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  1. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Update 5.5 delay

    I tried it did not help. But now I re-started launcher with seeding off and speed is 3MB as it should be. Seems re-starting helped (or maybe WG fixed on their side at same time when I clicked) Thanx for help
  2. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Update 5.5 delay

    Update downloads so slow, only 100 KB/s
  3. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    What is the IP of the test server?

    I would like to use my PingPlotter so can anyone tell me what IP should I enter?
  4. Great video, +1 and I subscribed on YouTube.
  5. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Are we gonna get free gold?

    I know, but this was not question about account unification, but about getting gold on beta test accounts. Yes, how can we test premium ships if we have no goldz. That's why some gold would come handy.
  6. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Are we gonna get free gold?

    During WoT beta test we were getting 250 gold each day from WarGaming for testing purposes. Are we gonna get any gold(or what is it called) here?
  7. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Why doesn't this forum use pages?

    Thanx from me too.
  8. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Where is NDA?

    Oh, [edited] , I just found that you dropped NDA, so change the e-mail you are sending to people. EDIT: Ninjad, fenks guys
  9. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Where is NDA?

    When I tried to access NDA page at http://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/docs/nda/ as provided in email sent to me to actually read what I signed I get Error 404: NDA not found. Plox help.