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  1. ZoidFile

    How do you get two divs of the same clan in a game ?

    If you want fun with your clan buddies, play clan battles and don't skew the games for solo players. Yea its a massive skill-multiplicator. But it works in both directions. Six incredible buffoons can also tank your match in no-time. I once had a TX match with nine(!) people from the same clan in my team and somehow with all their theoretical advantages those knuckleheads still managed to get completely trashed by the enemy team. The top performer of our team wasn't even in their div...
  2. ZoidFile

    How do you get two divs of the same clan in a game ?

    Personally I really hate this practice. It's one of those things the match maker should actively prevent.
  3. ZoidFile

    Why the insane resource ship price inflation?

    I thought that 2 mil freeXP thing was a joke, lol. They can keep their ship then.
  4. ZoidFile

    hotkey rererved and ds

  5. ZoidFile

    Double crosshair bug ?

    Any mods installed?
  6. ZoidFile

    hotkey rererved and ds

    The G button is now reserved for water bombs, read the patch notes.
  7. ZoidFile

    What happened to the destructible environments?

    Well I am not surprised. But have you guys ever considered floating cover. Like islands of ice but with moving icebergs and floes? Oh and I am still waiting for a Vulcan map, with lava and cool lighting...^^
  8. I don't think any of the ships in the new cruiser split is an exact copy of Stalingrad. So even if they reuse some turrets, mounts and other details it is still an vast amount of work the goes into every model. Don't underestimate the time that goes into the research and planning as well. Yes some of the new premiums are carbon copies of old ships those only need some minor work to repurpose them. Your annual cash grab.
  9. You know that content does not come into existence in the wink of an eye? Those cruisers have probably been in development for over a year. If you consider the RU BBs as well we can assume that WG started "reacting" like 3 years ago.
  10. I would argue that there are actually quite a lot of Wehraboos in the Russian community . So flooding the game with random Russian content might not be as effective as WG thinks it is.
  11. ZoidFile

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    The event has not even started, you have to do 40+ new missions.^^
  12. 0 Because I don't support bullshittery and neither should you.
  13. Got Hawkens and Devonshire for mission tokens. I played all the directives.