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  1. I Like the ideers of the OP. On the AA... the RNG (allways sucks) and yes the gap is way to big between the AA specced and the ships witch aint.... A thingt buggs me is that AA shoots trouth walls mang
  2. that CV is broken as long as it can strafe out of a fight with out losing any planes .... and that need to be fixed mang
  3. It will get reworked .... next topic please mang.
  4. Hey I really like the this detales (typo?) Wg is laying in the ships, cant you do that to the planes too ? ... you there is another game(WoWp) where you can get data from. so that IT make sens what planes what CV has ..... it really make no sense when a i German 109Ts (modified 109Es) are fighting late war figthers. same goes for essex F4FU-4 beating the crap out of my A7AM2s The two planes are balanced stats wise. I dont mind Paper planes ... Just dont treat my Late war IJN planes like Zeros curs they are not, many of them matched the USN planes Mang
  5. looks like a ship from Master of Orion Mang
  6. Imagine that BBs have 3 types of ammo and youll have to pick one befor the match. that how the MODs(plane setup) work witch CVs (ex. 1-1-1, 2-0-1 and 0-1-3) and no we dont have diffiant ammo types mang
  7. GO [edited]youself, it is not like we are armed for a cannon fight and we are larger then a BB and have armor like a Lightcruiser. LIke most of the BBs players. Broadsiding idiots that "tactic" it as random as you citadele from BBs. First youll have to get that floding witch has really low chance, and then the fire from the bombes. mostly it is just the fire that works If we are that rear why do I keep seeing atleast one Whine CV nerf post each week ?...... why not let it slide? AS i CV play i can tell you that if I attack you then you are out of postion or in a weak AA group Mang
  8. The german BBs are easy to burn up, and not that hard to make high damage on with normal pene hits. mang
  9. I dont like the system as it is now ... But MTM78 have a point on the BBs pop. Im playing German BB mosly, and with i see a full broadside Cruiser saling 10-12 km from me. I dont want to see 4 overpenes and 4 misses, Iwant to see. 4 x CITADELE curs dont dont broadside in cruiser. Me and a friend once lost half of HP to a full broadside Prince Overpene he was spamming HE from 15km and we where in two Gneisenau, he got killed by overpene only. I dont think that is the point in this overmatch system, making some cruiser immune to shells. mang
  10. well on qustion 4 ! the range finder masure in KM not meters and all ships will get proxy spotted under 1.5 km even if there is an island between them. Dont compare torpedos with cannons it is way harder to hit with torpedos then cannons mang
  11. im in 13 kama ... or some thing .... and i only care about winning so if some play like he dont want to win ill tell him what i think of him, and if some one is going good ill give that a point. mang
  12. it is not importent witch system it is.... it would be nice if WG would take a look at it Mang
  13. The first time i faced a Nelson I flanked it and made 6 citadele(and sank it) on its side with Scharnhost. and with all the broadsiding going on in this game it is going to fail hard. curs randoms dont have a clue how to play BBs mang
  14. yep ! but he have good ideers on how you fix all the CVs with his triangle system mang
  15. There is a saying in my country: It have to be bad befor it can be good....... Lets hope this is incindent is going to improve the realation between the Devs and Players of wows.... Faras GZ guide was in some aspect harder then Ichase he said some things how to balance the CV .... A way to look on the Planes (curs the ships is not that importent) how balance things it out 5:15 he is comparing planes stats til 11:30 min at 24:40 he explan wbout the way he set think up in a triangle.... this might be a good way to balance out all of the CVs. here is the vid: Im not saying this is the way to go but it is a start mang