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  1. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

  2. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    the more you know, more magic why AA is a piece of s h i t
  3. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    Once maybe? But im getting pretty sure in one thing, you are the type of player thats just here to keep everyone trolling without adding any meaningful to the actual discussion lately :)
  4. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, when even the cv players that are good in it , says they are broken as f*ck, nerf will come sooner or later...
  5. ApolloF117

    modern warships / tier 11-?

    Ofc and then the phalanc just shot it down
  6. ApolloF117

    Stop blaming your mistakes on missing air support

    So what? Why should i play a boring crap class? And yet everyone who doesnt play it affected that this crap class cause.yo
  7. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    so the playeers need to do something?
  8. ApolloF117

    Stop blaming your mistakes on missing air support

    Sorry snowflakes :D every other class dealing with the same crap aka gets blame for nothing(dds mostly) , so take it or leave it, you want a cv bingo too, just like bbs got one? Or tell me where did the players hurt your feelings
  9. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    try connect them, you can do it
  10. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

  11. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    no they are hard to kill, if a team full of bbs and dds can work together which is not impossible in cb, then what counter would be there? another bb and dd team, and that would be 99% of the cb teams so if cvs then cut out from cb, what would you call that? if bbs are op? gamebraking? yes i think that should what we call them
  12. ApolloF117

    0.8.4 - PTS - CVs Improvement

    Where did torps came from when we were talking about he bombs? If you really wanna go into historical accuracy then every aircraft should be a lot more fragile and inaccurate as [edited], now keep this realism crap to wt forums, thanks
  13. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion

    In reality carriers needed to launch 100-300 aircraft to even hit something that isn't stationary xD
  14. ApolloF117

    CV Rework Discussion