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  1. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    You got this wrong. WG brings some bs mechanics for the love of "game balance" and then call on historical facts about ships when players ask for lets say buff or other change. Meaning they full of poo. Sometimes i think we play game based on WH40K lore . So or we follow historical facts about naval warfare or we follow some imaginary/impossible mechanics, cant be both.
  2. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    Yea WG caterig to guy like me.. secondary builds dead, no radio location on BB kill tree mean you blind as a bat, overpen, overpen so just load HE right, worthless AA on Bs so CV can feast [Edited]
  3. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    Man i get this. Still this game is built on "turded mechanics" from outer space and that is why some ppl get angry and "demand" changes. You know what i am talking about: -radar can spot you behind island -hydro can spot you behind island Like how you can even come with ideas like that and then call for historical facts about ship stats (WG devs on LSD) -smoke spamers -DDs that ambush planes ...lol -smoke spamer can spot planes but cant be spoted from above -torpedos that always dead damage when in reality torps failed so many times (i just cant get one about torps, glancing hits) etc I get that some of this bs listed above is req to balance things but still they pure bs and that is why ppl get angry. Most of players got no clue about naval warfare and how ships works , they think BB is god.. its not ,CV was god mode , striking ships hundred kilometers away (still CV is most hated class in game when its close to IRL version) . Now the funny part, loudest group of players who spit on BBabies are DD snowflakes. DD is so broken in this game is just silly. Smoke, torps, he spam, invisibility, etc. They portrait themself as some kind of elite, in game 90% of them is dead in first 3 min from start of the match. If you play CV you will know what i am talking about.. all guns blazing , AA on all time and then bum and his dead.. followed by rage..BBaby wont support me..CV bastard killed me or was spoting me all time (cos DD cant perma spot, right ). When i play KAGA i love humiliate snowflakes killing them with torps, no need for rockets.. i love those hidden smoke spamers :). Add to this list CA players, some complain they got dev stike by a BB, well you just go forward, wont change speed, zero maneuver.. then we got island huggers...just like this guy above. He wont move cos he will get overmatched, like wtf. No one likes those island w*nkers and this new bs mechanic most likely will punish then, well those bad ones for sure, its a chance good one get spanked aswel when running away from strike. So every group of players complain on this forum, but many here think they always right and they got every right to spit on others, in this case BB players, this infuriating me. Calling BB op and forgetting how broken or plain stupid is class they love to play.
  4. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    I spit on your stats, you just sound like dbag. I get that on this forum only DD snowflakes ans CA heroes can have opinion, anyone who like main BBs is just "braindead" BBaby and other bs. Hopefully soon ppl like you will get smacked for "holding position" whole game. GOOD p.s. yelling, where?
  5. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    You got some serious issues bro. Show us where bad BBs touched you. No one cares about you camping whole game in one spot (like most island w*nkers do) but all will laugh in chat when DM or Salem gets dev strike cos he want to farm some "braindead" BB player. God i hate ppl like you and those DD mongos that die in fist 2 min. Master race
  6. _Conan_Librarian_

    Signal flags from achievements

    Just another reason to not spend money for this game. WG make sure to fk up game even more, just like world of tanks where all spam prem ammo and most battles ends in less than 5 min. Prem ships nerfs, worthless achievements, boring new lines no one was asking for, more russian fantasy ships, makarow gate, etc... just close your wallet bros, fk them
  7. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    grow some thick skin man. No one says "cancer" to brag about deadly disease ffs.
  8. _Conan_Librarian_

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    hahaha what BS video, fast ships with 50% propulsion mod can dodge, wow a rocket science.
  9. _Conan_Librarian_

    Petition to replace Swift in Silence

  10. _Conan_Librarian_

    detection after firing

    Yes yes, buff DDs even more, they in so bad condition. How about we add healing based on damage taken. Oh i forgot, nerf BBs even more, those damn secondary monsters and crazy snipers killing poor DD snowflakes from a 30 km, damm damm
  11. _Conan_Librarian_

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    well , if this crap will go live im off , even before submarines
  12. _Conan_Librarian_


    Best hit with Thunderer HE 15k plus 3 fires. No balance Bro
  13. _Conan_Librarian_


    HE everywhere. Play BB all spam HE, even damn BBs. Play cruiser HE spam. DD raining HE. HE its like premium ammo from WoT. HE, fire all day . Even most CVs can set you on fire. I bet when you push your unwanted submarines down our throats they will in some magic way set us on fire aswell. HE ammo is so braindead. You hit you deal damage plus you most likely will set target on fire. AP is so bad in this game. You will do good damage in close range or when you blap some happy tomato sailing in straight line, other way overpen, overpen, bounce in most cases. Played few matches on BBs like Montana, Republique and GK with only HE as ammo, easy 100k damage every match. No sweat with aiming, just hit a target and watch damage popping with extra fire. You can even citadel cruisers with HE.... granted not all but still. HE is simply to good, to much damage, to much fire damage. Ones again will bring WoT, before WG gives premium ammo to masses for credits game was completely different, you got awarded when you aimed at weakspots with AP, used HE only vs low HP targets , look now at WoT (any streamer) 90% premium spam. Same with Wows. Time to nerf HE? Damage wise, fire damage dependant from gun caliber. I know i know, poor DDs must burn everything, specially those mongo BBs, right? Torpedo is your main armament to deal with BBs, guns for light armored targets. Buff AP for cruisers to encourage captains to use then often. Damn AP on brit lines works fine even vs BBs. Nerf HE alpha on BBs, nerf fire chance on all HE. As BB main ( yes i am baddie, hate me) i am forced to play only with survival build. WG you wanted more builds to be viable, you manage to kill secondary builds, now you killing this dumb dead eye builds, what we got left? Anti fire survival builds. BORING. If you choose to go with other build you will get punished so badly by HE spam its not funny. I am really frustrated. Why we need so many lines of ships if they all same for HE, no matter you got great armor or no armor , HE will fk you up , no problemo. p.s. I forgot about poor Italian lines , no fire for you , unless you set fire with secondary guns or play Roma and shot HE. Cmon WG
  14. _Conan_Librarian_

    Rejoice! No more teamkilling

    Funny we w8 for so long. WoT got team damage off years ago
  15. _Conan_Librarian_

    Found inaccuracies on the preliminary Dutch cruisers

    Wow this is fantasy game, no one care about some bs.