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  1. they need to fix the overpene bug too..... where an overpene, overpene more then once. I once did 7.5k with one overpene hit. this bug was confirmed by a supertester some time back. mang
  2. NO ....the GZ was that big .... youll have to keep im mind that GZ was sunk be for in came in to action. mang
  3. Again NO .... second post with in houres .... WG all ready said it ain going to happen mang
  4. I nearly cryed when i read this post .... (tears of joy) but it was DD that was more common, as far as i remember PS. nice post mang
  5. NO ... the planes that did that never took off from a CV ... and WG stated that allready mang
  6. Not is it is there fault ... that there team is losing ... mang
  7. yes i was
  8. Take note ... this aint German planes Russian planes captured by .....? mang
  9. The royal danish flag Dannebrog the Danish flag (People of Danmarks flag) It looks the same but it aint mang
  10. it is not the same flag btw ... mang
  11. why not just use the flag they are having now ? mang
  12. yeah you have some really good points there... and the respawen system is seen in othere games. I know a game where you gather point for doing stuff and the point are used to respawning the amount on point to respawn is depending on type and tir. This would maby leade to a WoWs type of WoTs Frontline. But first of all we need to balance out the ship classes ;) mang
  13. ye and that is WGs biggest balancing problem .... mang
  14. mate you missed some thing ..... CRUISER ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO GO TOE ON TOE WITH A BATTLESHIPS LIKE NEVER it is the DDs job to kill of BBs and cruiser are suppose to stop then ... Rock, Paper andscissors system remember ???? back form the CBT days ? mang
  15. I like that.... but we still have a CV problem then... the intire EXP system needs to be changed for Ranked then, the new metta is AS and it is hard to get past rank 4 with no damage mang