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    I don't think that they can take something from you if you've already bought it. I think the only time they did this was the Steven Seagal captain (although that was unlocked rather than bought) - I don't know if that was changed to John Doe.
  2. Operation Ultimate Frontier - the Unbiased Poll

    It's a scenario where in a random team everyone needs to have an idea of what they should be doing. I've been in battles where with a Nagato and Scharnhorst on the team neither goes to the NE to take out the Atlanta and help with the Dallas(?) that spawns beforehand. I've been in a Neuve De Julio and had to go to the north to deal with them both - by the time I've done that I'm at low health and I can't get to the repair in time (yes, I do have a heal but not all damage can be repaired). Iv'e also been in battles where a BB reverses into the harbour at the start of the battle and won't leave. They claimed that it would be a good position 'for the final battle', They did the lowest damage of everyone. As others have posted if the enemy ships don;t get focus fired on they just overwhelm you.
  3. I just played my Shimakaze on the EU server and there was a supercontainer available to be collected at the containers screen. This was after a loss. There was no message in the battle results but there was a notification in the Notifications tab (from the list of reports i.e. the exclamation mark (!) in the bottom right hand side of the screen). I got 50 Red Dragon flags.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this I would have them used (and lost) otherwise.
  5. Buccaneer-Invader

    I can assure you that this is to do with the Education System in the UK and also many people just ''texting' each other as their main means of communication. I finished high school in Australia in 1976 so I presume the change to the system happened after that - but then I don't 'text'. P.S. English starts with a capital 'E'.
  6. This is nonsens

    There are time that a combination of MM, map/spawn location and ship all conspire to mean "I'm in deep trouble" and it's just a matter of time before the battle ends. I've had games where I'm the sole BB in battle (in a Colorado) and I am the only ship to spawn on a flank. It takes a good part of the game to slowly sail towards the other flank but I was spotted and pummeled to death.
  7. Tirpitz or Roma

    Bismark has hydro while Tirpitz has torps. I have both the Roma and Tirpitz - if I had to choose one it would be the Tirpitz mainly as a captain trainer. However, eventually there will be an Italian line but the Gulio Cesar is there for that. Your alternate of Scharnhorst and Lenningrad. If you don't have enough dubloons for both then maybe just the Scharnhorst (I play that more regularly than the Tirpitz mainly as it's more mobile).
  8. The ping has been fine for me (around 34) but someone in a recent game was claiming 1K so I can't imagine how bad that would be.
  9. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    Only if they retain the Marblehead in the port.....
  10. What is it with the Fuso ?

    From what I recall of the Fuso it's advantage was it's gun range. With the way that most BBs play (sniping from the back) then the range would be maintained by the players.
  11. Operation Last Frontier

    I played this operation to death yesterday (with randoms) and the results were indeed random. We did manage to get all 5 stars at one point so all the planets must have aligned. I did find that later in the day the sole BB just went into the harbour and did not leave it. I did ask them to move out and support but they claimed they needed to be there 'for later in the battle'. Needless to say we missed the fire support and team did not do well. They did finish at the bottom of the team list as well. While the AIs focus fire is OK they continue to fire on the same target regardless of how many targets get very close to them.
  12. Mission reset?

    As others have posted it's a known bug although I think it usually happens after a while in-game and not when starting a session (assuming you shut down the game between sessions). It happened again to me the other day and I also thought for a short while 'yippee' but then I twigged what had happened.
  13. Advice on Yamamoto Mission 2

    I've forgotten which mission it is but I'm just doing the credit earning mission (14 times?) rather than any of the others - I'll get there eventually!

    I'm sure most players have gone pink at some stage it; just the frequency of being in that state that is different. I still see cruisers at T7 fire torps from the second or third line - some players will never learn. One game last week someone fired at least two sets of torps one torp hit me in a DD (they went pink) and other two or three hit another CA at which point they started to take damage. I'm fairly sure they typed in chat "why are players damaging me" when the damage done was their own torps hitting a team mate.
  15. While a free XP DD does sounds very nice - how about a fee XP CV to come out with the CV re-work.... No, I don't play CVs (I did try them in the beta but decided I did not like the play style).