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  1. 2brutal4u

    Hall Of Fame or Shame

    It's a joke, those that play an absurd amount of battles get to the top, playing well is irrelevant. Play lots of battles like potato wins. It's not about being "best of the best" more like "most of the most"
  2. 2brutal4u

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Personally feel update is awful. Tried playing DD, used gearing and grozovoi both with AA builds , had a few decent games. But generally perma spotted by carriers and repeatedly attacked by them anywhere near a cap. Was enough to concentrate on previously with enemy dd's , radar etc . Trying to grab caps early in the game is pretty much impossible now. Much harder to play with any form of aggression. Cv's may only have one squad now , but they seem to deploy and move so damn fast now. The way they can seemingly continually strike you is also very concerning. Also been using Des Moines with a partial AA build , very inconsistent results regarding AA. Some games I kill a large number of planes others I kill nothing. Tried using AA sectors, haven't noticed any significant difference, and besides that its just seems another aspect to manage that adds chaos. I just want to focus on enemy ships , incoming torps and angling my ship , I don't want to worry about where my AA is focused. Decent cv players just seem to fly right through my flak, and can destroy me at leisure. Tried also to support nearby ships with AA , often 3-4 km from me and can do nothing to help. Aggressive play is very difficult and everyone seems to be playing so passively. Once you start to push or flank the ability to go back into concealment just isn't there as the cv's pretty much can keep you perma spotted. Starting to feel that as players get better with cv's this problem will get far worse as there is skill involved in avoiding flak but seems to be no skill involved with countering planes.
  3. 2brutal4u

    To the person who approved the CV changes...

    I think they are trying too hard to be innovative resulting in breaking things that were fairly ok generally. Just give us new maps and ships. Sure sometimes certain features/ships may require a rebalance. Forget all the other nonsense , like storms that just blur everything, arcade style game modes, etc etc.. Maybe they should get better customer feedback regarding what the players might actually want before they make significant changes to game play features..
  4. 2brutal4u

    Why all the fuss?

    I feel the rework only adds further to passive game play. Aggressive play is punished hard particularly for dd's who already had a lot to deal with. Situations where you can deploy crossfires or flank are even more difficult as teams seem to be forced to blob together. Trying to turn around a losing situation where your team loses a few ships early in the battle is also far harder now.
  5. 2brutal4u

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Des moines - "OP and best ship in game", perhaps if you owned and played it your comment would be more relevant. It's a decent ship don't get me wrong it's good at what it does but any tier x cruiser played to its strengths could also be considered OP.
  6. I stand corrected, seems you are able to demount upgrades unlimited for free atm. I assumed it was only a free demount. Seems fair and makes sense.
  7. Yea granted they may be free , but it would be nice to be able to remount/demount them to see what the exact differences are on various ships.
  8. 2brutal4u

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    Personally i would choose Torpedo Armament Expertise. Torps are your main role , so buffing them will help increase your damage output. Then next skill take concealment expert (4 points)
  9. 2brutal4u

    Server down every night for the last 3 days

    Problem still occurring. Server overload yet again tonight. This must be forth night in a row now.. Come on WG sort it out please. At least acknowledge the problem, make a statement and and rectify it. Don't mind if problem is a "one off " but its happening consistently now . Losing out on completing some of the missions and paying for premium that is worthless to me atm.
  10. 2brutal4u

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. thx
  11. 2brutal4u

    Russian destroyers concealment/HP

    Also bear in mind that once you get to tier 9 you have access to repair party consumable . This allows you to have far more effective hp during the course of a battle than any opposing dd's. Meanwhile the speed advantage you enjoy with the Kiev easily balances the slightly less hp you have compared to its same tier rivals. Also as said the guns are best in tier for accuracy and performance at range
  12. 2brutal4u

    Active player looking for a chill clan

    Hi, We're currently expanding, looking mainly for active players for CW. (Gale 1 currently) . We're laid back and play for fun. If you're interested feel free to contact for more info.
  13. Hi guys, Good to see some familiar faces .interested in applying for myself plus a friend.
  14. 2brutal4u

    WG against premium ammo?

    Premium ammo is a bad idea. Let skill not your wallet decide the battle outcome.
  15. 2brutal4u

    Server off line ?

    Same as lot of other folks , stuck in division, can't play. Would of at least been something if WG was to try to reboot their server to see if it clears the problem.