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  1. CYCLONE do you like them?

    I don't like them in a DD as I've lost my stealth. I presume that fir BBs they can be bad if your guns are not facing the correct direction (if you're not hiding in a corner somewhere).
  2. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    I have both the Nelson and Musashi. I know the Musashi has bad AA but at the moment there aren't that many CVs around which helps. If CVs ever return in numbers it may make the Musashi and expensive dock ornament. I do love her guns though. There is nothing wrong with the Nelson though. I am still slowly grinding the BB lines and having a crew trainer and extra credits helps.
  3. When I first started to play there were a number of games where our team lost to the BOTs. The first game I had in my Musashi (co-op) our team lost - mainly because the BOT CV was better than our CV player (who wasn't a BOT).
  4. destoyer players stop whining so much

    This is what happens when you don't sleep for a week or more...
  5. Whats goin on WG Disconnection problem!!??

    I noticed that on the map of the world of the data centres there are several in Western Australia in the middle of no-where. I doubt that there is any population to serve nearby either.
  6. The problem is that it's not only British BBs that are firing HE in the wring situation - it's become worse than that as a lot of BB players are resorting to HE rather than fire AP. Is that hard to understand?
  7. Why we need a proper system for manual reports

    I'd suggest removing the link to the replay as it will be taken as 'naming and shaming' - I know from having done the same in the no so recent past. I do agree that such players should be shamed and banned but that's not how this forum (or many others) works.
  8. Not everyone shoots HE in a BB. The other day I think in my Nagato I was fighting a similar tiered USN BB and we were the last two ships afloat and their team were ahead on points. They were bow on to me and I was slightly angled firing AP into the superstructure and doing OK by it. Some helpful wag on the team (in a New York) told me to fire HE and to not show my broadside (we were still approaching each other at about 6kms at that point and I was not doing that - I was not doing so). I ignored them and continued to fire AP doing decent damage in the superstructure and it was only as we passed each other that the broadsides were exposed and I lowered my guns). I did a turn after we passed and fired into the stern of the ship and destroyed it.
  9. Submarines.

    I have a reference for the Hosho. This is from the book "The Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific War" by Mark E. Stille. Apparently, it's an edited and expanded compilation of several Osprey books. "The IJN's first carrier was not the first ship to be designed as a carrier from the keel up, as if often stated. Hosho was laid down as a mixed seaplane carrier/aircraft carrier employing both seaplanes and deck-launched aircraft. The ship was modified during construction and was completed as a full-deck aircraft carrier based on a light cruiser hull."
  10. DD play at T6 and above is now broken ...

    Well, the Harekaze with my Akizuki captain has a detection range of 5.4km so that out spots the Akikuzi. The Asashio with my Shimakaze captain also has a detection range of 5.4km but I'd prefer to not be spotted by anything (I do contest caps in her).
  11. Counter the radar!

    As others have already posted in this thread - if radar/hydro did not penetrate islands (at least ones taller than a ship - although as ships vary in height it may be too complex to limit the height of the ship) then a lot of these problems would be reduced. A CA at the moment can simply park behind an island near the cap and switch the radar on to light everything up. I presume a limitation of detectability to LoS would work. Radar would be able to detect DDs outside of their normal detection zone. If the number of radar capable ships was limited (I know that's never going to happen) then the radar use would be limited to an extent. With the current games the sheer number of radar ships mean that it's very hard for DDs to approach a cap and especially if your team is unwilling to support you. When I play DDs I don't usually sit in smoke - the only time I may do this is when the enemy CV has parked a flight of planes overhead and is unwilling to move them (it does happen). I'll also try and avoid using smoke to get out of detection as I know that means I lose visibility on the enemy ships which doesn't help the team target them.
  12. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    Only available for gold no doubt.
  13. Moderation Fail

    As has already been suggested a PM to the moderator would be the way to go forward with this. I've yet to see any forum that does not frown upon a public discussion on moderation.
  14. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    Well, if they won't prevent radar or hydro from going through islands let us fire our torpedoes through islands as well. Yes, I know it's never going to happen....
  15. DD play at T6 and above is now broken ...

    I agree that DD play, especially IJN DD play (or any DD that relies on stealth), has had to change recently due to the increase in the number of radar ships in a game. This may be a temporary increase with the number of players in USA cruisers but I'd expect there to be an overall increase in the number due to the split and the buff to the Indianapolis. I've been in a number of games recently where I've asked in chat 'apart from me, who doesn't have radar'? A number of times the answer has been no..... As has been mentioned in this thread and in other threads if radar could not penetrate islands then it would be easier to play as at least then the radar ship could be hit by ships on our side including the DD firing torps at the ship doing the radar (but that is not going to happen). It's not as if the match maker evens out the radar ships to each team. So, if you get in a game where there are only a few radars it's possible for them to all be on one side (either the side you're on or the enemy team).