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  1. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    My client will not up date , keeps throwing up a error??
  2. Do you not think that more radar ships available from T8 up, will have a lasting impression on the game? You could see 3-4 radar ships on 1 team frequently in T8 games previous to the patch, more radar ships can only expand on that number.. Another issue is that the MM does not balance radars...
  3. You are not listening to my point at all.. and next time you get focused fired in a DD time it , you will find 10 seconds under fire from several ships is all it takes, quicker maybe if a BB gets a lucky pen..
  4. I can see you don't play DD's a lot .. most caps have rocks around the caps , take North for example. the radar ship sit behind the rock between B+C caps he can radar both caps from there. NOBODY can shoot him unless they have pushed at least halfway up the map.. I have no issue with this at all , i am prepared to bait his radar run then come back when it has run out .. My issue that i am raising is the proliferation of radar ships , to the point were there is always a radar of CD ready to be triggered , this totally nullifies the DD play.. they are forced back and if unlucky get caught by radar and focused until dead.. It only takes about 10 seconds of 2-3 ships shooting a DD to kill it .. There is no fun or point to playing a DD in that meta...
  5. Actually radar counters any Dd in its range , regardless of if it is smoked or not .. that is why radar ships sit behind caps and radar as soon as they see them contested.. If was simply to stop DD's smoking up offensively that would be much less of a impact..
  6. I do not play only DD's i play BB's and some cruisers.. I am not bringing this up to moan, there is generally no point people don't care unless it affects them personally.. I bring it up because it will have a impact on the game and i don't believe it will be a good one..
  7. LOl.. you the one spewing out the insults not me .. i think if anyone is beyond reasoned debate, that would be you ..:P
  8. Mate i really don't give a flying F*ck, if you hide your stats, your not annoying me in the least , i just find it funny that you deem to lecture people on how to play, when your too scared to show your own stats..
  9. I have played over 10,00 games, i was even a Beta tester.. I have seen the tide change a few times in this game from BB to DD and even cruisers.. I know how to dodge in a Dd and even bait radars and be ready to hide , But i can not do anything against 4 or more radars when even after i bait them another is ready to go.. If you hide your stats people will naturally assume your a bad player because if there good why hide them ?
  10. i dont come to the forums often , but thought this subject need to be addressed.. i am sorry if this thread has over loaded you radar...
  11. All this "how you should play" advice from a man with hidden stats ! :P
  12. What you say is true .. but .. don't forget DD is a class that should have a role, before the advent of so many radars, it was to contest caps and spot for your team .. What your now saying is that that role is gone and they have to run around the edges of the map and try to survive while looking for enemy DD's .. not a very fun and engaging role ..
  13. BeauNidl3 You claim i cant play a Dd against radar , but your stats are so bad you have hidden them ! LOL...
  14. Verblonde Just 3 radars ? that's beyond lucky games i have seen recently.. As i say i have seen up to 7 radars in one game .. It makes DD's all but unplayable..
  15. Riselotte I don't know if you noticed but as a Dd you nearly always get up tiered in games.. so you come up against higher tier radar ships all the time...