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  1. Markhand

    Germans, Carriers and Planes.

    I am very happy to see that german carriers have been made. And some of the things i had in mind seems to have been implemented. Attack planes with AP missiles being my most interesting suggestion for the line. Odd to see the Weser being added, as i didnt think it would fit at tier 6, but more like tier 4-5 based on carry capacity. They changed the alleged name of the GZ sistership to a name ive not heard before but im fine with that. In a sense this topic can be concluded as a fairly decently priced wine that aged well with some successful flavours implemented. I am not sure whether the tier 10 is based on the FDG hull or its a entirely new one, but it does look massive. If anyone would like to debate or talk about the new german carrier line you are very welcome to speak here. This topic was made for that line to begin with.
  2. Markhand

    Russian carriers coming?

    I heard a rumor that russian carriers are being developed. Is this true, and if it is, what plant are the devs smoking? Surely italian or German carriers have more notion over the russians "breath of air" carriers. Edit: If someone can show me some plans of russian-originating WW1-WW2 carriers i'd be interested. But i havent seen a single one so go ahead and share if you can.
  3. Back in 2017 i was working on a topic alot to recommend a german carrier line for World of Warships. At the time, it was quite a stretch to do considering the demand for a carrier on each tier. With this rework, the plausibility of adding it raised immensely, considering that you only need 4 carrier models over the old 7. Germany is such a nation that had a few plans for carriers outside the Graf Zeppelin. And i want to take this topic to look into what i could foresee being added, including perks, advantages, disadvantages and so on. So for introductions i have added this preview covering the content for a more organised and reformed ship and plane tree. I will add some base information about each plane and loadouts soon. Overview Ships Tier 4: Ausonia (Flugzeugdampfer I, 1918) A carrier conversion based upon the passenger ship Ausonia in World War 1, it was supposed to be done by the germans and then sold to Italy. It could carry up to 19 aircraft and reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. It would be a very simple training wheel aircraft carrier and the most suited one from Germany. It is very similar to the Hermes and pretty much fills the same role, which is to make people used to playing aircraft carriers. Type: Aircraft Carrier Displacement: 12,585 metric tons Length: 158 m (518 ft) Beam: 18.8 m (62 ft) Draft: 7.43 m (24.4 ft) Propulsion: 14,000 shp Speed: 20 knots Aircraft carried: 19 seaplanes or10 wheeled aircraft  Tier 6: Max Immelmann (Project A-I, 1942) A paper aircraft carrier designed in 1942, but was never built. With a planned capacity of 32 planes, it fits well at tier 6 with the gradual increase of performance as you go up the tiers. Lightly armored, and fast with 34 knots and a surprisingly large array of anti air weapons, it would sit at tier 6 as a fairly good overall design. Max Immelmann is my recommended name for this carrier, after a WW1 flying ace. Type: Aircraft Carrier Displacement: 37,500 tons Length: 245 m Beam: 32 m Draft: 8.75 m Propulsion: 210,000 hp Speed: 34 kn Range: 18,000 nm at 10 knots Armament: 16 x 15 cm Casemate guns 16 x 10,5 cm AA guns 18 x 3,7 cm AA guns Aircraft carried: 32  Tier 8: Peter Strasser (1944) The more mature version of her sister, the Graf Zeppelin. Without the growing pains and with another few years of development to improve the ships original faults. People generally know well that the Graf Zeppelin was under constant development with teething issues in its first years, and the Peter Strasser was intended to be the sister ship that would have avoided all those initial problems that GZ had to deal with. I dont think i need to add any specific details on the ship as there's plenty of information around for it. Graf Zeppelin was able to carry 42 airplanes. Whether Peter Strasser was meant to carry more than Graf Zeppelin is unmentioned. Tier 10: Mannfred von Richtofen (O-Project remodel, 1946) This is the only carrier which i do not have a direct picture for. But it is a O-project hull converted into a carrier. Building upon the Graf Zeppelin and Peter Strasser experience to put togheter the ultimate german naval carrier. Assuming displacement would increase as a result of the change, a full load would likely be around 40,000 tons. Length: 256m Beam: 30m Draft: 10m Displacement: ~40,000 tons Propulsion: 180,000 shp (If retaining the same planned engines) Speed: 32-33 knots Armament: Late war anti air batteries ( 10.5cm Flak 39, 8.8cm Flak 41, 5cm Flak 41, 3.7cm Flak 43, 2 cm Flak 38) Aircraft capacity: 62 ( a rough estimate) More information coming soon.