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  1. karsun

    Texas in Premium Shop + Stars & Stripes camo

    It's something I am looking into. I hope to have it added permanently for sale for Doubloons in the foreseeable future of one-two updates, depending how it goes. So if you own the texas, you won't need to spend "new" money, if you'll have DBL spare. Have a nice weekend!
  2. karsun

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    Totally true. For this particular mission. Keep in mind there are a few chains this month, one for each week, and they will not have the same requirements. The request for having extremely general missions results in a boring situation in which the missions are either a xp/damage grind, or even worse - there is no skill-based stat that you can influence except time spent in game. With this chain we're attempting to create a small, one-week journey through tasks that require focus and skills. We hope that a month of these chains will deliver a complete experience satisfying everyone, at least for one week a month. On the other hand our loot containers satisfy the general need for cool stuff on a daily basis without forcing anyone to strongly focus on a class or tier, just play and enjoy the experience. Any way, we'll be monitoring the progression of everyone on the server to see if the missions aren't too easy or too hard, and we'll be reading your comments in the dedicated threads.
  3. karsun

    Why no camo for ARP ships?

    Together with the end of the ARP collaboration, the port will be gone, and there will be a different, more universal and user-friendly method of enabling non-vanilla (or if you prefer non-historical) content. Spoiler alert I guess? Although most of you probably saw that one coming. Also, no, can't share the exact details just now
  4. karsun

    Why no camo for ARP ships?

    This question was answered by some people in the thread really, but just to clarify, as there are 2 things worth noting about the ARP ships. We're working in collaboration with Arpeggio -Ars Nova- and the ships put into the game are from their universe. There is no reason to add on top, as that would not be ARP content any more, would it? Naturally, we'd love to bring in new camouflages and even charge credits for them, not just DBL, but that's not what this collaboration was designed for. Technical - the "glowing" parts of the ships are technically not just textures, at least not applied like other textures are. Impossible to "skin" that, as per the usual mechanic of applying camouflage to ships. We know from the beginning we won't be adding camouflages to them, so the "technical blocker" is only hypothetical, as it's working as intended to meet the initial design needs. And an additional note, there will be no more ARP ships available after this run of missions, so once you get / don't get these, they will become more and more unique over time, as we'll never bring these ships back (or at least , there is no plan on doing so). Our collaboration with the creators of the IP ends and we have no plans on extending it. So, go get them, and enjoy ships that future players who'll join WoWs in months and years to come will envy you. I personally still have quite a few of them to complete.
  5. karsun

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Hi guys (and girls). We reviewed the great amount of feedback you provided in regards to using a tier IX ship for the Takao mission. After doing so, we decided that it is actually a reasonable request, and changed the mission to include tiers 8-10, instead of 9-10. This is not something we'd usually do, but in this particular case we may have pushed the requirement a bit too far, especially considering this is the last run of ARP missions ever. We want everyone interested to have the 2 months to get the ships. All progress should have been kept. We hope you'll enjoy the change and now do your best to get the ship It's a lovely tier 8, we hope you'll enjoy it. Keep on rowing,
  6. karsun

