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  1. NuttyNinja

    Secondaries definitely BROKEN

    Yep After this update, My smolensk is now scrap metal ....i have to sail so close even DD's are having a blast ...not sure i want to be here anymore in more ways than one
  2. NuttyNinja

    Regarding new UI

    Please at least give us an option to pick the old UI this one for an old git like me is too much confusion , just went to try switch out my crew from F der to pommy and it's like i now need A levels ffs, please please please give us the old UI back or at least make both versions of the UI available to choose from, i don't post much here, but been playing for years and this upset the apple cart in my head ! Some of us old timers don't like change !
  3. NuttyNinja

    PTS - General Feedback

    nearly 10 minutes for a battle to start , thanks but no thanks ! Says takes no longer than 1 minute, i have better things to do with looking at a clock !
  4. NuttyNinja

    Twin towers

    What sick minded Mother Bleeper came up with the idea of a post apocolyptic scenario in a video game that takes the minds away from the real thing, distractions ofc, Seeing the Wtc 1 & 2 towers again reminded me that time is short, thank you, Edit :...my first and Last post