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  1. BrusilovX

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    Radar going through islands (yes, I know it's not going to change). More maps - even if they are mirror ones (the side you start on does not matter)
  2. BrusilovX

    RL for Destroyers.

    I think a lot depends on the speed of the turrets. I did not use it on my Shimakaze but so many times enemy DDs were popping up in range and my guns would take ages to be able to fire at the target. I swapped it around a few months ago and I like it. On DDs with fast turret traverse it's less important to me.
  3. BrusilovX


    It's been accepted but it does not seem to do anything unless it's a mission?
  4. I stopped playing WoT many years ago (I kept the game up-to-date for a while to buy premium time which could be used on WoWS). 1) Gold ammo (or credit ammo) which meant heavy tanks weren't heavy tanks any more 2) Toxic playerbase (I had too many game where a 'team mate' just shot me all game) 3) Lies by WG - the pre-order tanks which were never ever to be offered again were put on sale then withdrawn after 24 hours. They are now available again. Why sell something on it'x exclusivity and then ignore that. I'd include the bit about changing the MM for the 'protected MM premium tanks' but I stopped playing long beforehand and I think WG understood the unhappy playerbase - but that probably just means they will do this later on.
  5. BrusilovX

    This is cheating right?

    There is a lot to understand in this game. YouTube can be very useful. I watch quite a few but iChaseGaming does some decent tutorials (some even get updated): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDzvim_rx7l59Mv0xT-RNOA Also Notser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-c1d4QVKztu8_3f8VqMtKw NoZoupForYou: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwOCYzq23DV9JGpziuVhxzA Mejash: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZ25zYeNWAR-LLXVbq4WTg
  6. BrusilovX

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    The problem when you ask the rest of the team (and maybe the enemy team) to report a player or players for whatever is that they may not have seen what you want them reported for. Team members may not have even noticed what that player did in-game to that point. As far as DDs go the enemy team may have had no clue where the DDs were - they could have been actively spotting but never used their guns and any torpedo salvos may have simply not been spotted. I've had games in a DD when I've capped, spotted and done everything that a DD should do but at one stage escaped behind an island. At which point one of my team mates spots me then asks the whole team team to report me because I was hiding behind an island. Usually players who ask the other team to report a player get a report themselves. This could be abused to ask people to report players who are active and contributing to the team effort. It could be seen as bullying.and can easily be used for the wrong reason.
  7. BrusilovX

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    None worked for me either. I may have claimed some of them before though. Thanks for posting anyway
  8. BrusilovX

    LU advice.

    That's according to WG. However, there are some existing missions (Gold Rush on (Tirpitz/Asashio/Atago), Vanguard and Dreadnaught) that don't have expiry dates.
  9. Post a battle replay to illustrate what you say is happening. Someone may be able to point out what could be causing the interest in you. As others have stated a CA is an easy target, it could be that your health pool is low (and easier to take out the battle) or have you said something to the enemy team that has resulted in the interest to take you out?
  10. BrusilovX

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Still works - thanks for posting
  11. BrusilovX

    PSA: Free santa containers

    2 x 50 Zulu flags
  12. BrusilovX

    Important question

    It depends in which hemisphere you're in. But in the Northern Hemisphere it is here....
  13. BrusilovX

    atago b. keep or sell?

    Hasn't happened yet. What's worse is that I never took it into a single battle so I can't claim it back....
  14. BrusilovX

    Ops war gaming but thank you

    I thought it was quite clear when they show the 'number available for you' in the red box in the top right hand corner