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  1. Stugga

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    I, too, have de--spec'd all my captains, and since I don't wont to mis-spec them and then having to keep them for 2 months like this till new re-spec, I am just not playing the game for at least the next 2 months till all this settles out. If they give us full respec for all the duration of this *test*, I will start playing again.
  2. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    I stand corrected then, I didn't read it before. Have a nice weekend.
  3. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    I agree, but they take risks, they can be shot back etc. Anyways.. I'm off , hf
  4. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    You guys don't get it. I am not a freakin noob who cries nerf carriers. I play since closed beta, almost 8k battles, with 55% win rate *solo quee*, no divisions or premium consumambles. I can perfectly def myself Vs planes. My problem, is when the rest freakin team dies, or my CV dies etc and all the imbalances that occur afterwards or how detrimental is the skill difference between carrier players, how the gameplay experience becomes frustrating and so forth. Hence I bothered with suggestions, to help improve the gameplay experience, but frankly, after all this "hate"(?), I should not bother again. You can have what you get.
  5. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    The "range" issue, and how is combined wiith the rest suggestions (decrease nr of planes etc).
  6. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    Not in high tiers where they have almost unlimited planes. Apparently we play different games, cuz in my games "Yes it is". If one player is more skillful than the other 9 out of 10 times is game over. Apparently you haven't met good CV players who bait you to def AA by coming close and retreating, only to come back after 20 sec. Or who will first send bombers, so you either use def AA on them or take full dmg, then they send torp planes etc... No it's not the case cuz it's not mandatory. Meaning, the average Joe can and will sit back and "snipe" (like the average BB player) not caring about his reduced efficiency, while the skillful enemy CV player can be devestating. Again, that was multipurpose suggestion to "force" CV players to be more active, the way you force all the DD etc players to "close the distance" and also to reduce the imbalance between unskilled and skillful CV player I agree with this, but if you don't see the problem between the difference of an unskilled and skillful carrier player in the game and how devestating this can be to the outcome then nothing I can say. Yeah, it's valid for BB players etc too, but they are lost in the herd, they provide meatshield indirectly etc. and you can do something about it. The carrier skill difference on the other way is detrimental. Back in closed beta and early days, you often met 2 carriers pet team and even though they were more leathal, players had to adapt. First seconds, all you did is communicate how you will short out your AA escort, who will support who, even defend carrier etc. Today's "new players" got spoiled. I'm just saying it cuz anyway, the above suggestion was optional for after and if a good balance could be achieved. No big deal. I am not familiar with the current changes, but first time in my life in any game I play, I see players discouraging other players from making SUGGESTIONS. What the heck is wrong with you people? I didn't say "implement them or I rage quit or w/e". There were merre suggestion to keep in mind, maybe in any 100 suggestions playerbase makes, there is ONE freakin useful......... what .... the... f*ck.... ??????
  7. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    I did say decrease their lethality but I also said, while reducing planes, then adjust their dmg to bring back some balance to where you want it. ALso, the range? is not a nerf. It's implementation of some risk Vs reward to CVs like in ALL other ships. etc
  8. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    Mate, I don't interrupt anything. I offer some suggestions for them to consider. What is your problem?... lol
  9. Stugga