    0.5.12 Update - Economy Changes Explained

    The entire economy underwent major changes in this update. Changes came to how you earn, as well as to battle-to-battle maintenance cost. We will be monitoring the stats and feedback closely. We hope that this is a good step in the direction of making the economy more easily understandable as well as more reflecting your performance in battle. We naturally hope these changes will be welcome and that it will be good foundation to continue building on. We understand that it won't be perfect at first, but don't worry, we wont' stop improving here.
  7. Yes. They are added. It could potentially be seen as unfair. That's true. But for the purpose of this event, we let you collect diamonds, to buy premium time for diamonds and even up your game on that field. You can buy a total of 11 days of premium time in this event for 50+100+150 diamonds, which is, even if you bought all 11 days less than 1/3 of the total you can earn. And that's not taking into account all the activities held by the community team in which you can earn more. And regarding AFKers / botters and cheaters. The first group (afkers / non-actives) is being punished regularly (first round of bans went out last month). We do not brag about, we don't make huge news articles about it, but it's in the works. And we'll continue doing this. The second group, people using aimbots and other cheats... I can just promise you we're devoting our time and resources into developing a solution. However, as said already before in various places - we cannot disclose anything before we actually execute the sanctions on said cheaters. And those will be harsh. If we reveled any information to you guys right now, we'd give a head's up what to look out for to the developers of said cheats, thus sorry, that's all the information we can disclose at the moment. And now - go get those diamonds!
  8. Regarding the missions for week 2 - don't worry, it is actually working as intended. However we'll take all the feedback into consideration for the next edition of the event in the future (if we will hold another one that is, can't confirm or deny anything). We'll also include such things in the future main announcements (if events requiring such announcements will take place). The 100.000 XP mission is RESET your progress , that's why it's a separate category (reset occurs every Monday). This means it's a really hard mission, which requires a ottal of 400.000 XP earned in 4 batches across 4 weeks. You cannot earn, let's say 200.000 in week 1 and score two completions of the mission. The "week 1", "week 2" and so on missions feed off of one database of player progress. This was put in place to reward players who would spend a lot of time playing in 1 or 2 weeks and then if there is a week they don't take part in. Some variables change (tier, type of ship), but if someone was active on other fields than just the one mentioned in the weekly mission - then they get some additional points the following week. Generally, it feels to be a more comfortable solution, doesn't it? We hope that this mechanic will be appreciated, especially by more casual players, and we'll be gathering your feedback on it. We'll compare tihs to previous project's mechanic of only missions that reset and we'll see what we'll do in the future based on that And don't worry, nobody will get any diamonds taken away, especially if they got spent already. This would not be cool on our side.
  9. karsun

    Ev1n on regional Q&A July 2015

    I have no idea I can't read his mind. However, I can guess that he's looking for some more entertainment.
  10. karsun

