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  1. ilDuca

    Rollover meta - WG can this be fixed please?

    I blame the fairly accessible "Hunt for the Bismarck" campaing requests. They mostly involve farming damages and xp wich results in an awfull percentage of your team camping and not caring about anything but damages.... Watch my stats if you don't believe me,I have played just the necessary games to get the camo but I will not touch this game until this freak zoo ends.
  2. ilDuca

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got my first super container of 2017 yesterday from "try your luck" 5mln credits. Anyone has ever found a ship in them?
  3. ilDuca

    An analytical look at Duca d'Aosta(see disclaimer)

    I'm near the 4th row skill and I'm still not sure between IFHE or CE.... I have abandoned thie idea of going full AA build. What do you suggest?
  4. ilDuca

    Dunkerque on sale.

    Just to let you know: yes I have bought her! She really has a sensible dispersion but the shells velocity is very good! To manage the overpenetrations against cruisers I started shooting HE now and then for a guaranteed fire. Yes she struggles against airstrikes but she is also very fast wich means i can run away when the situation gets too hot or I need to react fast to a enemy push. She has a totally undeserved bad reputation.
  5. ilDuca

    Dunkerque on sale.

    Thank you very much guys! It's exactly what I wanted to know! Always on point! Safe sailing and good hunt!
  6. ilDuca

    Dunkerque on sale.

    Yes she seems pretty viable probably flamu's bad review was influenced by the scharnost release... I'm just concerned of getting penned by 356 guns from the front has it happened to you?I know her armor probably won't stop german 380mm and IJN 410mm.... If you tell me she can stand the Fuso and New Mexico guns I'm relieved...she can?
  7. ilDuca

    Dunkerque on sale.

    Any owner here who can share his experience with her? Have you found her so unbearable that you would have waited the De Grasse as trainer? Or on the other side is she an enjoyable ride? I'm thinking about having her as a trainer... Thanks everybody for any advice.
  8. ilDuca

    An analytical look at Duca d'Aosta(see disclaimer)

    Just got my hands on her and I'm totally content. Woderfull handling,wonderfull balistics and amazing speed. Yes she has short gun range, just 1.5 km more and she would be god tier but I can understand they didn't want to sell an op ship (this time). I'm just having trouble with CVs besides the AA consumable (which is a mandatory asset for her) her AA defences are so poor that made me seriously thinking about going full AA build even considering the low numbers of CVs(which is a thing I never ever thought for any ship I own).
  9. ilDuca

    When random isn't that random

    You may seem a troll but is totally true! Also stay in the bracket 5-7 in those hours and drive a BB preferably german. Hear this wisdom OP!
  10. ilDuca

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    O gawd now the Duca d'Aosta now this!(and then Roma)
  11. ilDuca

    Cruisers - What's best?

    I agree with VC381 you best choice for having fun as soon as possible and by that I mean not waiting beyond tier 6 are Russians and IJN. Russian as first choice maybe a little squishy especially their tier 5 while IJN are a little more reliable with good torpedoes and very strong HE shells and in every tier they are never the worst choice so you'll have a comfortable grind and not stressfull experience! IJN is best! (for me) Forgot to mention that with next patch tier 8 Mogami gets back her 155 configuration basically you will have 2 ships at the price of 1.
  12. Played 8 games today 5 of them where ROFL stomp so it's still there. For the record they were during afternoon.
  13. ilDuca

    Is the Atlanta for me?

    I don't have Atlanta, yes she looks interesting but I have only heard bad things from the most part of players and for the few times I have met her I never felt threatened even a little. Yes they are trying to push her with that juicy bundle but listen to me if you want the higher bang/bucks ratio possible take the Belfast,she can do everything the huge DD can do better except for the AA. You will have only to endure that sensation of being dirt when you play with her. If wg doesn't nerf her I'll promise to take her out as little as possible.
  14. ilDuca

    Worst ship in the game?

    Lol Dropsiq saw you last night with her ofc to get your work easier I got myself deleted on a torpedo wall the first minutes of the battle! To remain on topic Myogi and Danae with standard account are for me the worsts. I'm sure Emerald will join them also. Argh noticed now the last 11 brilliant battles of mine!