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  1. Desertfox51 wins my WoWs replay contest with some huge xp and damage gameplay in the Zao tier 10 IJN Cruiser.
  2. World of Warships 10k Subs Replay contest...place 1.5! Confused? Well nevermind that, this is an awesome game from Desertfox51 in the Myoko!
  3. 2nd place in my 10k Subs World of Warships replay contest is claimed by cptnwhite in the Tashkent, the Soviet tier 8 destroyer.
  4. World of Warships 10k Subs contest - 3rd place goes to Covenant_R in the Hatsuhara. And while its a good game with a big score, it wasn't in the way I expected ;)
  5. What do you get when World of Warships meets the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime series? Some rather funky looking Japanese warships and a pair of challenging missions!
  6. Happy New Year everyone! First video of the year, an epic World of Warships replay from Desertfox51 featuring the Myoko! enjoy!
  7. Prizes from Wargaming to say thanks to all of you who have enjoyed playing World of Warships this year, and to wish you fair seas for 2016! 10 lucky viewers will win either a Blyskawica, Fujin or Diana premium ship!
  8. MarkGFL

    A very Contributor Christmas!

    Some very nice prizes to give away here for my awesome viewers! Check out the video, leave a comment and keep you fingers crossed you might be one of the lucky winners of a premium warship! Have a great New Year everyone, and all the best for 2016! Oake
  9. 10k Subs replay contest! So, who fancies winning an Imperator Nikolai premium battleship? Or a handful of doubloons?
  10. Sailing into the beautiful sunset in my Mutsuki tier 6 Japanese destroyer from World of Warships...oh...and it was a pretty decent result too! ;)
  11. A quick review (and giveaway!) of the new Polish tier 7 destroyer, the Blyskawica.
  12. A quick preview of the new Russian tier 4 premium battleship, the Imperator Nikolai.
  13. MarkGFL

    Fujin in the Premium store

    It will be interesting to see how they price the Nikolai on the EU server, as its currently for sale on the RU server for a mere £8 with a few signals.
  14. MarkGFL

    Fujin in the Premium store

    I'm so disappointed by the bundle. The ships is awesome and I would love one, but take away the doubloons and port slot, and yes the signals but I don't want them anyway, and its still priced higher than the Murmansk. I don't feel that the bundle is good enough value for money.