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  1. ZoidFile

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

  2. ZoidFile

    My 1 year anniversary and a (mostly) fond farewell

    Never understood "rage-uninstalling". It's not like WG can "see" if you have the game installed or not. All you archive is that you have a lot of hassle when the inevitable remorse sets in and you want to play again. Oh and you mess up your hard drive. Also opening a thread to farewell people that hardly knew you is kind of... self indulgent?
  3. With the direction this game is taking I won't invest money any time soon. The only ship that would be mildly interesting for me is not in the armoury anyway.
  4. ZoidFile

    I dont like the Moskva

    The Moskva is a great ship, but I never got warm with her either. I am more of a open water player anyway, hugging islands was never my preferred playstyle. What I wished for in Moskva I found in Kronstadt.
  5. ZoidFile

    Bad economy , bad calculations ? You be the judge.

    Well it was not cheating, trying to play cost effective is a logical move for any player. Sinking in your ship was really expensive in the early versions of the game. The service fee change was a good decision from WG.
  6. ZoidFile

    Bad economy , bad calculations ? You be the judge.

    In the early days the players would often run from combat to safe money on ship repairs. That's why WG changed repair costs into a flat fee. No matter the damage, you will always pay the same "service" fees, depending on ship and tier.
  7. ZoidFile

    Rettung der Raptor. CV hängt fest

    Kann den Bug ebenfalls bestätigen. Manchmal hängt der CV, manchmal der Versorger.
  8. ZoidFile

    French Destroyers

    So far I never lost the Aegis operation, finishing with 4 stars is usually the worst that can happen.
  9. ZoidFile

    French Destroyers

    The Aegis operation can yield quite some "easy" money 200-600k+ is quite possible. Otherwise, anyone without a well balanced pool of Premium ships is up for a rough time.
  10. ZoidFile

    fps drops since 8.6

    I as well have massive frame drops sice the last patch. From ~70 down to ~25 frames sometimes less, the record was 3 frames for the entire match.... Deactivating Anti Alias helped to mitigate it a bit, but it is still far from great.
  11. ZoidFile

    General feedback

    I also had a game where the frames suddenly dropped to 3 (!) and stayed there for the rest of the match. Yes 3 as is in 3 bottles of vodka the programmers drank when they created this patch. The game runs like molasses now and I have no Idea why.
  12. ZoidFile

    General feedback

    I don't know, my frames get worse with every patch. I once had a stable 75 and somehow you managed to get it down to ~28 fps, but the game does not look an iota better? How is it even possible? How can the idle port stress my processor more than the Witcher 3 on max settings? Oh and I also don't like the new lighting. Also nice that my France destroyer Aigle is completely ignored in the FRANCE DESTROYER EVENT, thanks.
  13. Yea that was kind of awkward. I was in full on YOLO mode, farming spotting and fire ribbons. Then I saw you and @lup3s in my team and suddenly I had to put in some effort. In the end I was pretty useless like always. So thank you for carrying my dead weight to victory.
  14. ZoidFile

    effect of target lock on dispersion?

    Aiming a couple of pixels too high or low could make a difference of several in game meters, so it is basicaly a target "snap".
  15. ZoidFile

    effect of target lock on dispersion?

    Locking on is essential for acquiring the range of your target it also reduces the dispersion. So no, it's not a placebo.