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  1. Seperate detection sybol for Radar/Hydro

    As Mashed potato above me already explained all the technical prerequisites are already there. WG at the moment just chose not to distinguish between the two modes of detection. I don't think being "out of position" is relevant to the conversation? You can always find a case where extra info you get might not help you survive. That doesn’t negate the usefulness of that info in a different situation or the fact that you can relay it to your team.
  2. Seperate detection sybol for Radar/Hydro

    You assume incorrectly. Game does differentiate. It has to because one detects torpedoes while the other doesn't. I'd support multiple icons being shown as well. That way you'd know that you're detected by ship/plane/sonar/radar without having to blow a smoke(or AA consumable to shoot down a spotting plane) just to find out that you're also being detected by radar/sonar.
  3. Moar Medals & Achievements, because bling matters!

    As was mentioned (and some made videos about) I think we need more achievements/ribbons that aren’t related to dealing damage but promote (make more visible) actions that help the team win. Here's my suggestions (based on OP). I modified a few from OP for balancing reasons. Bear in mind these don't require any specific rewards... just the recognition for positive reinforcement is enough for a start. Public achievements (those mentioned in chat): Riot shield: Bounce or shatter x shells while less than y km from the ship that fired them. Slippery Pete: Avoid x number of shells and/or torpedoes sent your way within y km. Krakken’s tentacle: Get it for 5 Assistant ribbons (see Ribbons) Fire director: Get it for 5 Spotter ribbons (see ribbons) Get off my lawn: Reset the amount of capture points (capture progress) required to fully capture a cap (reset points accumulate over all caps) Ribbons Assistant: Ship you’re spotting is killed by somebody else. Spotter: Ship gets damaged for over x % of HP due to shells/torpedoes fired while you were spotting. Flag bearer: Victory points from caps you took (or assisted in taking) exceed x PS: The distance limits are there to prevent people sitting in a corner from getting those achievements.
  4. How to unlock French BBs

    Not too bad I think. Only had 3 battles with her but apart from one where the team collapsed I did well enough. WHat surprised my was that I citadeled a Fuso at near max range (probably plunging fire). I did have a bit of a problem against the main belt of a New Mexico where shells shattered so I aimed a bit differently for the next salvo. AP seems to be OK. Turrets are horribly slow though. It's a good thing the front two are both forward looking.
  5. Division > sensei needed

    He already knows about that and has it setup. For the life of me I can't figure out why WG would not have stuff like "last known position" enabled by default. I don't know one person that would not have it enabled (once they found out about it)
  6. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Which is exactly what I meant by my statement. Myoko may have superior pure DPM... but USA AP has better pen and better pen angles.
  7. What CA/CL line to grind next

    I don't know about FIji but Pensa has the same number of guns, longer reload and inferior HE. How does that make her a better ship for killing DDs at 7-10km? Pensa is a lot better at dodging torps should the DD fire them but other then that Myoko seems better. On the other hand I'd take Pensa over Myoko against cruisers due to her superior AP... or in cases where a DD surprises you which is where your superior turning circle and gun rotation comes in handy.
  8. Jianwei

    They are trying that trick on the wrong person then... lol I have just finished the Emerald yesterday, I finished the Furutaka when it was really bad, I went through Karlsruhe when each HE hit broke something on it. I have no premiums (apart from the reward ships) and no intention of buying any. I don't have "Instant gratification" problem big enough to spend loads of money on virtual ships :) They got 8 euro from me because I like the game enough for me to feel they deserved to get something.
  9. Jianwei

    I just started with Pan Asian and am still at tier 4 (Shenyang) but getting close to tier 5 which is why I looked up this thread. Used the fitting tool to compare the two (tier 4 with tier 5) and I am at a loss. Jianwei has 2k more health and harder hitting torpedos… but that’s IT. Shenyang has - more gun DPM with better pen - better gun rotation - has (optionally) longer range torps so they are easier to use - better concealment - better speed - better ruder shift So.. why again is Jianwei a higher tier? I was looking forward to getting into higher tier Pan Asian DDs but I am kinda not that hyped up with what lies immediately ahead.
  10. Division > sensei needed

    Had fun yesterday... obviously I wasn't able to constantly look at what you're doing but as far as I know you only managed to put yourself into an extremely bad position once(island blocking your escape and 3 enemies nearby with nothing better to shoot at). I tried to warn you about it but I was too late. Anyways the lack of obvious mistakes probably explains the win streak we enjoyed :)
  11. What CA/CL line to grind next

    ARP are actually slightly worse. They can't fit camo. It won't change the gameplay though and if you found it boring then that won't change as well. I for example like Aoba and I hate Cleveland and Nurmberg.
  12. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    I am grinding through this turd as well. I have a hard time even getting myself to do daily first win. You're completely team dependant against anything that isn't a DD to prevent them from pushing into your smoke. Even if that happens the only way to do any serious damage is if they never angle against you. If they do come in torpedo range you should not fire the guns(as they will spot you even in smoke) and hope the torps get the guy because if they don't he'll citadel you to death in seconds.
  13. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Funny... here you guys mention the Myoko as something that should be dreaded.. yet in the thread about tier 7 cruisers it is mentioned as the best overall cruiser at that tier. Personally I liked the Myoko and play the ARP versions as my trainers. Apart from that principat said it best. You will get most bang for your buck (playing time) if you go down the US line before the cruiser split.
  14. How to unlock French BBs

    Got Normandie yesterday and tested it in the weekly mission. It's a BEAST on offense. 3x4 gun turrets simply devastate stuff there. It's also quite fast and reasonably agile. Not sure about PvP as the armor is bad and she probably takes a lot of pens. It has no AA to speak of (tier 5 French BB has more.) Also the BB targets in Aegis mission (Ishizuchi) have low armor so the gun performance in PvP probbaly won't be as good. I'll have to try it today and see what happens.
  15. Players Killing themselves

    I wasn't arguing about how low the WR can get given enough battles. All I was tring to point out that guys AFKing DDs will have a lower percentage then guys AFKIng cruisers or BBs. The exact numbers are anyones guess. I haven't really seen anything below 40 even though I have had REALLY bad streaks with some ships.