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  1. Oh the horror. YOu need to move five inches and you are impossible to hit.. oh god noooooo. Seriously if you think that is a "skill" than we live in different worlds. In my world moving a bit here and there in smoke is common sense. As for evading them.. yea good luck evading someethign thats faster than you. Of course this is a rather situational topic but most of the times they will just smoke where they can keep you under fire for the whole duration of the smoke or even further. Why did WG give the ONE AND ONLY BB radar.. because they wanted to make it unique? And yes if you are already plannign ahead and anticitape the torps hydro helps a great amount. As i said its for confirmation and not prevention. If you are blindly sailing around hydro wont save you. And close do i need to get to have a real effect with my secondaries? Crawl up knee deep into your arsehole? Because as it stands thats what i need to do to have more than 5k damage with them. ANd if brought up main armaments.. DDs should fuckign decide what is it for them. Torps or guns? Because if one them is rather good and effective.. give up on the other (lokking at those [edited]OP usn dds that are better torp boats than ijn ones)
  2. *Edited Point 1: We both know damn well that if you dont anticipate torps from everywhere every time hydro aint gonna save you from it. At most you will take 1-2 less torps that will only prolong your pain and suffering for a little more. Unless those torps wouldnt have killed you anyway because the first you took already killed you. Point 2: And what counters does smoke have? Hmmmm.. blindly firing torps into them... only 2 bbs can do it... yea great chances... firing blindly... yea once every 30 or so seconds with god awfull [edited]rng or.. radar.. which only 1 bb have. KM bbs have hydr but their range is so pathetic that you will either die by the time you get in range or you will be so badly damaged you wont live long to kill the little [edited] sitting in the smoke. Point 3: What advantages do they have again? Strong armor design that protects them FROM OTHER BBS. And yea they can also start trying to act like usefull with their increased secondary range. Dont you [edited]say secondaries are usefull. They are not.. they are for show only. When you need a god awfull long time to even start looking like something barely usefull dont you god damn [edited]say they are good. When after 10 minutes of intense firing i have a 30/600 hit ratio with 1 fire dont you [edited]dare to say they are worth anything. Now of course if i could just tell my secondaries to open fire to that smoke thats in range... IF ONLY WE HAD AN OPTION LIKE THIS. But sadly Mr. *Edited in his dd would be so mad that a ship that has weapons can actually use them. Secondaries are laughably bad. They have (for most of them) god awfull short ranges, for some *Edited reason they keep firing at the bloody moon even when their target is painting mustaches on their faces and they also aim for the worst parts of the ship. Combine their *Edited-tier acc with their low fire chances (the only thing ppl use them for) and you can see that they are there only for "historical accuracy" And this is not for KM BBs only. Its for secondaries in general. When killing a pitiful dd with 2 dozen cruiser caliber guns will take less than 6 minutes than we can talk about them being usefull.. *Edited
  3. "And yea if you think that spotting torps at 3.5 km is going to be any better if you dont already anticipate them than you are very Edited wrong" You are either blind, ignore what i write Edited [edited]. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  4. I dont think smoke can be used without map awareness and skill.. in know its exactly like that. Smoke is deffensive tool. It should have never been the be-all end--al tool for everything... pushing, stopping any kind of game progress, defending.. you name it. You can use smoke for it. And im definetly against the idea that you should be able to just safely sit inside your fancy little smoke and fire at targets that at 13+ km away from you. Thats [edited] boring gameplay that kills even the slightest option that the enemy can retaliate against you. And yea if you think that spotting torps at 3.5 km is going to be any better if you dont already anticipate them than you are very fuckign wrong. Hydro is only for confirmation not prevention. As for the 4.4 ship range. Its laughably bad at tier 8. Where the avg torps range is about 10 km. As for german bbs .. yea their main guns are unreliably crap.. and so are their secondaries. IF (and thats a big if) specing for seondaries would be any effective i could agree why km bbs have bad main gun dispersion but as long as i have a 30/600 hit ration over 10 minutes with full secondary build dont you [edited]dare to tell me that secondaries are effective. When this number reaches 300/600 than we can start talking.
  5. Dont ask for exact numbers when discussing such things. The most the person can say is a rough estimate that will be overshadowed by the whiny crowd of cruiser and dd players. As for the hydro on KM bbs. They are not the be-all end-all tool that everyone assumes it is. Im only so far at this Bismarck so i can only talk about that. With that in mind 4.4 KM ship detection range is nowhere near enough to commit to a hard push. Its a suicidal range. Keep in mind i dont remember what the range was before its nerf but 4.4 was an overkill. You cant use this hydro (exept for some rare circumstanes) to actively push because you are already seen by other ships and thus the campers in the smoke can still perfeectly fire at you without being dangered. As a side note regarding smoke. I like tha fact that WG is changing it. Its a sign that they know its problematic and players dont like how its working. However i dont think what they are planning to do with it is going to change mutch. The idea that smoke should be something used deffensively is a good idea but it still wont prevent long range camping in smoke to spew HE 24/7 (looking at you kutuzov players). IMO smoke would need a major overhaul regarding its use. One such idea is that smoke should reduce your overall vision range. Mutch like how cyclone does. But im just throwing ideas about it.
  6. Thanks for the info. Yea i know that their dimensions are smaller of the aformentioned car but the weigth is somewhat correct.
  7. I dont want simlator-like realism. But the game mechanics can reflect the reality to a very god degree. And why are you so mutch against my idea of "big [edited][edited]thing hits tiny fragile thing.... tiny fragile thing gets broken beyond repair". Its not a degree of realism that can not be achieved in the game. In fact it already was but because of whiney bitches like you it got taken out.
