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  1. Preditor599

    Ranked Battles

    So far after 7 games, I've found there is more communication but it doesn't really lead to many wins. Had too many matches where the cruisers rush ahead of their BBs, we can only do 25 knots at best, and get wrecked before their BBs can get into effective firing range. Still trying to get to rank 24. Win one, loose one. That seems to be how it's going for me right now. Still, I like the concept.
  2. Preditor599


    Yeah, I agree. Loved my Nagato, really enjoyed playing it. Amagi... Hmmm, struggling with it. As you say, armour is crap and has made me far to passive in it. I survive most of my battles but don't do very much damage. It all looked so good on paper. But to the OP, as ppl have said, she is a brawler, you want to try and get close to your enemy, at least that's what worked for me.
  3. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    My two latest videos... Also, I'd like to start a new series on my channel, where I feature great replays from you guys. So, if you'd like to have your gameplay featured, details and e-mail address are in the Atago video. Just send me the replay file, along with some screen shots of the results. More of a chit-chat video My best Atago game to date As always, any feedback is always welcome
  4. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    So, I've been away for a few days but now that I'm back, time to update this thread with all the videos you may have missed. Hope you Enjoy
  5. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    So after reaching 100 subs on Friday, and this video being my channels 100th video, we had to do something special. So here it is, a special video in a mystery ship that's totally not the Tirpitz
  6. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Just hit 100 subs on my YouTube channel. Thank you so much to everyone who subbed, really appreciate it. Also, here's today's video, pretty decent battle in the lovely Iowa
  7. Preditor599

    Firing over low obstacles

    Hmmm, interesting. I've also noticed that issue from time to time. The last time my guns shot the island instead, my guns were definitely still tracking the target, just reviewed the video evidence But it may have lost tracking on previous occassions. Maybe I need to try it with the auto-tracking turned off
  8. Preditor599

    Firing over low obstacles

    From my experience, it is a bit buggy though at times. Sometimes my crosshair just touches the obstacle and the game shoots there instead, even though my shell arc can clearly clear said obstacle. Can be frustrating at times
  9. Preditor599

    Talking about the Tirpitz (With Gameplay)

    As far as I know, the Devs have said it will come before patch 0.4.1 and is supposed to arrive in late August, so any day now. They haven't said anything saying the timeframe has changed, only saying that the delay in 0.4.1 won't affect its release date.
  10. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    Woops, forgot to update this. WALL OF VIDEOS INCOMING!!! As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated
  11. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    Another wall of my lastest videos, because you know, updating this thread regularly is hard Enjoy
  12. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    Another two videos for you guys, just in time for the weekend. The first has an unlikely win in the Fuso, I was so sure I was dead. And next we have my first look at the Nagato Battleship. As bad as some people say? Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend sending people to the bottom of the ocean!
  13. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    Another wall of videos for y'all. Enjoy! As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  14. Preditor599

    Shameless YT Promotion:)

    My very first match in the North Carolina Battleship since I lost it after the CBT wipe. Not the greatest, took some time to readjust to the guns but wanted to share this special moment. Iowa, here I come.