    A few suggestions for balancing carriers

    So while devs redesigning them (which I know that), they could also take the above suggestions into consideration? - After redesigning them, spending workhours etc to include further suggestions (we all know) is not good business practise and not usually done.
  10. Hello, "normal" player here since closed beta. Even though I don't play carriers much (only a few games to "know my enemy"), as a former chess player for me it's all about balance and gameplay. So since I've seen all the rise and decline of the carrier gameplay through the years, I make some suggestions here so that we start seeing carriers more often (like every game hopefully) but in the same time balance them so that their existence in a game does not become a frustrating experience for the rest players. First of all, lets see what are a few "issues" about carriers: 1) Every ship category except the CVs has some short of risk vs reward. The DDs must get relatively close to torp (and even closer if they want to torp more successfully) and they risk getting spotted (radars, planes, other DDs..). The cruisers, kinda the same as DDs, while being in danger of getting citadeled. The BBs can be seen further away than any other ship and so everybody wants and can burn them. (Exception to this rule is Moskva (why does a CA have worse concealment than BBs? so f*cked up) and Conqueror (why such an OP concealment? again, so f*cked up). Anyway.... 2) If one carrier player is better than the other, most of the times game is decided right then, from the get go. It's the only ship that skill difference makes such a big impact in the game. Furthermore (or at the same time...), in higher tiers, you see many "unskilled" carrier players, just "parking" their fighers idle at a spot or hovering above a ship, unable to multitask all their planes and just focusing on playing their torp planes and bombers, with result, the skillful player can spot better, can support AA better, can area deny better.. or rather far better than an unskilled one. - Furthermore, if you lose your carrier because he yolo-d or he was unskilled and didn't move when the enemy pushed his side and got spotted or the enemy CV killed him etc you now face a situation that you must rush all the way or every minute that passes the enemy CV will gradually kill everybody with nothing you can do, completely destroying the gameplay in the cases you lose your team's carrier. (and again, many players don't move because maybe they are too busy multitasking so many planes that they completely lose their map awareness?)...Anyways... 3) They are very leathal. Nothing you can do when there's 3 torp planes and 2 bombers coming at you. Carriers can so easily (if skilled) one-shot a ship. Nobody wants to be one-shotted (aka: deleted). So, here are some suggestions of how we can improve all this, in my opinion: 1) Risk Vs reward: Every ship in the game... has range. Carriers in reality... have range (of how far the planes can operate) and all the more so, during WWII (limited range). So give carriers RANGE. Make them having to follow fleet to operate in their active range or hide behind some island (like US cruisers) to be within range. In this way you increase their risk but also indirectly force them to be very active in spotting their area (to spot DDs that can spot them), forcing unskillful players to use their fighters more efficiently... 2) How can an unskilled player cope up with above change? We already said that they can't multitask so well already. Well then.... ---> REDUCE NR of PLANES. 5-6 planes are too many for the average Joe to multitask and play successfully and that is what makes a skillful player make such a difference. Better have high tier CVs have less planes but the average players can play them all relativelly ok then so many planes with the unskilled players parking them idle. Better have CVs with (example) 1 fighter plane, 1 torp plane, 1 bomb plane each, but the average Joe can multitask and play them, than 5-6 planes where half of them sit idle. - Of course adjustments to dmg, survavability etc should be made in this case, while maintaining some difference in playstyle between various countries. So ok, make one country'splanes more survavible, the other's more leathal, give one CV more armor, the other better concealment etc. If you decide to go that way, you know what to do... 3) With the above change, we can also balance #3 issue - the lethality - through the adjustments and the reduction of planes. Furthermore, when all the above changes are done and balanced, we can have more than 1 carrier per team in each game because they will both have range issues and their lethality will be reduced and ofc at the same time you have to increase the credit making coefficient (past nerf) of the carriers to give players a bigger insentive to start playing their carriers again. Again, nobody likes to be one-shoted. Nobody likes to be attacked again and again from a ship 40+km away with nothing he can do about it and nobody likes to have an unskilled CV player in his team while the enemy CV player is devistating. If you don't change that, better remove carriers from game altogether! I could write more but that's all the time I want to afford from my Saturday afternoon in this essay :p Hope I helped, Stugga
  11. Update: After 1.470 games I got a supercontainer! yeaaahhh It had a freakin module that I will never use. - Are you freakin kidding me? I already stopped playing ranked at rank 10 cuz those modules rewards suck and you also put them in the supercontainers too? Our one chance in one thousand and five hundred games is wasted???? - That's 1/3 of the whole entire games I've played so far. The whole games since release! 1 in 1.500 games! Wasted!! wtf?.. w....t... f??????
  12. Stugga

    So what rank have you gotten? Experiences in ranked etc.

    I got to rank 10 and stopped. Priority reasons: 1) No irrevocable ranks after rank 10 makes the grind far bigger than my liking for a game. 2) The rewards after rank 10 sucked. Absolutely no motive. My experiences? - Premium ships with radars and smokes and stuff, some times I had games with 4x belfasts each side. :-/ WG, too many premium OP ships that are way too OP even from their own lines counterparts. You created a monster.
  13. Stugga

    Sims in Ranked or Random

    You'll have an occassional very good game, once in 10? That's not how you rate a ship. I'm pretty sure we all got very good games with any ship. I can show you a few with the "old" Pensacola too. Once in 10, is not good enough for ranked. It's good enough for randoms to keep you from not going in forums and rage about how Sims torps suck.
  14. Stugga

    Sims in Ranked or Random

    I went to rank 12 with Sims (for captain training) and then switched to Fiji. - Not playing Belfast = big mistake imo
  15. Stugga

    Sims in Ranked or Random

    Hi, I play Sims since close beta test. I have almost 900k XP in this ship now, without a premium account (so, I played it a lot). In the past I used to play Sims in ranked. However, after they introduced the "the best player of losing team does not lose a star" I stop playing Sims, at least when things get tough. Why? Because what Sims brings to the table to make it a decent DD for ranked is -above all- its US smoke (duration). You smoke for the team, giving them a nice 2+ mins of protection and you go ahead and scout and torp spot for them. As you can imagine, not sitting in your smoke and firing your guns (most of the times), your main source of dmg is your torps. Well, there you go. Sims torps suck. They are so slow, the rarely hit and even if they hit, their dmg is so low it's laughable. All in all, if there were any other ships capping with you, there's absolutely very little chance to get this 1st place in case your team losses. Sims needs buff in torps, since.... forever ago.