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  1. I'm not sure if that has happened today but the servers have not been the best today. I've had several DCs and been lucky enough to get back into the game quite fast (one was in the middle of a game and the other was at the start). I did check once back in-game and players on both teams confirmed that they've had problems today. That Shimakaze may have had that problem (although for both Shimakazes to be at the bottom looks like they both had bad days).
  2. Well, this is the opposite of a Greatest Gaming moment except that I didn't spit the dummy out. T7 game on Neighbours in my Gremy. There is only one DD (me). I managed to cap B with some support fire from the team who severely damaged a Budyonny and chased them off the cap. Then the rest of the team ran off to C with only one BB staying behind to help defend B from the enemy who had capped A. C was held up by the enemy Belfast whom they eventually destroyed. The team then went into the corner and we lost. Seriously that is worse than losing in a Co-Op game with players vs AI (and not players and AI vs AI).
  3. Maybe some islands for everyone to hide behind...
  4. While DDs can have an influence on the game (capping, spotting etc) if the enemy CV player puts a plane over the cap it makes the job of the DD so much harder as the only option is to smoke up (I try to not do so as it removes me as a spotter). Also as more ships get radar (or the equivalent) it also makes DD play harder (not that I want it easy) especially when on some ships the detection works up to 10km away.
  5. Earlier today I had a DC in the middle of a battle and was able to get back into the battle inside a minute. I've just had a battle today and when the battle started I had a black screen and then was returned to the log on screen. On return (immediately) I could see from the battle load screen that there were four or five others on our team who had no connected yet. I did ask in chat if they had a DC and both teams had a number of players in that position. So beware and get ready to reconnect.
  6. Thanks - it's never happened to me before. In the 'Get Ready for Pan-Asia I've just completed the 3rd part (win 5 battles) yet the screen shows I'm on stage 1 or 4..... Edited: Getting out of the game (and the client) worked. I didn't just try closing the game and not the launcher.
  7. I've just finished playing a battle and found that I have five challenges and four events (there were only two events before the battle started). It's reset the challenges for the Guilio Cesar and Kii (for instance) - they're back to 0/30.
  8. While that does seem to happen in a majority of games I still get into battles where there is an odd number of DDs per team and even only one DD in the game (not on the team I was on). MM really does take some getting used to at times.
  9. I find that when DDs immediately 'smoke up' in the cap and ask for support to be very annoying. The only time I will smoke up is when I've been spotted and am targeted by multiple (4 or more) enemy ships and I want to 'bug out' and avoid more damage.
  10. The OP should upload a replay so everyone ca see what happened.
  11. Do you still get the 10 point captain? Just in case someone has not managed to get that far yet - I had to check and I've managed that.
  12. Even trying to restrict players to only ships for the tiers they've unlocked would not result in unskilled players being in the wrong type of ship. If someone has unlocked T7 in a BB would you want them to buy a premium T7 CV or a T7 DD? Even restricting them to a class would not work as an IJN DD plays differently than a US or Soviet gunboat style of DD. Lack of skill does not stop a player unlocking a TX ship through grinding all the ships that lead up to it - it just takes them longer.
  13. I thought Black Friday was the 24th which is still a week away.
  14. It's when the potatoes on one team are less co-ordinated than the other team that is the problem. Some teams could be out fought in a co-op battle.
  15. Surely, you mean espresso, lasagne and gnoccchi? :)