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  1. Scaremeister

    What range are torpedoes spotted?

    Remember that you only get the red triangle marker when they are armed, which happens after about 1 km? travel. This is how very good CV players can have their torps "appear" right next to your ship, through the use of manual launching.
  2. I believe it depends on where the squadron is in relation to the ship, so you need to have them fly to the angle you want them to begin their torp run from.
  3. Scaremeister

    BUG: Fuso turrets.

    This bug was present in the Alpha, and yes I have seen it in the Beta as well. It is not limited to the Fuso specifically.
  4. Scaremeister

    Is FPS capped?

    It is capped at 76 fps. I have heard that you can edit a config file to change it.
  5. Scaremeister

    rear turrets

    You can hold down the right mouse button to look around without your turrets following. You can press Ctrl + X to lock your turrets on a certain bearing from your ship You can press Shift + X to lock you turrets on a certain point on the map.
  6. Scaremeister

    Automatic aiming for stationary targets?

    How is this in anyway necessary? Stationary ships are the easiest targets in the game as long as the player takes the time to notice that they are not moving.
  7. Scaremeister


    Your spotting plane can see them too so don't just pop them the moment you are in-game.
  8. Scaremeister

    Best nation for DD´s?

    The only thing IJN DDs have going for them is that their torps almost always out-range their spotting distance, so using stealth you can fire the torps without your target knowing. Something that the US DDs only get at Tier 8 (barely) and up. US DDs have guns that you can actually turn this side of a century though.
  9. Scaremeister

    Get randomly splitted.

    The splitting mechanic only happens when you die. It does not look for sections of your ship that have taken a certain amount of damage and then kill you, it is only a more cosmetic death. Usually you "snap" at the location of the final blow.
  10. Scaremeister

    ABCM Campaign

    This is quite interesting. Thank you