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  1. Please change AP bombs

    I kind of like it ..... good work :D mang
  2. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    well.... the srcubs of this game dont know how to play it.... it is a L2P problem as useual..... the Nurnberg is one of the best cruisers, but you need skills and a litle luck(as all cruisers need) to play is well Mang
  3. some of the Russian ships are form the 60ies OKAY ! really i like the ship line for the sweeds ;) But PLEASE if you dont know what the diffiance is of Nordic and scandinavian please watch the Link https://satwcomic.com/how-the-north-works It might just be a fun comic but you can leanr much about us scandinavians ;) mang
  4. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    Well First ... nice post loved it ! Alot .... Second ... now I really want to log in and find my CVs :D Mang
  5. Detonation

    well then you would know how it is then a CV gets his planes shot down... (no planes to damage) fun and engaging ! mang
  6. New game mechanic

    I just had to post some diffiant then a normal boring rant :D mang
  7. New game mechanic

    Did you know that Bombes all so explode on impact ? .... annnd NOP ... AP bombs Dont ! curs ??!! they .... fly away ... like AP shells and yes it a RANT but more for my AP bombes then the torps (funny thought tho) mang
  8. New game mechanic

    Yes ... lets have Overpene Torpedo .... it is the only thing thats needed since ANY othere projectile in this game can overpene so why not Torpedos? mang
  9. CV as support class

    Good GOD .... lets have more [edited]RNG...the only class with "low" RNG you want Beacon [edited]with you RNG, no thank you how about a roll back to patch 0.3 (for CVs only) that might be fun more fun then you RNG [edited]fest mang
  10. why not just change it so you cant buy or unlock a ship if you dont owne a ship of the same tir.... mang
  11. playin bad on new levels!

    first off .... I love the Gnise and its sister they are real killers :D.... But when i try the BIsmarck .... omg ... it is the crap until it is full upgraded The FDG is a bad Bismarck to big bad rear gun placment and same secondaries as the Bismarck. My advice is skip if you can. The G.K is the in my eyes the best of the Sharn and bismarck combined shot range 12 cannons okayish spread, insane secondaries, but it is MASSIVE and it loves to burn Mang
  12. Battle of North Cape

    and how the in world are we suppose to do that .... the mission is Utter BS mang
  13. Got chat banned cuz i didn't have smoke!!

    but mostly you get chat banned for kill the intire othere team ..... quit whining :P GG mate mang
  14. RNG and CVs

    and maby look in to this as well....
  15. Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    The problem is that the game dont tell us.... ANY thing when it comes to rewards...... or how to play a ship to get rewared, or how much you get. no wonder all just sail around and shot stuff(that is shown) mang