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  1. Pastaiolo

    La vostra Community Coordinator!

    Bè, benvenuta anche qui direi :) E buon lavoro!
  2. Pastaiolo

    RN Roma - Facciamo il punto della situazione

    Ricordatevi al solito che l'accuratezza storica rimane fino a un certo punto. Dopo un po' deve necessariamente entrare in gioco anche il bilanciamento visto che anche la Roma, come ogni altra nave introdotta nel gioco, deve essere divertente da usare senza essere gamebreaking o troppo poco potente :)
  3. Pastaiolo

    Domande base ^^

    Per quello che serve dirlo, siamo tutti partiti da 0. L'unica differenza sta in chi è partito prima di altri, e chi è riusciuto a migliorarsi prima. Ma TUTTI si migliora. Quindi insisti e sii aperto ai suggerimenti che sicuramente ti aiuteranno :)
  4. Pastaiolo

    Czech Navy confirmed!

  5. Pastaiolo

    So, my Blyska is now a piece of ####?

    Never had to rely on stealth fire on the Blyska to have a decent game
  6. Pastaiolo

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Those who wants to leave will leave. No reason to announce it to the world unless they crave for some attention. There are certain individuals on this same forum who announced their leave numerous times already in the forum and that never happened.
  7. Pastaiolo

    HMS Hood Teaser

    If only that worked and i didn't have to read such messages.
  8. Pastaiolo

    Alabama Pre Release Buff, thoughts?

    I don't see the big deal in it, especially if this chance will affect the other american battleships. But even if it didn't, such changes are there for balance reasons. If they are being implemented there is a reason. And if testings shows it becomes too strong other changes will follow no doubt.
  9. Pastaiolo

    smoke device on british cruisers

    British cruisers need it. And they will be effective at using it only in the way you let them be effective at it.
  10. Pastaiolo

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Took me 85 "Try your luck" to get an awful equipment module. Sigh.
  11. Pastaiolo

    New staff member Sael reporting for duty!

    Benvenuto, Sael
  12. Pastaiolo

    Stop asking for Regia Marina Italian ships

    Italian here. I don't care when Italian Navy comes, as long as it does because she deserves a spot. I wish most people here who are currently complaining so much about it (looking at those asking for RN ships specifically) would have a similar line of thought. Begging for something is as annoying as it is the "bu-huu WG is a meanie so it's useless to even beg them to add it". It's their game, their development teams, their strategies and their playerbase. They will go where the playerbase is, where archieves and infos are easily available, where development time is reasonable and even depending on in game balance.
  13. Brace yourself And load up your Armour Piercing Uncooked Spaghetti!
  14. Pastaiolo

    French cruiser next it seems

    2017 and people are still complaining about their favourite ships/navy not being in instead of enjoying what actually is, eh. Looking forward to the french cruisers!