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  1. imperiumgraecum

    A "Want" Feature in WoWS : Country's Flag on the ships

    Hands off the Averoff u filthy casual, it's mine!MINE! My own!11!1eleven11!!
  2. imperiumgraecum

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    The same has been heard about DDs(at least some of them)
  3. imperiumgraecum

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    Nop, because how am I going to lose my 5-carrier worth of planes? Nukes? The only way to lose them is for the enemy to have similar number of DDs(in which case, we 've got same lineup, so it's down to player skill) or almost exclusively fighters in their CVs(which is countered by the plane slots from the extra CVs)
  4. imperiumgraecum

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

  5. imperiumgraecum

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    Enough airplanes for a tactical alpha-dmg-strike and enough mobility and firepower to engage surviving targets
  6. imperiumgraecum

    The ideal fleet in WoWs?

    Imo, higher tier battles are going to be decided by the number of CVs(and skill of their respective players) + DDs providing anti-air support for the CVs/storming lone, disabled enemy BBs with torpedoes Something like: 5 CVs 6 DDs 4 CAs
  7. imperiumgraecum

    The seafight off Pafos

    TL; DR; Perhaps you should consider setting paragraphs, and pass the text through a Quality Check, because it's syntactically and orthographically incoherent.
  8. imperiumgraecum

    Battleships from smaller nations

    The point of customizing one's own ship(s) (Greece's George Averoff in our case) is to: 1)reach one's own expectations/set ship parameters, that is, firepower, speed, fuel autonomy, gun range, costs etc. Unlike major naval superpowers(Britain, France, Germany, Russia) and even minor, Mediterranean ones(Italy, Ottoman Empire), 1900s Greece didn't have the comfort to just buy the biggest hull, mount the biggest guns and engine/boilers and hope to work. 2)be able to cope with/complete certain tasks/missions. In the case of Averoff, that was to hunt down ottoman war vessels/troop transports(during the Balkan Wars), block seafaring trade/communications lines between ottoman-held Aegean islands and mainland Asia Minor, prevent ottoman fleets from sorting out of their naval bases from Smyrna/Izmir and the Bosporus etc. 3)secure technological semi-autonomy concerning upgrades/repairs/maintenance. For a number of cultural, historical, geographical, geopolitical reasons, pre-WWI Greece had been trying to be on good terms with Britain, France and Russia, and Italy and Germany, after their respective unifications in the 1870s. In a worst-case scenario, that is, diplomatic relations deteriorating with one(or more) of these countries(like a WW), Greece's army/navy modernization projects would not be hindered. 4)confuse/mislead rival nations. In our case, that would be the Ottoman Empire(and Bulgaria, to a lesser degree, mostly during 2nd Balkan War). Making such an "abomination" makes it hard for enemy fleets to counter it, or even have concrete data about it. Something like WoT CW counter-espionage, but in the 1900s Me neither, although we might see some ships in a combined "EU" Tech tree
  9. imperiumgraecum

    Battle cruiser Averoff.

    Check Balkan wars Sea ops/battles
  10. imperiumgraecum

    The Ottoman Fleet Before Steam

    Fire_Spitter, on 24 November 2013 - 10:49 AM, said: Just a little correction we also consider Friday 13th as an unlucky day aswell as Tuesday 13th Not really; Friday 13th is more of a western "custom", brought to Greece during the reign of the King Otto.
  11. imperiumgraecum

    SMS Goeben(Yavuz SS)

    turumaji, on 13 November 2013 - 04:49 PM, said: haaha thx for telling this but i live in izmit atm :) it was in izmit not izmir. Also gölcük is part of izmit Ah I see....Izmit is in Bosporus (evil sorcery, that google :trollface: )...Tbh it didnt make any sense anyway, getting Ataturk's remains all the way to Izmir :hiding:
  12. imperiumgraecum

    SMS Goeben(Yavuz SS)

    Good post Just fix this: it's Izmir, not Izmit
  13. imperiumgraecum

    The First Russian Ship “Orel” (the “Eagle”)

    An excellent post as always. :honoring:
  14. imperiumgraecum

    The Ottoman Fleet Before Steam

    Overall a fine article, just a notion: Georgy_Zhukov_1945, on 10 November 2013 - 02:43 PM, said: In 1451, Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople after a prolonged siege, making it his capital and renaming it Istanbul. In 1451, Mehmet 2nd ascended to the throne. Constantinople fell at Tuesday, 29th May 1453 (it's the reason Greeks consider Tuesday 13th to be the "jinxy" day, instead of Friday 13th, that is in the rest of the Western World). The name of the city remained basically the same, during the living years of the Ottoman state: Konstandiniye, in Turkish, which was a loan from the arabic "al Konstandiniyya"(= Constantine's City). The city's name was officially changed to "Istanbul" in 1925, as part of the secularizing legislations passed by Kemal Ataturk. Istanbul was more like a "folklore" name between the turkish population in the Ottoman empire. According to "legend", Mehmet asked some greek peasants(or greek officers that had defected to the ottoman side) where the city is, and the greeks pointed the direction, responding: "Εις τήν πόλιν"(Is tin polin= to/towards the city). Mehmet thought that was the actual name of the city ("Istinpolin"), but he mispelled it as "Istimbol/Istambol", so the name stayed.