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  1. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Tier X - US v Japanese Carriers.

    Hakuryu 10 CV Japan 204 38.73% 84,968 1,359 Midway 10 CV USA 21 33.33% 81,423 1,537 Enough said...............
  2. SinkTheOthersNotMe


    Very simple.........don't get hit............. (another L2P tomato issue, must be the season)
  3. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    another CV topic ( stats )

    Of course their stats are partly influenced by playing in DIV. But solo they are still like most unicums above 60% WR..... And by the way they are great CV players solo too -> reason why their solo stats are above 60% WR. Faced one of them in a random (both solo), me in my DM him in his poor T8 CV (our CV was a tomato). He managed to win the game...........and sink my DM, I was the last one standing and his team still had him and one shima. Like he said he noticed I was on fire several times -> sent 1 fighter squadron as bait to judge what was remaining of my AA power -> then cross torps attack to finish my DM and he was bottom tier CV in a TX game.
  4. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    another CV topic ( stats )

    I am no CV expert atll, all I can say is that CV starts are hard to analyse but you obviously are doing something wrong since for CV WR is a very good measure. For your info, here are the stats of 2 people of my ex-clan/current clan who are mainly CV players. (Note: CV's name/Number of battles/WR/avg dmg) ------------------------------ Taiho 352 77.27% 154,219 Saipan 226 82.74% 109,129 ----------------------- Taiho 397 84.13% 113,951 Shokaku 443 75.40% 80,980 Hakuryu 762 79.79% 145,746 --------------------------------------- Farming dmg is so easy with a CV for some players that it is not a good measure -> aka farming 1/2 BB for dmg will usually not win the game when the other CV has been busy getting rid of your DD while you were focused on the red BB.
  5. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    Yes you are a newbie in T10 CV but: 1 You listen to others more experienced better CV players. 2 You are not a tomato in everything else too. 3 You don't claim to be a good T10 CV player (yet).
  6. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    No the OP is sadly not a newbie -> reason why he is so blind to his own failings when he could do like me -> I suck at CV and don't like the gameplay therefore I don't play CV, full denial but playing martyr here didn't succeed.
  7. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Tier X - US v Japanese Carriers.

    1 CV (T8+) are OP and have too much influence on random games. 2 A tomato CV player will always suck against a good to great CV player and usually lose the game for their team, no matter which CV he is using -> reason why CV at high tier are a big issue. 3 The great CV players I know (at least 3 of them in the top 20 on the server) all prefer the haku -> simply because flight servicing.
  8. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    English cruiser - A bit too squishy

    No no and no, learn from better RN CL players. Let's take the example of my clan mate who will almost always play a RN cruiser, he has average unicum stats but with his RN cruisers he has super-unicum stats, no matter if solo or in div so I would say he is pretty good, also, he usually plays either the mino (his favorite) or at worst the neptune so he is almost always facing radars + high tier DD + sometimes high tier CV. RN CL = 1 Smoke. -> can my mogami/ibuki/NO/pepsi/DM get some smoke too please. 2 Excellent concealment. As good or better than their cruisers counterparts. 3 Hydro. -> easy smoke camping. 4 Good to incredible ROF. More shells in the air in less time, need more explanation? 5 Good torps. Can my DM or pepsi get torps too and with that range and as many tubes please. 6 Incredible manoeuvrability. Better than my USN cruisers. 7 Excellent acceleration. Better than my trucks, like ibuki or DM. 8 Great to amazing AA. Why the need for a USN cruiser then? 9 OK guns range. Like if camping in smoke needs even more range -> neptune + range mod = no go zone for BB/CA. 10 Manageable shells trajectory + shells pen/fuse. Talk to USN cruisers/DD about bad shells trajectory. 11 Last but not least -> RN CL heal. Oh and some RN CL players have a lot of success with radar -> even more in div with 2 RN CL, one with smoke and one with radar, and incredibly so in a div with 2 RN CL, one with radar one with smoke + a DM with radar. - DD? You eat them for breakfast if they are tomatoes enough to be caught near you + with your hydro their torps will usually miss. - Planes? With your AA + manoeuvrability + acceleration you laugh at them. - Cruisers and BB nearby? You have guns + torps + smoke. - Radar? -> Look at the teams composition + your minimap.......... What else do you want??? Citas? My DM angled, WSD'ing and trying to get back into concealment received enough citas to sink because a sniping yamato 20km away got RNG lucky..... If my pepsi or DM catches a RN CL broadside -> yes he will eat cita but so do all other cruisers. The occasional weird cita? Yeah sure, but WSD + speed change + keep watching when the BB salvoes are fired = you seldom receive citas. So no, if indeed some cruiser may deserve a buff in this heavy BB meta, the RN CL (T6+) really don't need a buff.
  9. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    English cruiser - A bit too squishy

