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  1. Division > sensei needed

    Had fun yesterday... obviously I wasn't able to constantly look at what you're doing but as far as I know you only managed to put yourself into an extremely bad position once(island blocking your escape and 3 enemies nearby with nothing better to shoot at). I tried to warn you about it but I was too late. Anyways the lack of obvious mistakes probably explains the win streak we enjoyed :)
  2. What CA/CL line to grind next

    ARP are actually slightly worse. They can't fit camo. It won't change the gameplay though and if you found it boring then that won't change as well. I for example like Aoba and I hate Cleveland and Nurmberg.
  3. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    I am grinding through this turd as well. I have a hard time even getting myself to do daily first win. You're completely team dependant against anything that isn't a DD to prevent them from pushing into your smoke. Even if that happens the only way to do any serious damage is if they never angle against you. If they do come in torpedo range you should not fire the guns(as they will spot you even in smoke) and hope the torps get the guy because if they don't he'll citadel you to death in seconds.
  4. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Funny... here you guys mention the Myoko as something that should be dreaded.. yet in the thread about tier 7 cruisers it is mentioned as the best overall cruiser at that tier. Personally I liked the Myoko and play the ARP versions as my trainers. Apart from that principat said it best. You will get most bang for your buck (playing time) if you go down the US line before the cruiser split.
  5. How to unlock French BBs

    Got Normandie yesterday and tested it in the weekly mission. It's a BEAST on offense. 3x4 gun turrets simply devastate stuff there. It's also quite fast and reasonably agile. Not sure about PvP as the armor is bad and she probably takes a lot of pens. It has no AA to speak of (tier 5 French BB has more.) Also the BB targets in Aegis mission (Ishizuchi) have low armor so the gun performance in PvP probbaly won't be as good. I'll have to try it today and see what happens.
  6. Players Killing themselves

    I wasn't arguing about how low the WR can get given enough battles. All I was tring to point out that guys AFKing DDs will have a lower percentage then guys AFKIng cruisers or BBs. The exact numbers are anyones guess. I haven't really seen anything below 40 even though I have had REALLY bad streaks with some ships.
  7. Players Killing themselves

    That really depends on the ship chosen. A DD (especially if there's only one or two in the match) can have a higher impact compared to other types. So an AFK DD hurts much more then an AFK BB. Even if the guy comes back from AFK... as a DD he lost the initial few mins of crucial DD gameplay. As a BB you tend to have the range to affect the game even if you're a bit late.
  8. Division > sensei needed

    Feel free to add me as well. I don't mind coming along for the ride. It's kinda boring to play solo anyways as you have nobody to vent to when you lose horribly :) As for tactics... well stewie already said it well. You can't force people into specific tactics so it's best to try and make work whatever the team picks (assuming they didn't go along with you). It is better to try and make something work (even if slightly flawed) then to separate yourself from the team completely which can make you nearly irrelevant.
  9. Akatsuki Good Enough?

    For some reason this DD gels with how I play DDs. I only have it for 9 battles and it's not even fully upgraded (just the hull) yet I have no problem performing with it. As Marble said it has excellent speed, the best guns (for IJN DD up to this tier) and good torps. I even go and contest against stealthier DDs since I am confident I can - run away if they contest cap AND are superior gunboats or have support. - push them out aggressively if they don't shoot which would indicate that they either don't feel confident in their support (they probably have little of it) and/or they can't simply outgun me. For now it seems a keeper for me.
  10. MM go home, you're drunk!

    Not balanced from your point of view.. and I'd agree with it. From my limited knowledge of MM I'd say it points to severe lack of tier 9 ships in the queue compared to the number of tier 10 ships being played. MM compensates with tier 8 because it's allowed to. I can understand that to a degree... not many tier 9 ships are thought of as good ships so they just serve as a stepping stone to tier 9. Tier 8 however there are several that people consider as keepers (Amagi and NC to name just two) so there's more of them in play. This is problematic to solve. If you shrink the span tier 1 tier that simply means that most tier 9 will always be in tier 10 match. No matter how you slice it you're hurting somebody.
  11. Is the new york good?

    You first need to survive the "turn tail" part :) Personally I'd never take a NY completely to a flank. It needs to be positioned fairly centrally or you will take yourself away from the battle assuming you clean your part of the map. In slow ships I always try to find some cover that allows me to focus on one flank while not having to worry about the other (assuming the other flank holds on for a bit). The "cover" needs to be just slightly to one flank so that you're not far from being able to engage on the other side if the need arises.
  12. MM go home, you're drunk!

    Not sure that particular comment deserved an answer really. Everybody will division up whenever they can. Sometimes the only reason to play is the division. I doubt you can find anyone that'll wave off a friend just because he doesn't want/need help in ruling the seas. Granted there are people that abuse that by also using OP premium ships but that's just people being what they are. It's very satisfying when you kill them :)
  13. How many premium ships do you have?

    Can you send it into my port? :P
  14. MM go home, you're drunk!

    KHETTIFER has a point... but he isn't entirely correct because divisions work both ways. Let me try to explain. Take me and my brother as an example. We originally teamed up and being the noobs we were (and still are depending on who you ask) we took out ships in pairs and while we went in the same direction we both just did our things. We basically played solo in a division :) Now we take complementary ships and we support each other which tends to work out a lot better I might say :D To simplify it: A division of bad players drags the team down nearly as much as a division of good players can carry. Good players with teamwork still brings a lot more positive stuff compared to how much negative stuff a group of bad players can bring. A division of bad players is nearly the same as a group of solo bad players... except that you can be sure they'll all go in the same direction and fall off the same cliff :P
  15. Best IJN premium commander trainer?

    Oh come on guys... Yes some of us were just answering to the last post and "Evolved" the thread into a different direction but OP (in his words) got his advice so there's no need for this. As for Kongo.. admit it or not.. it has been power creeped on. It's a lot harder to "carry" if you bump into a GC squad that knows how use it. Kongo is a double edged sword. It's so fast it's easy to get into trouble which gets them killed. If you're being overwhelmed and are kiting (while being shot at) you also end up at the border sooner rather then later. Not much can be done about that it's just that fast of a ship. Note that I am not counting those those that never try to push. They end up humping the border with 90% health in any ship.