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  1. BrusilovX

    Torpedo hits bug

    Post a replay. Also if you have it show all of the battle results screens (as they wont show in the replay).
  2. BrusilovX

    FREE Commander Retraining and Respeccing

    I think around that time there were 'server hamster issues' which restricted the time for the re-specification even further.
  3. BrusilovX

    Just ONE day of Narai. What the F?

    I'd like to know when Dunkirk (T7 DDs plus the T8 DD Cossack) and Cherry Blossum (T8 cruiser) are going back in the rotation. I know Cherry Blossum had a couple of AI CVs but there are other operations with CVs back in the rotation.
  4. BrusilovX

    Chat ban first game

    Players won't read it - although some might. It always seems to be "I didn't do nuffing"...
  5. BrusilovX

    Continous chat bans

    Read the post immediately above this post where I answered the same question you raised previously - I even quoted your post so you should have seen that there was a reply. If you can't be bothered to read there isn't much anyone can do for you.
  6. BrusilovX

    Continous chat bans

    You can either raise a ticket with support to find out what the ban is for or you can send a PM to one of the admins - (I found out who they were from sending a PM to a moderator who was able to tell me who to contact and they knew which admins were on leave).
  7. BrusilovX

    coal ships, dilemma, trilemma or more

    If you're not sure of which ship you want I'd suggest hanging onto the coal for a while. If ships are going to be removed then we will get notice of that and you can spend the coal then. I recently bought the Marceau and still have 176K of coal left - the only ships I could have gotten was Salem (I have the DM) and the Yoshino. I was hanging onto the coal and using the coupon for the purchase of the Marceau I figured it would not take too long to get the coal for any ship that was going to be released. Also keep in mind that some steel ships have been withdrawn and may come back as coal ships. I'm not sure which ones they are though.
  8. BrusilovX

    Help with first premium ship.

    Could not agree more with the suggestion of the Cossack - it's a decent DD. The only downside is the one set of torps but as a RN DD you can single fire them. The only DD I like more at the tier is the HSF Harekaze - it's not on sale although if you ever see it available I'd suggest spending some money on it (it was available again for a short period a while ago so it may re-appear at some stage).
  9. Players who did not participate int he beta and had 'n' battles in a period of time have 0% chance to get the Arkansas Beta as it was a reward ship for doing so (not just new players). I won't mention the reward ship for the players who were in the alpha.
  10. BrusilovX

    Bonus Code

    There was times that even the 'old' WoT was no fun. I remember once taking a Tiger II down to a one shot (I think I was in a one lower tier heavy but I had reduced it from about half health) and the player did a DC which denied me the kill (this was fixed after a while).
  11. BrusilovX

    Bonus Code

    I played WoT from the closed beta but stopped several years ago for various reasons ('gold' ammo, the sheer volume of greifing etc etc). I watch YouTube clips (Claus Kellerman mainly) and I can honestly say I don't miss it.
  12. I remember playing the Arkansas B a number of months ago (it was probably for the snowflake event) for the first time after the CV rework and selecting AA sector and being shown a message that there was no AA.
  13. BrusilovX

    California in Shop

    The term 'port Queen' comes to mind. I guess if I buy some Xmas boxes I may get this ship in one of them.
  14. BrusilovX

    Marceau oui ou non?

    The German BB line is usually my 'go to' for secondary missions (unless the mission is not German BBs).
  15. BrusilovX

    Marceau oui ou non?

    I've been 'grinding' the Kiev for it seems like a year or so and I believe as the concealment is so bad I don't spec concealment expert on it.