  8. It doesnt matter if you stagger them. If they dont hit it again its pointless to do so anyway. And thats not even taking into account that the target might just used its repair so its even more pointless to do so. And please if i hit a dd gun mount with a yamato shell i want it so that only 1 of those Volkswagen Beetle sized shells is enough to break your feeble little equipment.
  9. I never said i never cursed when my Gun turret got destroyed.. but at least it made the game all the more interesting because you could turn around fights based on this tactic. It was something that needed to be accounted for.
  10. Aren't you the whiney little [edited]? But let me guess.. you think its okay for you in your fancy dd to be permnently invisible and dev strike everything the crosses you because "muh torpedos hurrr durr". And you think its perfectly fine in your little cruiser to have 100% accuracy and 100% fire chance because how dare someone play a bb. Edited. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  11. To be fair i would mutch rather like if torpedos were used for the flooding and not the raw damage they are dealing. They could implement a similar system what fire has.. you know multile places that can be set on fire.. but with flooding. Of course damages need to be adjusted but i would mutch rather like it that way than what we have going on now. Torps in ceratin cases are far too mutch of an "i win instantly" weapon rather than something that bleeds you out. My overall problem is that the TTK (Time To KIll) is goign between the 2 far extremes.. Something is either indestructible (for various reasons).. or dies instantly. And thats what i would like to see change.
  12. Not really since WG changed how this works. It used to be like this: module took a big enough hit-----its permanently destroyed. Now it works like this: Module took a big enough hit---temporarly disabled--needs another hit like tthat within the next 10(or so) seconds to permanetly destroy the module. Now i dont know which game you are playing but i dont see bbs having 10 seconds reload speed. Basicly they took out the chance for a module to be destroyed by 1 good hit. Now you need to land at least 2 good hits. And knowing that cruiser ap shels simply arent big enough it wasnt really effecting them. It was however a major nerf to bb ap shells. Not only do you need 2 god damn hits for it ( good luck with all that crap rng going around) but most of the time you cant even freakign reload before the module gets repaired and you are back to square one. Well i didnt explain it in depths but i have said on many posts and many all-chat discussions that i wouldnt mind a raw dmg nerf to cit dmg. Of course if the bb gets compensated for it. But yea basicly what you said now. As for this. HE shells dont usually have the penetration to cause damage to internal modules when fired at highly armored targets but they do burn out secondaries and aa mounts pretty well already. So in this regard they are functioning just fine i would say. As for the flamu video.. yea thats exactly my problem. Why do i need to land 2 yamato shells (main battery) on a pesky dd gun mount to destroy it? Got my point?
  13. I think you misunderstood what i wrote. You might be a functional analphabet. But let me elaborate. I dont want that AP overpen does 4k instead of the damage it does now. No i want AP to also have considerable secondary effect just like torps and HE have. I want that if a big caliber AP shell hits a module it can be knocked out for good in that match. So AP has another value other than the big raw citadel dmg that you might not ven be able to land for whatever reason. I want that AP hits have an impact other than instatly killing you. I want that a well landed AP hit on your superstructure causes you real problem other than "oh thank god i only lost 1k hp". I want that when an AP shell hits the right spot it causes you real problems. Not just a nimiscule unimportant negligable amount of damage.
  14. Did you even read my post? And it still didnt sunk did it? And while yes this it may did not sunk but im sure as hell its unfit for combat at this point. Also you didnt read through the whole post because if you did you would know what i reffered to.
  15. The system is already in place. Modular dmg is already happening to various effects but it doesnt feel like it has enough impact on the game. And the fact that wg removed (or at the very least made it near impossible) to permanently disable modules on ships is more than annoying. And i wasnt talking about overpens. I was directly making a reference to the 0 dmg (usually you get a normal pen marker on the UI) hits. That usually means to me that i have hit a module on the ship but in reality i just wasted that shell. Also the overpen (as a whole mechanic needs an overhaul imo). I mean if we take strictly only overpens why does it take around a dozen shells to sink a t10 dd with yamato for exmple. If we assume its not all hit on the same place after 12 hits on any dd we would have a "we have more holes the ship left" sitation. But thast beside my original idea of damaging modules. Furthermore. If i hit and penetrate (even overpen) a ship below the waterline with AP why cant it cause flooding. I mean it is a damn big "simple hole" on your hull. (and now im talking about bb caliber AP rounds). So yea AP lacks any sort of secondary effect. And ap shells cant even burst dds as wg have removed their citadel ares so thats out of question. Meanwhile a shattering 0 dmg dealing HE shells can set my ship on fire when it hit a 100% metal surface where there is nothing near that could be set on fire (funnels in most cases for example or the very end of the bow of the yamato) So imo giving ap meaningfull secondary effects is a totaly reasonable thing to ask for. Regarding this. It doesnt need to explode to render what it hits useless. I think if a one and half tonn solid shell hits something as fragile as torp launchers and gun mounts (dd or ca equipment) its enough to cause rather serious mechanical problems to it. It doesnt need to explode it into teeny tiny little bits. Its enough if it breaks the thing in half simply and there you go its already beyond repair. And AP only deals so mutch dmg because there are a lot of BBs running around shooting other bbs which means the number will go up rather high as farming damage on bbs is easy as hell. It would be best if we could look at how mutch of that damage is done to bbs by other bbs and how mutch damage are cas doing to bbs by fire etc. SO i wouldnt take any chart of this sort as representative information. On a side note: others have already pointed out rather ridiculous flaws with how toprs are working in the game but im sure you have also read them. So dont even bring that up please.