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  1. VonGrav

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    What can I say.. If Wargaming do not find a solution to this cheating ingame.. The problem is ripping community apart, flameing in every game about aimbotting and such... I notice it myself that I start wondering if folks are cheating with this mod when I get a few good hits in my ship. Solution is simple: Dont allow mods in the game. Rather have no mods, than have cheaters.
  2. So i have been looking at these planes fly around in air.. Ive noticed some very strange flying.. I was chugging along in my Cleveland and I was attacked by some torpedo planes. Point is, they where flying around me like gravity had nothing to do with the matter. I mean, they came over me, did a 180* turn in a split second and blasted my side with torpedoes from about 60 meters range.. Uhm.. what is going on here? Is this meant to be possible? Or is it something thats going to be fixed? I mean it looks plain silly, and I could look up some stats on those tropedo bombers.. and the turntime was certainly not 1.5 seconds
  3. VonGrav

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    eeh, battleships.. staying in open seas.. just destroys everything No they aint underpreforming.
  4. VonGrav

    Using main guns as Anti Air?

    They laughed at Flak over europe.. but tell that to the fellows who took one of them bursts close
  5. VonGrav

    Using main guns as Anti Air?

    An ability to set such main armament to focus on aircraft would be great. Such as the way you can toggle on and off the anti aircraft guns. You loose main armament control, but then the guns will turn to the air and send their massive shells to the pesky planes at long range.. Would be great for defending carriers and battleships from aircraft.