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  1. BladeRy

    PSA: Free santa containers

    2 times 4 shitty camos. Yup, luck strikes again.
  2. BladeRy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery
  3. Yes, but it looks so plain and ugly. Never imagined how much i would miss Better Icons on carousel. Hence, old modpack :)
  4. Damn the carousel looks ugly without those nicer icons. Tried to copy files from old modpacks but couldnt find which ones they were. So i copied all 7.10.2 content into 7.11 folder...still works. Aslain, what files do we need to use the better icons carousel mod?
  5. BladeRy

    Port UI suggestion

    Here, i fixed that for you.
  6. BladeRy

    Remove Missouri radar

    And yet i dont complain that DDs have torps and smoke and BB has no defense against those. Same arguments were out when hydro was the new thing and how it ruined gameplay. People adapted to new gameplay and it was done with it. As for your complaint that i dont play DDs, well, you mostly play DDs, so your argument is more biased as mine then. Even more since i dont even play radar ships. As for why i dont play DDs, i dont like that gameplay. Don't have the patience to crap out torps every 90-120 seconds and just hide in the meantime.
  7. BladeRy

    Remove Missouri radar

    Bought it 14+ days ago and didnt spend a dime on her. Didn't play a single game on random with her. Check my stats, 0 games played with Mo. Bought it primarily since its going away. So you cant cry i use the hell of radar to spot DDs and therefore i am biased. I am not even printing money with her for gods sake. Back to radar. What radar does is remove your advantage of concealment that is the staple of DD gameplay. Doesn't cruiser radar do the same? Why not rage against them? Otherwise, the only reason Mo has the radar is for WG to make money. Without radar its just a Iowa with better credit income.
  8. BladeRy

    Remove Missouri radar

    Define skill? Shooting torps on the white line marker and hoping BB is too stupid to use WASD hax, or those players that can predict the BBs turn and send torps there ignoring the white line? There are always good and bad players on both DD and BB side. Some dont predict and some sail in a straight line. For gods sake, some people cant comprehend the concept of angling on the way to T10. Against a skillful BB player that pays attention to the map, has general area awareness and keeps tabs on ships spotted, changes speed and direction to throw off possible incoming torps, then yes, scoring hits takes skill. Managing to miss a BB that goes in a straight line with the Wall of Skill (Tm), and i managed to see that, kinda also takes some sort of skill. So it goes both ways, as i said before.
  9. BladeRy

    Remove Missouri radar

    BBs sailing the edge of the map and sniping, everyone complains. BBs forced into close combat (with radar or hydro for germans) to avoid sniping from 20km+, people complain. And to the OP. Funny that you complain about radar, when your most played ships are Fletcher and Gearing. 2 ships that get into matchmaking with, surprise surprise , a radar BB. Is radar bad? Yes. For DDs. (mostly) Is an invisible DD that is lurking 6-7km away from a BB bad. Yes. For the BB. Also didnt see you complain about DM radar. O yes, DM is your third most played ship. So how come one radar is good and other one is bad? I offer an alternative. Remove radar and hydro. Also remove all concealment from the game. Then a DD getting into torpedoing range would take some skill, well, mostly luck. :)
  10. BladeRy

    Remove / Disable Patches From 0.7.0?

    Of course we remove them, they are pointless. As people said before, the game has 100 things more important to fix/add, and this patches aren't even bottom 1000. I dont give a damn somebody worked hard on them, fix game mechanics first, then play with cosmetics. But this crap brings money, nice, dont care. Mod goes in, crap goes away. That simple.
  11. Yup, they went overboard with it. Its gonna be a DD overpopulation and BB players nightmare. But its really tedious to grind it out. Easier with a premium ship, but its not playing anymore, its hard grind.
  12. BladeRy

    Missions kill team play

    To be honest, they kinda do. Months ago there was a mission, shoot down xx number of planes. I played like a maniac, no carriers anywhere, took AA spec NC and i was chasing any spotter plane i could. That was desperation. In the end, when i was about to call it quits i wound up in a CV game. Wrote in global to enemy CV, i need xx plane kills for the mission, feed me planes and i let you sink me, driving direct north form a X line. He sent fighters, i killed them, mission done, turned AA off and let him torp me. Now, somebody will say i threw the game, i did this, i did that. Matter of fact is, this kind of missions DO kill game play, people will do anything to complete a mission. It took me upwards of 50 games to get one with a CV. I remember a mission to kill xx number of DDs, everyone was gunning for poor DDs, if he was spotted, he was fighting in the shade, due to the amount of shells coming his way. Anyone remember the arpeggio mission? I think it was to kill xx numbers of russian ships? Barely any RU ships around at that time. And with all the server doing the mission, doesn't matter if any better targets were around, RU ships at any angle were primary. It is frustrating as F when you need a few DD kills and someone else always takes the last shot, game after game after game. Its not fun, its a grind. Missions are not really that well thought out. And yes, before someone points it out, i know i could take a CV, get into a CV match with someone and kill planes there. I dont own a CV, i dont play CVs, i tried, didn't like it.
  13. BladeRy

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Entering also: Prize #1: Tirpitz Prize #2: Doubloons Prize #3: Doubloons Prize #4-5-6-7: Doubloons Ty
  14. The hell? So you think that noobs will learn angling and ammo types by watching other noobs that broadside all the time in all ships and shooting wrong ammo types opposed to someone who knows how to play and angles all the time. By watching better players they might get a clue, keyword "might". By watching other noobs they wont learn a damned thing. And even then, if by some luck they get their WR above 50% (with luck not skill), they will broadside against better players. So your team might get a noob that somehow managed to get through the crack in the system. Current system works fine, sadly. You get teamed with people that have 30-40% win rate and average dmg of barely 20-25k (but all premium ships in the port), but so does the other side. WR is 90% luck, you are just 1/12th of a team. I find more important is how much dmg people can do, meaning, they can actually hit something, and not get carried by the rest of the team as a freeloader or feed enemy team points.
  15. Found a few problems in latest version, these werent in 6.11. Lion hull A and i get all stats populated. On hull B the AA number and range is missing. When switching captains, my list is invisible. They are there when i hover my mouse over them. Without mods it works fine. Here is the log. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip