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  1. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    Youll get a big Dragon Dildo up your arse and a massive bill when back in port. (I play BBs mostly like you) mang
  2. The Battleship Plague 2 - Broken by Design

    WG said that the RN was suppose to be a BB counter..... with all the HE and shite ... but the problem is that HE is good Vs. all.... Im thinking: If you have a counter like the RN why not make its HE/AP give less damage to Cruisers, DD and CVs .... since counter to BBs ... (I only care about balance) and then balance ships/classes this way ? mang
  3. CV player pro vs medium player

    They made what we in RPG terms call a Glasscannon..... HP, slow speed... and BIG BOOM mang
  4. WG ... enough is enough.

    I call kamikaze SQUAD !!!! Lets give them a 5CRUBing ! ;) mang
  5. Graf Zeppelin

    and we have fun testing it too !.... I saw my karma go down each test session mang ;)
  6. Graf Zeppelin

    ye Thumps up for that guy or gal who made it ! ! Mang
  7. Graf Zeppelin

    the new paint mang
  8. Can you please fix CVs?

    It is really hard not to get rude ... if you see a nerf CV each [edited]Week.... just becuse the OP was out of posstion or didnt get hlep from his teams CV. CV only have a small amount of planes and long reload time so we need to focus on places mon the map where we can impach the match the most. So understand THIS: IF you get attacked my a CV them you have done some thing wrong. MAng
  9. Anti-abuse system update

    well if you add this system to the game, can be sure not to see any CVs any more.... (when im not an arse* in chat) I even manage to get reported for playing a CV or when im Uable to cover the intire map with my 2 figther squads. Just arsk Bloggis about this * Im only an arse if you play like one mang
  10. If this post aint pined, then it needs to be. More players need to read this mang
  11. Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    well I thing the CV players really really would mind removing it, same as the torp spamming DDs ... as it is not that easy to hit with trops as you might think mang
  12. Noob protection

    This might explane why many player whime over CVs.... there is no Overpene(yet) .... mang
  13. Lexington when is WG gonna fix it

    year of the CV was 2016 ... when all CVs got a massive Dragon Dildo up ther arses. and yes BBs will pey for that one day mang
  14. Ideas for CV-rework

    Maby look on the forums to see what othere people have come up with .... ? mang