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  1. BrusilovX

    Magic torpedos Coop play

    I've seen torps in-game that seem to have infinite range. I've never been hit by one to find out if they are phantoms or not.
  2. BrusilovX

    superships service cost

    Getting only 110K damage is quite low to be honest.
  3. BrusilovX

    Help me decide :).

    When has WG lied to us? LOL Alzheimer's helps with that :)
  4. BrusilovX

    Game takes long to render match.

    I spoke too soon - in-game the News and Armoury are all messed up today and don't display.. I guess I miss out on today's free gift form the armoury.
  5. No problems here in Cork (Ireland).
  6. BrusilovX

    Game takes long to render match.

    Yes, that has happened to me in the past but not at the moment. You're not missing much apart from the chance to spend money.
  7. BrusilovX

    Game takes long to render match.

    I've not seen any delays. As an experiment try dropping the graphics down to see if that has any affect.
  8. The player base tests when the changes are rolled out to the live server and the players have been the QC for a very long time.
  9. BrusilovX

    the new swedish voice over is wrong

    I was going to suggest a Jingles influence but have been beaten to it by others.
  10. BrusilovX

    There is a serious bug in the Black Event pack

    I disagree - the players are WG's quality control.
  11. BrusilovX

    USS Black is Back

    For me the biggest problem with the DWTs is that they are useless against other DDs - so you''re slightly compromised in DD on DD action.
  12. BrusilovX

    Port music

    The first thing I do in games is to either mute or turn down to minimal in-game music. I am playing Lawrence of Arabia in the background though on my Blu-Ray player.
  13. BrusilovX

    New Coal ships??

    I have her already - I think it was my first Steel purchase.
  14. BrusilovX

    New Coal ships??

    I'm sitting on 864K coal at the moment so I'm looking for some new coal ships too.
  15. BrusilovX

    What's the rationale behind -1 / + 1 match making?

    I've seen a T29 (the top tier in the battle) in a platoon with two tier 1 tanks All they did was get the tier 1 vehicles to keep firing at the T29 all battle and the T29 did not even bother to move (apart from swivel it's turret - there was no mission at the time either). Mind you I've also been in battles where a light platoon just decided to shoot me all battle. Then there is the classic "let's shoot the TOG II":