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  1. BrusilovX

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    I use Aslain's mod pack and I've not been banned - just been in the game as well. While I've read many posts like the OPs on various forums over the years it is possible that a 'false positive' has been triggered (this has happened before in other games). However, in that situation, I'd expect more players to have been banned for the same reason although the 'ban wave' may just be starting or it's some other software on the PC that is not part of the game install. The only thing for the OP to do is to raise a ticket with Customer Support but has already been stated in this thread that they won't give details of what triggered the ban (because hackers then know what to try and hide). Edited: I've not received any email warning.
  2. BrusilovX

    Report system needs rework

    I presume that if a player continually clicks on the map or repeatedly issued map commands then they may be reported for a chat violation although nothing will stop players pinging the map (if they haven't been destroyed yet). I don't for one minute suggest that the OP was doing either of these. The problem is that WG think that the automated system is sufficient. I think many regard it is not (players abusing it for 'reasons').
  3. I'm not sure exactly how long after the 'CV Patch' was released that I heard or read about the planes not spotting torps. anymore. I think it was probably on one of the YouTube videos I've watched since then.
  4. BrusilovX

    PSA: 1 Day premium code: WOTVALENTANK

    Thanks - just entered it and got the premium time added.
  5. BrusilovX

    Matchmaker is always +2

    I've been in battles recently in a T8 BB and there were no T9 BBs but three or four TX BBs. The only other T8 ship in the game was the enemy BB. No, I don't claim that happens more than once in a blue moon but it does leave a mark......
  6. BrusilovX

    miliards of XP and even more of them?

    Except in WoT there is no easily obtained completely trained crew skill in that each crewman is trained seperatley and each can have is it 5 skills and each higher skill gained took an exponential amount of XP to unlock. The single crew in WoWS that is limited to Level 19 is a lot simpler than the WoT model. I must admit that I liked the ability to make a 'silver' vehicle elite and then put a part of the XP into training though. It was possible to not have large amounts of XP tied up on each vehicle and it did not need gold/dubloons to move it. Edited: I think the lowest skilled crewman gained the XP from the battle.
  7. BrusilovX

    idea for next wofws

    1. Range is relative. If the range is reduced players will still be 'at the back camping'. The only way to 'get up close and personal' would be prior to gunpowder. 2. Lighting as an effect would be OK. I doubt that the game engine let alone the players would handle the 5-6 metre waves. 3. As others have posted crew members would be few above board (AA members) and most would be wearing some sort of 'flash' gear. Having people on board may mean the game would have a higher rating which could hit the player base. In the port would be OK. 4. Make it an option rather than compulsory. Well, WG have the basic of a WWI game already - just need more ships to 'flesh out' the lower tiers. Don't forget that is just a movie. I presume no matter how graphic the violence is it pales in comparison to reality.
  8. BrusilovX

    Flag to remove risk of mag detonation, is it only 99%

    So, you're struggling to understand the difference between 100% and 99%? I'll give you a hint - 100% means it (detonation) will definitely not happen while 99% means there is a slim chance that it will I never mentioned competitively and neither had you until this point. In competitive battle (ranked or clan wars) then it's compulsory.
  9. BrusilovX

    Flag to remove risk of mag detonation, is it only 99%

    So a DD would not detonate? Personally, I only run them on high tier DDs or one's that will be shot at a lot (so, mainly not IJN DDs).
  10. BrusilovX

    Flag to remove risk of mag detonation, is it only 99%

    Otherwise it' use would be compulsory.
  11. BrusilovX

    Operations - Newport baswe defence - an nightmare !

    I think it's more the CV change in 0.8.0 rather than anything else.
  12. BrusilovX

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Such a ship does not appeal to be good for WG sales and I don't mean that it has to be OP to sell. Maybe, later after it gets a buff but the that would, probably, mean less sales. At least at the moment this ship doesn't look like they want to nerf it after a long time.
  13. BrusilovX

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Look on the bright side - at least you can save something on the full price... :) I'm still not tempted by it though.
  14. BrusilovX

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    I see the price at £35.07 which is discounted from £35.67. Needless to say - I'm not tempted.
  15. BrusilovX

    Weekend Event - Flying the Flags.

    It's one of those 'contests' where you need to go to a web page and click on 'participate'. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/flying-the-flag/