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  1. Dont worry Mr_greek, you cant save the day in this game like in WOT, the ships arent fast enough hehe so stats will be pretty useless here
  2. Nexeo

    I don't care if they will paint me pink

    i guess pink will be his new obsesion?
  3. Nexeo

    The w key.

    that is how i sail :p
  4. Nexeo

    Economy stealth nerf?

    you ran out of flags perhaps?
  5. Nexeo


    " destroyers can deploy torps.. but those cant sunk BattleShip!!" let me guess, you never read ONE single book about naval warfare in your life? that or you are indeed a throll
  6. ahhh comeon, they wont milk anyone dry, you have a choice, and yes i bought it. They would have to spend years to milk me dry, i know everyone dont have the money, but i believe that anyone is his own boss, and can change that if they really will, There isnt any warrented reason to rage at then just because of a pricetag, again you have a choice, do you allso rage over car prices? the price of milk? If thats the case, then maybe its time to get some income or a better job, remember, you are your own boss, nothing is impossible
  7. Nexeo

    OK, seriously now WG.

    seriously guys, if you can't afford it dont buy it, do you allso go down to the local car dealer and complain that the price is to high? no you dont, why should this be any diffrent? its simple math, can't afford = don't buy
  8. Nexeo

    Wrong ship pictures in port?

    When im in port, i see a stock Kongo but mine is upgraded, on the fuso it shows an upgraded, but i only have a stock fuso, i dont know if this is a bug or working as intended.
  9. Why do you keep attacking ppl with something so useless as their WOT rating in here? you might think you are a unikum, but its easy to become one, maybe this is all you have in life i dont know, but you need to stop attacking players, and come out from your moms basement, there is something other than playing computer out there. sure go look me up, i played wot for fun and relaxation, competition is something i do i real world, where i make money of it
  10. Nexeo

    4 days now stuck in port, no help

    and you did send in a ticket about it? i mean no one can see if you are stuck or not
  11. comparing arty and cv? why? lol it cant be compared.................. unless this is a throllpost
  12. Nexeo

    No more wipe: confirmed?!

    it wont be a week until a new thread about the same shows up again.....
  13. uhmm why? please explain further how that would be of any interest. allready now alot of ppl are not even using the mini map, and if you need to worry so much about colitions, you are sailing to close.
  14. Nexeo

    Kagero, now I'm mad.

    i hope so, this is a beta test after all
  15. Nexeo

    Kagero, now I'm mad.

    I dont have the kagero as i dont like the jap destroyer line due to the slow gun rotation so its hard to give any feedback on it, however my general feedback is that i feel ppl whine way to much, just look at all the nerf this topics, and that WG might cater to them and make a game that is centered around bad players, that refuse to learn anything new, because what they know they learnt from tanks, all this however dosnt make me mad, if i get mad at any game i walk away for some time, that was allso my point with my reply. regarding to the killjoy comment, am i really the only one that is tired of countless nerf this topics, its like ppl think they are so important that if they make a nerf post, it will happen...