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  1. ZoidFile

    money taken

    Did you maybe sell it from the inventory, by accident?
  2. ZoidFile

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    I think dived submarines should not be able to spot for the team. I mean how would they transmit those informations anyway? Only when surfaced the team should see what the sub sees. I think that would solve some of the problems with permaspotted DD and BBs.
  3. ZoidFile

    Why bother...? (doing missions for tokens)

    But then they have won, they have broken you.
  4. ZoidFile

    Kremlin guns

    What the good man tries to say, my friend. Is that you are talking complete bollocks. Saying that Kremlin needs any buff is like saying Joe Bezos is in need of welfare support, because he barely makes a living... Want to be really bullied by HE? Play Yamato.
  5. ZoidFile

    The rentals - which did you like?

    I really, really liked Bayard. Lazo was fun in CO-OP. Lenin I have yet to test. Too bad I don't spend money on this game anymore.
  6. ZoidFile

    More and more old premiums available for coal

    Well, I hope at least you have won them.
  7. ZoidFile

    More and more old premiums available for coal

    Nobody in the right mind would buy Marblehead anyway. I think WG just hopes that people who don't know better might waste some coal on it.
  8. ZoidFile

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Because gamers are so good at boycotting things... Just look how well the Pay to Rico Boycott went. Gamers aren't really known for their strong spines, you know?
  9. ZoidFile

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    I think we need a new Hashtag: #CloseTheBureau
  10. ZoidFile

    ST - free Premium consumables

    Ok guys where's the catch? There's a foul plot afoot, I can smell it....
  11. ZoidFile

    New Rent Bundles

    I won't comment much on the rent for gold stuff. Only that it is ironic that my first roll was Missouri. Which everybody wants, but I already have... The silver rent might be a fun idea, IF you can keep the Modules and the captain. The ship pool could be better though. Also WG, why is the Mainz not in the pool? You know, the new ship, you just released? The ship you want us to buy?
  12. ZoidFile

    Server überlastet

    Och kommt Leute, nicht schon wieder...
  13. ZoidFile

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.9.2

    Warum habe ich nur so ein ungutes Gefühl dabei?
  14. Iowa is longer than Yamato but has like ~20k tons less displacement.
  15. ZoidFile

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    I don't want that WGC because I don't need it. - I don't play any other WG games but WoWs. - I don't download updates while I play, because I can't play if the game isn't up to date anyway, lol. - I can't play online while I'am downloading huge files. - I hate Gamecenters. - I hate useless background programs that clog up my tray. - I hate being advertised to. - You don't need an advertising platform on my computer. - You don't need an advertising platform, period. - You already waste enough resources for your stupid Port UI that will never get fixed. - Everything you do makes things only worse. That doesn't make any sense. @Sehales @WhoEverItMayConcern