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  1. Thanks Lumberjack for communicating with us and letting us know about the delay. Have a good weekend.
  2. Let's see, maybe they postponed it to Saturday. We will see.
  3. The voting of the 10 by Wargamings chosen camouflages will being on Friday the 16th november. There will be a newspost about it. @Ufiak_K Awesome design! Like it very much!
  4. Nordi_Aut

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    How many times were the CB´s now canceled, fourth time? Because this theme getting old pretty fast, it makes at least some good meme. ;)
  5. First, thanks for wargaming for holding such camo contests, thank you very much! Also thanks to all the creative minds in our wonderful community. it´s a joy to see lots of different ideas and fantastic camouflage designs. Inspired by a lot of great designs from past community entries I went to create my own design and here it is. Design: POLISH FURY - Inspired by the will of the polish people to fight and survive during one of the darkest times in history. Colortheme: The red colour pattern should resemble that Fury, while i wanted to hold the rest of design more simple with the overall theme of the polish national colour pattern. I had a fantastic time creating this camo and i love what it has become in the end. I hope you do as well. With best regards, Nordi_Aut (EU) https://new.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9v0oxb/polish_fury_camouflage_design_contest_błyskawica/
  6. Can it be that the code isn´t working? I tried it typing it normally and in capital letters, all variations failed.
  7. Nordi_Aut

    Eagles or Sharks?

    I will go for Teamsharks until i maxed loyality, then team eagle for the rest of the event.
  8. Nordi_Aut

    @WG Can we have a special captain called Chuck Norris?

    The captain i want ingame? German people and people who know the movie "Das Boot" will know why.
  9. Nordi_Aut

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Making a thread with a poll with a suggestion of how to balance the game. is fine and good, but... why don´t you bring more than a one sentence argument, why it should be removed or nerfed? why do you only give nerfed or removed option in the polls, when "Let it stay as it is" or "Buff" could also be options? Or do you not want any other opinions than yours? why do you think another "Nerf radar" thread, after the 100 threads on this topic is needed, when you still can discuss this topic on one of the other threads? why do you think it´s a good idea to make a tilt thread when you are frustrated with the game?
  10. Nordi_Aut

    which premium ship?

    If you really want to buy a premiumship i suggest watching YT Videos and reading articles about the ships you are interested in. And then judge if the playstyle of the premiumship could suit your preferences. There's shipcomrade, a very good website. You can find a review of ships on YT from flamu, notser, yuro and other content creators.
  11. Nordi_Aut

    More content for tier 2-4

    Make tasks or campaigns for lower tier and sealclubbing will be even more present then it currently is, because players who normally play 8-10 will incentivized to play lower tiers, wich would lead into more sealclubbing. And by the way, you have not even 100 battles in tier 8 and tier 9. With only one line, the american cruiser, wich have a very unique playstyle and the old new orleans was not in a really good spot. Therefore i would recommend that you give tier 8-10 a few more tries. You barely scratched the surface of it. Try other lines, get a feeling of playing in that tierrange, because it is in comparison to the lower tiers a very different gameplay experience. Also overall 1600 battles on isn´t that much, considering you played a few different lines and spent a lot of your battles in lowtiersegment, where you don´t get that hard of a punishment for mistakes as in tier 8-10.
  12. Nordi_Aut

    Ships that need a buff

    The Mahan is a good ship, but i think it mostly benefits from being tier 7 and being more likely toptier then low or midtier against tier 8 and 9.
  13. Nordi_Aut

    Indianapolis Marathon

    Vollkommen richtig. Deswegen sollte WG bei solchen Missionen auch die Bedinung des Sieges rausnehmen. Bei mir hat es dieses Mal auch länger gedauert weil ich ein Standardgefecht nach dem anderen hatte.
  14. Nordi_Aut

    Code For Free Camo