to make the decisions of trade offs....and I pay for it when I am just left against a DD....but that is the point...a trade off. 2. Automatically changing to BoS for SA is an absolutely rubbish decision. A lot of people WILL NOT WANT THIS. I think the MINIMUM is that you should be able to choose the point yourself...but in actual fact the whole tree should be reset because there are many other configurations you may want with that extra point...and we should NOT HAVE TO PAY to allocate that point!
  9. shyguybadman

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    My laptop is getting repaired so am having to use my girlfriends 13" Macbook Pro 2.4ghz/Iris/8gb ram. I have a meaty gaming laptop and usually play at 1920*1080 on full settings with 50+fps ... and so was gutted when it broke...just while i'm on holiday too. But, to my pleasure the Mac Wrapper works and I can just play WoWs... at about 30fps at 1440*900 on all low settings. I don't play in DDs though cos it isn't quite snappy enough. All other ship classes are fine. I could play at 1280*720 for more fps but was getting fed up with not being able to lead my shots enough. It will do until my laptop is repaired!...or I get home to my desktop. The only problems I have had was when downloading was that it stopped and had errors about 5 times...but I just stopped, restarted the program and continued the download. Cheers
  10. shyguybadman

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    Sounds like a graphics card issue....or if you have onboard gfx.... One of my gfx cards did this when it was on its way out
  11. shyguybadman

    0.5.7 is postponed until 23/06/2016

    I hope we will be getting ALL OF OUR CREDITS REFUNDED for ALL OF OUR MODULES so that we can choose which of the new modules we want. We should also get CAPTAIN POINTS RESET because maybe the way we have specialised our ships will have to change...!!!! eg. If we have specialised our ship for secondaries under tier 8/9 but will not have the range anymore ie Warpsite and Nagato!!!! I am pleased however that the patch release date has been postponed to iron out these and many more/other bugs or inconsistencies. GG
  12. shyguybadman

    Ranked Battles

    In terms of Ranked battles: I am very glad the 'not losing a star for highest XP in team' has been implemented! I am a bit disappointed that there are no tier 8 battles in ranked anymore. Maybe one more irrevocable rank at rank 7 or something and then tier 8 til rank 1? may be good. The Blykawica and Kiev seem to be very strong in Tier 7 battles
  13. shyguybadman

    Has 0.5.6 changed BBs for the worse? Cruisers AP buffed?

    Well... It's been a couple of weeks since I originally posted this thread.... I think I had just had a really horrible weekend of battles where rng was just killing me in every possible way when I first posted. After playing Ranked battles since it has been open again I've found that BBs are performing adequately as before. I guess not much has changed. Thanks for all your input!
  14. As a completely subjective view and truly non quanitative assessment.... Does any else feel that BBs are feeling harder to play after this patch? BBs seem to be receiving more citadel hits and from more angles....and also seem to be catching on fire much easier. They also seem to be less accurate. Also have cruisers been buffed so that killing BBs is easier? Cruisers AP seems to be much more effective for those who have good AP shells.... Before anyone says just look at the patch notes...I am thinking under the hood changes rather than directly telling us something has changed... Any thoughts?...Although might just be me and had a bad weekend....and all the good players are out... Thanks
  15. shyguybadman

    warspite? nerfed in the last 14 months?

    Yes. The Warspite has been nerfed. EIther intentionally or otherwise. I had it in CBT and ever since OBT and then on. The armour is fail now. Kongos and New Yorks open you like a can opener from full range from any angle. I think there was a slight nerf plus changes to game mechanics have made this ship suffer. I think the developers saw the ship had quite a good win rate and and dmg output so have nerfed the gun accuracy and armour imo. The AA is also nowhere near as good as it used to be. I don't think the developers took into account that lots of people had this ship since OBT and have 16+ point captains plus are very used to using her. The Fuso and New Mex were easily as good as the Warspite before these nerfs so I don't know what the hell they thought they were doing nerfing her. People paid good money for this ship and in classic Wargaming style are being done underhandedly... Same happened in WoT...same happening here. It f******* pisses me off because they make good games but piss on their customers in the name of money. I think they are going to make the Royal Navy line crapjust to piss off the RN lovers and make the Soviet line look good. It won't be as good as US or IJN. But I hope they reassess the Queen Elizabeth class when they finally release British BBs and also the Warspite included (any bets on Summer/Autumn 2017?). They should be made to be on par with the Fuso and New Mex because at the moment it sorely lacks compared to those 2 let alone the New York/Texas and the monster that is the Kongo. All of this is my opinion. ...from a sad Warspite owner