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  1. Elmox1989

    Premium ships missing

    Premium shop
  2. Elmox1989

    Premium ships missing

    I am also missing my yubari yet i dont have any gold either?
  3. Elmox1989

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    ive never sank a DD with 2 waves of dive bombers. i do believe that they could use a buff. right now theres no reason to take Dive bombers over torpedos
  4. Elmox1989

    Better nerf destroyer

    I love playing DDs (exept IJN ones they could use a buff). their gameplay is fast and its all about the decisions you make. smokescreen atm is the only way for a DD to get out of a situation. the problem is that when you do make a wrong decision its mostly over maybe thats why some people dont like to play DD for me its a risk reward thing. you can take some risks and get high rewards or you can lose everything with one wrong maneuver.
  5. Elmox1989

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    right now as mentioned before one of the problems is that almost everyone is playing BB therefore having a lack of CAs to provide AA, when people go and try more classes eventually things will become even harder for the CVs.
  6. even removing detection of torpedos doesnt matter. someone will have to go in a continuess straight line in order for torpedos to hit at 8km+ range and right now under that range the turrets are useless
  7. IJN dds could use some change thats for sure. long range torpedos runs are pretty much useless since the targeted ship only has to do a slight course correction and your torpedos will miss.
  8. Elmox1989

    Maps need more open space

    Without the islands CAs and DDs wouldnt stand a chance against BBs. having cover is key to good gameplay for everyone
  9. Elmox1989

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    If you as a destroyer got into 0-2 km without getting spotted you deserve those kills, situational awareness is everything.
  10. Elmox1989

    Better nerf destroyer

    I dont understand that so many people all calling nerfs, have they tried to play destroyer themselves?
  11. Elmox1989

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    BB accuracy is already to high now. both in DD and CA i get one shot almost every game from long range.