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  1. _Conan_Librarian_

    CVs need balancing here is my suggestion!

    Remove rocket planes Remove spotting for whole enemy team by combat planes Bring back fighters so mongo in CV can help team with AA cover Introduce Spotter planes ( make them auto, just point on map where you want to spot) Introduce range for planes so CV must move with fleet not just wank in dark place where no one can hurt them Squadrons must back to ship after attack not just vanish into thin air(planes a so fast so its not a problem) Sacrifice to gods people behind so called "CV rework"
  2. _Conan_Librarian_

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Wankgaming only cares about your money, they give a flying fk about lack of balance, vide russian retarded ships to keep dwindling russian player base in game. Look at PR event, PAY more!!! Same is in world of tanks, game is so FUBAR its not even funny anymore, they just bring to game russian tanks with 2 guns, wtf
  3. _Conan_Librarian_

    WARNING- dont buy LONDON

    You will face mostly T8 ships. In T8 battle you 100% useless with 12 sec reload and 13.4 km range. Dont buy anything from this fkng blood sucking company. I know i wont spend a dime anymore, fkng ever.
  4. _Conan_Librarian_

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    Stat lover.. ok. Joined 04.07.2015 , played probably around 1300 battles as a new "noob" player, left game cos of retarded CVs ruining gameplay all day long. Back in december 2019. Check my progress, WR up, damage up, average xp up, looks like improvement overall. Next time do your homework , btw i never stated i am some kind of good uber player, so dont bring this bs mr. unicum
  5. _Conan_Librarian_

    Nerf Thunderer

    Thunderer- crap armour, bad mobility, stronk HE... kinda failed BB by WG
  6. _Conan_Librarian_

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    Oh dont worry, im 100% sure new russian magic ships will outclass all.
  7. _Conan_Librarian_

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    I am talking about new line, specially tier X bs, you get hit for 7-10K salvos witrh fire every time u get what i mean. DUMB
  8. _Conan_Librarian_

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    Nope not BB player
  9. _Conan_Librarian_

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    Who asked for another line of HE spam ships? WHO? not enough? No skill req to play new line. 7-10K He damage per salvo and ofc retarded fire over and over again, REALLY WG!!!!!!!!!! Retarded [edited] WG
  10. _Conan_Librarian_

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    Is JB hard to learn? Never played BB with forward guns only, how is she during retreating/kiting?
  11. _Conan_Librarian_

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    I am about to spend some hard earned coal. Georgia or Jean Bart? Or wait and get Thunderer?
  12. Nope. If they need to stay in game they need changes. Lower damage, no more spotting unless you using spot planes (new type of plane), remove rocket planes (pure bs) and bring back fighters so CV player can provide AA cover for rest of ships, make them support/damage/spotter class not just dumb damage dealers. Introduce range for planes so CV must move around map not only park behind island or stick to red line/corner.
  13. From half brain morons, this game like every WG game is crafted for dumb ppl. Premium ammo in world of tanks so every troglodyte can pen every tank, artillery so u can crap on others sitting hidden just like CV. CV in wows a broken as fk, top damage, no worries about anything, no need to react cos your ship will auto repair, will launch fighters, 5 sec fires, immunity for flooding, etc, all they need is to spend some time in training room to learn how to aim using a dk. We can continue for long with whats wrong in this game, like ships made of paper soaked in gasoline burning all day long cos some DD with pea shooter hit them 3 times in row, or you can sit in smoke screen invisible and still spot and nuke without worry. So much fun to face team with 4 DDs and 4 cruisers, all smokers, haha . I can rant probably 24h about how this game is full of crap mechanics.... and worst thing is that weekend is the time i can spend some time playing, but you know by yourself how weekends look...bloody ZOO.. btw im not some "great player" , just a normie who wont suicide , push alone in BB or stick to red line. In most matches i can just observe ships dropping one after another in first 5 minutes and then its over ....
  14. yes its unplayable. MM retarded all time my T8 face TX ships, so much fun to lose 30% HP to CV animal that press button sitting in the corner safe from any danger. Wargaming always love to feed low IQ mongos, they pay most.
  15. _Conan_Librarian_

    Chat Ban Word Search Criteria

    Whats wrong with "boom/next please" , someone got kill and get hyped? its a crime? pfffff you kinda pathetic, i get now most ppl get offended just by looking at them.