    Well (T6) RN cruisers are already borderline OP (and downright OP in the hands of good RN CL players) the only downside is the citadel and that is very good like that. example: The other day in my pepsi I was facing 1v1 an Edimburgh who was out of smoke -> if he hadn't tried going more or less broadside then I would have had no chance to win given he was full HP and me down to 1/3..........had he stayed bow on he would have won. So yes a minotaur may cry if with my DM I take some blind shots (when said mino is too far for my radar or my radar is on cooldown) but then a good mino can wreck havock like some clan mates love to do.
  10. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Why doesnt WG like new, casual players?

    I guess we are not playing the same game -> I am a cruiser main for now several months and I don't feel like a lamb thrown to the BB. Yes the current BB heavy meta is unforgiving for tomato cruisers and yes cruisers have the highest skill ceiling but if cruisers were so useless then I wouldn't do so well with my pepsi-NO-mogami-ibuki and so on. Another Gid gud issue........
  11. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    Not a good excuse, English is not my native language and I didn't learn English at school either, still I try as best as I can not to write gibberish or become unreadable. Back on topic, I am much happier (with a pinch of pride) when my pepsicola ends up number 1 in the team (no matter if it is a win or a loss) when thrown in a T9 battle rather than ending up top player but in a T5 battle. It is much more rewarding to catch a mogami or balti with his pants down perfectly broadside -> then have your little pepsi sink him with cit cita cita than doing the same to an emerald.................. Bottom tier all the time = no no but I am starting to enjoy being bottom tier in my USN cruisers.
  12. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Self destruct button

    Stop being an immature whining obnoxious blind person. 1 If your damn CV is going to ever be (in your dreams) guaranteed top tier spot then my pepsi-NO to name a few should get the same treatment. 2 Yes I tried CV and I suck so I stopped + don't even try to teach me about CV simply because the 2 clans I was/am in have/had 3 of the top 20 CV players on the server. Never said you should drop manually bombs -> and the CV players I know have no troubles sinking any enemy DD with torps..................Git gud L2P issue on your side. 3 Your Midway is always top tier -> still a super tomato, but I guess you may be the midway from the other day who tried to sink my poor NO and did not succeed + still lost 20+ planes.....Git gud - L2P. 4 And for crying out loud about being top tier, not a single one of your T10 does well. Now you are free to be a burden to your team, be a selfish brat all you want -> but then don't complain about people reporting you right from the start + people warning the rest of the team about you being useless. You can of course continue to be blind an deaf, remain in your little bubble, just be aware there are not many threads here where everyone tells you that you are a bad selfish player whose stats suck and who has dreams of grandeur....or rather should I say dillusions.
  13. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    I suppose the 'worst T8 cruiser' is the NO? Well it may be the one with the higest skill ceiling but in now way the worst.....I finally got the hang of it and I really love it. Same for his little brother pepsicola. I love my mogami/atago/hipper but USN cruisers have really everything for them in a perfect compact package.... Because server stats say one thing, in some cases it just means tomatoes can't play those ships.
  14. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    Self destruct button

    Another very bright idea.......like we didn't have enough problems with AFK and people quitting at the start of the game. Had just 2 games yesterday: - Our bottom tier CV quit (tier 9 battle) because of the usual 'I am bottome tier I can do nothing'.......and since his opponent was a unicum (unlike our tomato CV) the enemy team got rid of our DD (yep, even bottom tier CV can spot DD and sink them) and got all 3 caps in the blink of an eye. - Our only DD (T9 battle again) decided to quit because leningrand can do nothing in a T9 battle......... Funny that when I am bottom tier with my pepsi, atago, NO I usually do much better -> these days I am averaging 80-150k dmg in my pepsi despite being almost always bottom tier........... Git gud, learn to play bottom tier CV.
  15. SinkTheOthersNotMe

    What more can you do ?

    Wasn't able to watch the replay. 1 Your team was really bad and something tells me your BB were tomatoes. 2 Your CV was a tomato. 3 Your DD don't look like they did something valuable. Now about your Belfast, it may be your were on a flank where nothing really happened besides some lower tier ships going your way and getting sunk. Obivously the emerald was a tomato, same for the konigsberg -> if I had been there in either of these 2 ships we could have spent the whole game fighting. So I would say your positioning was not that good and you did not go where the bulk of the fighting took place -> then you could have had a huge influence (Belfast you know) on the battle no matter if your team was not good. Note the enemy team did not look incredible, a good half was at best average, most of the others did just ok and you end up with 3 who did well and all 3 are BB -> so food for your belfast.