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  1. aa-builds are completly useless

    with the new US line (US AA cruisers (even more [edited]AA yeye) ) from WG. why not bump the amount of CWs it up to 2 in all tirs ? and make them Squat able mang
  2. aa-builds are completly useless

    and we know that we need team work to take down the AA fortress but now we are at a point where 85% of ships on the map are fortresses. mang
  3. Fix Tir 8

    well what i Dont like is 9 tir 10s, a tir 9 and 2 tir 8s. Bin ther alot lately. with a cruiser you was just made food. not much fun as a CV eather. The DDs and BB can handle the tiring better. For me it seems the gap between Cruiser at tir 8, 9 and 10 is way to big mang
  4. Fix Tir 8

    Come on WG set a max number of tir 10s when there is tir 8s in the game... it is not fun I Would say 3 tri 10s as max when there is Tir 8s Mang
  5. Graf zepplin

    okay first off ... it is not OP.... jsut dont Go alone, like when you play with any othere CV. There wint be any changes to the CVs, curs the rework is coming and that will totaly change how CVs are played mang
  6. Interesting Graf Zeppelin thread at Reddit...

    nah the problem is the random ness ... like all othere [edited]RNG stuff in the damn game mang
  7. maby just add some realism ? like you can use AA when in smoke or AA cant shoot trouth mountians ... you know normal stuff ... like Dual AA and normal cannons can do both on the same time ?normal common stuff logic.. that would be a good start. then we can take it from there mang
  8. Same shite in the higher tirs on point 3 there are more planes on tigher tirs but all so much heavier AA with WILL make you lose planes each time to attack. WG needs to change the AA as well they cant just change the CVs. it is to easy to kill planes (do nothing) mang
  9. Worcester - excuse me?

    but the are armed with total OP moon cannons ... so now we have a full [edited]line of island huggers spamming BS from behind it and ruin the game even more. Now we wont EVER get thos lazy BBs to move forward (BBs dont like to get there paint scratched) and CV cant [edited]help curs of teh stinking AA yet anothere GG (good going) WG mang
  10. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    Youll get a big Dragon Dildo up your arse and a massive bill when back in port. (I play BBs mostly like you) mang
  11. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    WG said that the RN was suppose to be a BB counter..... with all the HE and shite ... but the problem is that HE is good Vs. all.... Im thinking: If you have a counter like the RN why not make its HE/AP give less damage to Cruisers, DD and CVs .... since counter to BBs ... (I only care about balance) and then balance ships/classes this way ? mang
  12. CV player pro vs medium player

    They made what we in RPG terms call a Glasscannon..... HP, slow speed... and BIG BOOM mang
  13. WG ... enough is enough.

    I call kamikaze SQUAD !!!! Lets give them a 5CRUBing ! ;) mang
  14. Graf Zeppelin

    and we have fun testing it too !.... I saw my karma go down each test session mang ;)
  15. Graf Zeppelin

    ye Thumps up for that guy or gal who made it ! ! Mang