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  1. BrusilovX

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    Some players just 'zoom in' and fire torps from the second line. I took a couple of torps in an IJN DD yesterday when after capping I moved to get out of the area - a 'friendly' cruiser decided it was time to send torps against a target well out of their torp range. If it's really obvious that it was done on purpose (i.e. they were firing at you before or were directing comments at you) then I'd suggest raising a ticket with support and give the times the incidents happened (so they can concentrate on what happened in-game). I've had DD players try and boss our team (I think they were trying to get a cruiser or BB to spot for them) and end up chasing an torping team-mates rather than fight the enemy.
  2. BrusilovX

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    There has been a few occasions where I've finished a battle and rather than be returned to port I've been shown the log in screen and been able to immediately log back in.
  3. BrusilovX

    Legendary Upgrades

    The Yamato LM is supposed to be worth mounting while the Shimakaze one is not. My Shimakaze LM remains in my inventory.
  4. BrusilovX

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    I agree with that. I use a laptop too. I also use mods. In the past I've had the screen get stuck in the 'battle loading' screen and have killed the task using the task manager and managed to get back into the game. I think on my old laptop I had to do a hard reboot once or twice. I still use mods but have not had this lock up for many months. I've worked in a tech support role in another forum (I was part of a mod team for RTR and Roma Surrectum mods which used Rome Total War as a engine) and you'd be amazed at how little information players think they need to provide. We always asked for a DxDiag and full details of any error messages that were displayed (some errors were trapped). Now-a-days there are ping plotters and other tools to help diagnose problems. Even Event Viewer can be helpful. We did find that there were quite a few players out there using cracked copies of Windows or the R;TW game - we simply refused to help such players. I've been working in IT since 1980 and have used PCs from 1989. While i know a lot about them there is always something new that can cause problems,
  5. BrusilovX

    Clan misbehaviour

    If you suspect that something has happened in-game then the best thing to do is to send a replay along with the times you think something may have happened (to help the viewers see what you think was wrong) to customer support via a ticket and let them deal with it, I've been in click parties with three divisions from BFS and we use Discord but don't give away any information if we're not on the same team. In fact I delight in torping my clan mates especially if they've been silly enough to sit still in a smoke screen. From the chat everyone seems to enjoy such games.
  6. BrusilovX

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    I was in the closed beta of WoT and was briefly a supertester on the EU server (there were leaks from the RU server which resulted in WG limiting their exposure by only allowing supertesters on the RU server - I'm sure there is some logic to that but it eludes me). I wasn't happy with the gold ammo as it reduced the effect of armour - the old "press '2' for skill"... What got me in the end was the endless trolling and team damage. The toxicity of the player base was something else. An M6 on our team decides that the thing to do is continually shoot my TOG II. I did the right thing by not shooting back until they turned blue (even though I wanted to) Two light tanks on our team decide it's best to shoot a heavy rather than play a battle - I did retaliate i this one though. Our top tier IS-3 decides to shoot and troll a French TD (I did swear at them for heading to the back of the map). I've been playing WoWS since the beta. There are times that I've had to take a break from the game as there always seems to be missions to grind and sometimes that needs a 'breather' from.
  7. BrusilovX

    WARNING- dont buy LONDON

    I managed to play the Heavy Cruisers (admittedly in co-op) and found them OK - the armour is decent when angled and the heal is powerful. The reload is a bit sluggish but that is to be expected. I bought the London and again have only played it in co-op but it's helping me get those citadels in the event going on at the moment.
  8. BrusilovX

    10 random containers just appeared in my port

    I looked for them in the news yesterday but could not see them through all the other important news items (i.e. last chance to gamble to get a UK cruiser etc). Thanks for posting though.
  9. BrusilovX

    Ctrl + G

    Le me guess - "Go to the edge of the map"? A QoL thing for most BB players (and others)......
  10. BrusilovX

    How can you earn 1380 royal tokens for free? (answered)

    The thread should stay as I'm sure others will have the same question (I think there's another thread on the same topic but the poster removed all details). Sometimes things are not always obvious!
  11. Some of the commanders like Theodore E Chandler (and Hood) are not 'special' in that while historical figure they don't have any 'boosted' skills.
  12. BrusilovX

    Bugs in Operations

    It will come back with the implementation of the glorious Soviet CV line and the CV will be the Lexingtongrad with Mig-17 jets, homing torpedoes and stealth bombers (and guided anti-ship missiles with a range of 50km) - also invisible unless you bump into it.......
  13. BrusilovX

    Petition to Keep Narai

    No, you are wrong the 'advanced Excel macros' will prove that they all need a buff - which will then mirror the (alleged) opinion on the RU server.
  14. BrusilovX

    Bugs in Operations

    The way this is going there will soon be no operations to play. The WG spreadsheet will then be right in that 'no-one plays operations any more'........
  15. BrusilovX

    Is fire prevention skill worth it ?

    With so many HE spammers in-game now it's a useful skill for a BB to have.