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  1. Mangrey

    Asashio in ranked makes you scum

    well many CV players get hit on there kamar with they play, in any mode
  2. Mangrey

    Ranking is too difficult.

    3 days ... for rank one in sprint ... and i have never bin rank 1 in normal Ranked battles
  3. Mangrey

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    DOnt blame the CVs .... blame the spotting system
  4. Im not in a clan, but this I like to comment on..... WG changed the CV where the total player of CVs was around 5%..... and too keep a game alive competitive play is needed. Just look at CS I playedd the Beta 0,3(halflife mod) in 1999 for the first time, and now we have 3th generation of it. but that game is well balanced and this aint, WG needs to find a way to balance all there issues not only the CV, for that they have to lissen MORE to the player base, maby like EVE where is a player counsel ?
  5. So then i arsk ... why not make the radar/sonar works like the view range with a 45% angle (or depending on Nation or ship how much the radar shows at the time), then its not a smash a butten skill. maby even make a skill where you cant fire wail its activ(with an off butten ofc)
  6. Mangrey

    Ranked joke

    I never ranked out... My best plance is 3rd(ever) this time its was 8..... I think removing the rewards from all ranks but 5+ is a good start and then remove all wallet warrior ships (premium ships they are simply OP to many of them.) change the way the exp and Creds system work in ranked is allso needed. the focus have to be on WINNING and not on personal gain
  7. Mangrey

    Passive game play and othere

    Why dose my stats matter ?
  8. WG please start thinking out of the box, so we can remove it. The game feel like WoT just hidding like a tank behind an island, Players are not rewared for push game play (the team might, but you wont reward teams for team work) The tactic side of this game is to small, most play this game like an FPS. In my eyes the Spotting system, radar, sonar and armor system one of the main things that ruin the game.
  9. CVs and BB suffer both
  10. Mangrey

    BBs in the sub mode

    there are only 3 factions with subs and its tir 6...... to early to say, but still lame that BBs and heavy cruisers cant do any thing
  11. Mangrey

    Pink Colour for Nautical Rules of the Road

    Well Add a ship collison alarm when in zoom mode might give some hlep
  12. Mangrey

    Change Of Gameplay

  13. Mangrey

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    well play some Indianapolis ;) smoking OP pice of ...... and the Russian Schores
  14. Mangrey

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    I like the idea, but i would rather see manual AA
  15. Mangrey

    Unsporting conduct!

    Well a few days ago there was a post about CVs getting reported for playing CVs.......