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  1. TK punishment

    I'm happy with the current system. Just the other day an already pink Shimakaze let rip a salvo of torps into my Harekaze - I only took a small amount of damage and the rest was reflected back to the Shimakaze and they sunk immediately. It was my fault, of course (not). I saw the Shimakaze (we were both in a cap) and did not fire torps because I did not know which way they may turn - clearly they weren't paying attention and deservedly was sunk. I'm fairly sure we won that battle anyway.
  2. The Language Barrier in game.

    When playing DDs it's nice to have some support to shoot at what you spot. Quite often there will be enemy DDs around (especially at caps) and if they have support and you don't your game may be short (not all DDs are that stealthy).
  3. The Language Barrier in game.

    At the start of most Domination battles I try and ask 'which caps' and suggest two caps - a number of players respond with 'all caps', other times there is a few minutes of players spamming the 'good luck and fair seas' types of messages and sometimes there is a brief series of messages either confirming which 2 caps to go for before some sort of concensus emerges - then players go for the caps they want anyway.....
  4. The Language Barrier in game.

    If you keep it simple at least in a Domination game it should not be that hard to get co-ordination. So, where there are 3 caps - A&B, B&C or where there are 4 caps A&B, B&C, C&D are fairly simple commands. I don't know how more complex commands could be issued or understood. From my experience some players ignore even the simplest discussions at the start of the game.
  5. How does the Pan-Asia Weekend Challenge work?

    While it's not a great challenge or very rewarding if you have a number of Pan-Asian ships (I have the Fushun, Anshan (from a container), LoYang and HungHe (from a container)) it's not that hard to achieve and 'every little bit helps' and with the 200% XP bonus this weekend it's a bit more of a boost.
  6. Team Communication

    Well, it's not just on the weekend this happens and it's not just DDs that do that (ignore the talk at the start to which caps). Last week there was a division of Italian Cruisers in a T8 game that decided to go to A as a group while the DDs had gone to B and C (as per chat). Well, two of the cruisers were sunk fairly soon and the Tirpitz did not do very well at all either. The only thing that was different was that I did not see any complaints from them so maybe they realized that they'd messed up. During the week in another T8 game, this time a domination game on Two Brothers, there were 2 Tirpitz in a division (both were in the same clan) who did not move form the cap for about 5 minutes until they decided to sail down the middle. At that stage we had pushed the enemy back on one flank (we had dealt with one DD and the other one was mauled so they were being cautious) but on the other the enemy did not advance. The result was that the two Tirpitz did not last very long when they emerged to cap the enemy spawn base. We lost of course.
  7. Pink name bug

    There should be less chance to do team damage in a CV due to the 'top down' view of the map that is used for play. Most team damage is caused by players not noticing there are friendlies nearby because they are 'zoomed in'. Some players, out of principal, will not use damage control when they've been hit by friendly fire that has caused flooding or fire damage. Although it may not be convenient to use damage control if they are under fire from enemies firing HE or DDs nearby. Maybe, if the offender apologized in-game then they would repair (if possible).
  8. FML

    I agree with Verblonde - the lack of high point captain (19 point) at TX can make a big difference.
  9. Schrödinger's ship

    Servers playing up again? Feed the hamsters more.

    I did buy the Aigle on the first day. However with the container I got in-game (with the 'daily missions') I had the Bretagne mission in the first day's container and the Lyon in the 3rd days's container. It is bad if the collection cannot be completed without either buying the Aigle and/or buying containers.
  11. Ridiculous accounts

    Clearly whomever was using the account is 'special'. If it is testing it means they've gimped a battle for some players using a top tier - they should have done this in Co-Op (still affects some players) or in a test game. if it's someone's child being set free with a WG account then whomever allowed the account to be used should be dealt with. if it's an account from a games convention today may be interesting (if what the OP posted happened today).
  12. Ridiculous accounts

    Except that the stats don't show any co-op games. I checked ranked and team battles and there were no battles either. So, are these numbers wrong?
  13. Ridiculous accounts

    You may want to remove the link to the player's profile as I'm sure it falls under 'naming and shaming' - although it's probably deserved. Edited: Turin7 just beat me to it... It would be nice to know how a player can get some TXs with so few games. Can you be given ships by Clan members?
  14. 35 thousand players on Sunday.

    I've ha done of 'those days' where after 13 battles I have WR of 15.38%.... It was one of those days where the teams did just not want to win. Most of them were not even close.
  15. 35 thousand players on Sunday.

    I would think that the chance to win a premium T6 DD may attract some players.