    Ev1n on regional Q&A July 2015

    Hi there, Ev1n has sailed to deeper waters. You might see his comments popping up here or there, but generally he's put in shackles and crafting a better future for World of Warships in Sunny Minsk ™. We are aware that you guys want more QnA sessions and believe me, we've been trying to find time to deliver you more cool information on the future of the game. The topic resurfaces every now and then, I'd say not less often than once every 2 weeks on meetings. Usually it's the community team members who come around and harass me to provide them with answers. For now we settled on running QnA sessions with Tuccy through the community team who relay questions from active streamers. I'll poke him to maybe provide more details about this initiative to the general public However, we'd love to come up with a better solution that would satisfy your needs for information and fit within our schedules. Also - we've been working hard recently to bring you the Grand Naval Battles event, which consumed all our coffee reserves during the past weeks. For now I'd encourage you to sign up, enjoy the rewards and wait for more info on the contributor QnA's. Row out!
  11. Hello there, my dear fishies, Just a small clarification as I see the topic is growing in size (and there are a few similar topics on the forums - feel free to spread the word to them if you wish): As stated in the news article , you receive two ships with their respective captains in one of the mission chains. The UI in the game may not be perfectly readable in this regard, but believe me, it works as in the article. It's a mental note I'll make that it's not perfectly clear what each stage's reward is. Thanks for that feedback. Both missions are working at the same time - it's just that 100 kills grant very little progress per kill on the bar, but when you mouse-over them, you can clearly see the progress is being tracked. Same goes for battles in which you'd deal very little damage. It has already been answered, but yes - you can use ARP captains interchangeably between ships. It being blasphemy is a different issue. Regarding why the missions are not the same as Asia and the process of crafting them: This is a very complex decision that involved a lot of data and different goals. Basically we created a different goal for EU and I'm glad I see so many positive comments about the shape of the missions. For what you see in EU - the goals we created for you take into account various things such as average battle duration, survivability time, average damage, average hits. All this filtered by ship classes and tiers, even going down to individual performance exceptions. Naturally you can't please everyone, and we decided to aim to satisfy as many players as possible. Once that information is gathered (that's a lot of excel sheets, believe me) - we match those with earlier set goals we'd like to put before you guys and see what happens. The missions are not random, they are doable. They are basically math. They are crafted to last for 2 months, but give a chance to people who'd casually play for the duration, as well as dedicated gamers who'd make a sit-down with World of Warships for a week of truly hardcore-ship-sinking (not recommended). We will review the results of these missions when they'll be approaching to an end and craft the next set of missions based on the new data we gather. I hope this was a satisfactory answer for everyone and that you'll enjoy these missions. Feedback will be gathered from the forums by my beloved community team, even if I don't reply to this thread any more ;)
  12. Commanders! With Update 0.5.3 we’ve both introduced new Commander Skills, as well as extensively rebalanced almost all existing ones. One of the most notable changes here are the caliber limitations for Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training and Expert Marksman – these will now only affect main caliber guns up to 139mm. On the other hand, BFT and AFT now affect all secondary artillery regardless of caliber. This change affects many cruisers in the game, indirectly nerfing them. Now, there are a few reasons for doing this. While most of these ships were not statistically overpowered, the skills in their previous form allowed experienced players to greatly overachieve while playing them. They also made these ships incredibly easy to play in comparison to others’ in the same tier region and while we do understand that this generally made them quite fun, it also caused a high degree of overpopulation. The skill-enforced caliber divide between lighter (up to 155mm) and heavier (over 155mm) cruiser armament was never intended by us and was clearly sending a wrong message that the former are clearly better ships within the gameplay structures of World of Warships. All of the above would not be good for the game in the long run, so we’ve taken the opportunity to change them along with many other skills in this rebalance. In some cases AFT also caused abnormalities where it interfaced with the other mechanics of the game. For example, Aurora simply can’t use this perk to its full extent, because her guns cannot physically fire that far. On the other hand we have ships like Mogami, which could then fire much further with their lower caliber than with their higher caliber guns. Most of the affected ships will not underperform without the aid of these skills in 0.5.3 – they will just lose a part of the error margin that made them so overly popular (mostly in the form of additional range from AFT). On the other hand, some few ships were almost exclusively reliant on those skills to function properly – meaning that we initially didn’t balance them too well (sorry!). Mikhail Kutuzov is one such ship and it will be buffed to compensate for the loss of these skills. We will naturally also be monitoring the situation of other ships affected and when/if necessary introduce changes based on statistical data we are collecting. We also added some new perks which affect ships’ secondary armaments as well as torpedoes. We are aiming at increasing the skill-dependency of those systems by providing an active element of gameplay that is somewhat better than the passive one in the right hands. They will require you to adapt your play style to make efficient use of them, but if you do then they should provide your ship with better performance. We know that these perks will likely not be perfect in their initial form, but we believe they are good and interesting enough to give them to the community and see what happens. Your feedback and the gathered statistics will decide their fate, as they usually do. Also, due to the extent of the changes to the system, all players will get a free skill points reset for their commanders. You will be able to redistribute them once, after you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourselves with all the changes. Generally speaking, we are aiming at bringing more choices for players to tweak their gameplay with each ship and class and to create more viable builds and play styles. To that end we will continue releasing new commander skills and consumables, as well as constantly balancing existing ones to fit future game modes and mechanics. We hope you’ll enjoy most of the changes and new stuff and whether you do or don’t – please give us feedback! Even if I happen not to reply to your comments later on, have no doubt, I will be returning to the section to read what you've got to say. Action Stations!
  13. karsun

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Following up on the message by MrConway. The patch altered game files that needed modifying for the purpose of delivering new content. This luckily did break some aim modifications, even though the patch itself was not designed to disable them. However, we are aware of the issue and plan on addressing it as soon as we can with a permanent solution. What exactly will that solution be, cannot be disclosed at the moment. I know, nobody wants to read that kind of statement, but we do not want the aim mod creators to have a head start. For now, all we can say is that we plan to sink that pirate practice, as it’s influencing the user experience for all the good fish in the sea.