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  1. DkySven

    Sunk ships.

    Destroyed ships half floating around and ships only partially sinking until they hit the bottom would really ad to the atmosphere, I really want to see that happening.
  2. DkySven

    capture base at the harbours

    Yes, there would be enough tactics possible for other ships that battleships using smokescreens, speed and visibility range to their advantage. It would at least look more like real naval battles if we can fight it out on the open ocean. Besides, in naval strategy, the goal is not to capture a certain area as you do with land battles, but destroy the opponent's sea power or harass his supply lines. So in light of that I like schrapnel_bait's idea of making the destruction of the other fleet the goal. You do need a point system, otherwise you get draws all the time when the last ship can't be caught before the timer runs out. If we get open sea maps and the destruction of fleets as the goal, we get a lot closer to real naval battles and WoWs moves away from WoT and towards its own identity.
  3. Don't worry, they are coming, just as the tier IX. Wargaming is not finished adding new ships to the tree for a long time. Take a look over here for what is known about which ship will be added: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/437-what-we-know-about-ships-updated-18032015/
  4. DkySven

    capture base at the harbours

    I would also like to see at least one open sea map, seeing how most sea battles actually took place in open sea.
  5. DkySven

    Independent main turrets.

    A button to lock your turrets into position would be nice at least, so you can maybe turn around your A and B turrets to shoot at a target ahead of you. Imagine the battle taking place to your port side, one target crosses your bow and you fire wt them with the A and B turret. At the same time your Y and Z turrets go all the way around to starboard side uselessly and afterwards they have to turn back to port where the fight was going on. being able to fix turrets in place would be really useful then.
  6. DkySven

    Will the game run on Linux? (mint 17.1)

    At the moment I play World of Warships, just like World of Tanks, using Wine on my Arch Linux installation. My only two problems are Big Race being completely black except for the UI and the invisible mouse cursor hitting the screen edge when you try to pan around. For the latter, you can just press the right mouse button and move the visible cursor back to the middle. I use no wrapper though, I messed around with the installation myself, so maybe the wrapper for Mint they linked makes it work completely. In WoT I never had any problems whatsoever.
  7. That's a very interesting read! Well found. It shows how important it is to have control of the air or sea in the Channel. The Germans were doomed to be cut off.
  8. DkySven

    Avenger Class Escort Carrier

    Very nice ships. I would really like to see these in-game. I like how minimalistic they are; just a deck and a tower. Of course, having only 14 planes and only a few aa guns would might make it difficult to make it not too weak in surface battle. It was a anti submarine weapon after all. But maybe the Avenger class can be a nice premium ship.
  9. For those who read Dutch. marineschepen.nl has here a very nice article on the possible replacement of the M-frigates (also known as the Karel Doorman class) the Dutch Navy currently still operates. For those who can't, I'll go ahead and make a quick summary in English. While the Holland class OPV were partly meant to replace these frigates, they lack an anti-submarine capability. Other ships of the Dutch Navy, like the Zeven Provinciën class frigates also lack this capability, so the Netherlands will need new frigates if they want to retain this when the M-frigates will eventually be taken out of service. Its replacement is supposed to be commissioned in 2023. At the moment, the project is still a preliminary study, but this November, a model was released: In short, the ship for now is planned to be 145 meter long and have a crew of 120. Because the other modern frigates of the RNLN currently have as specialisation air defence and command, this frigate class will have a specialisation in ASW as mentioned earlier, and maybe anti mine capabilities as well. The weapons of the ship will consist of the 76 mm Oto Melare, also in use on other Dutch ships, 16 missile cells and 4 tubes for Harpoon ship killing rockets. Of course machine guns are also mounted and one Goalkeeper CIWS is placed on the hanger. What is interesting, is that the ship is also planned to have three USV: armed drones for on the sea. It looks very interesting to me, but as marineschepen.nl writes, not that revolutionary when compared to the American Zumwalt-class. Still, it would make a nice addition to the navy, although much can change between now and its planned commission in 2023.
  10. Matevz96, on 10 November 2013 - 01:54 PM, said: Since this is supply ship I don't expect much firepower, but as far as I see there is some weapon in front, do you know what is it? It's a Goalkeeper, the Dutch CIWS system. It's a system you use as a last resort against incoming munition. My guess is, that if there ever will be a situation in which the Karel Doorman is the subject of missile attacks or a naval battle, it won't be alone. The Dutch Navy has Air Defence and Command frigates with the Zeven Provinciën class, they can provide an anti-missile shield for it. As the Goalkeeper only works at a short range, it is the only one of the layered defence navies employ against missile and bomb threats, that actually needs to be on the ship itself. Missiles to shoot something down can be launcher from an escorting ship. By the way, here it is with the HNLMS Amsterdam next to it:
  11. Oh, it also wasn't my intention to be harsh in my response. My discussion style is going in hard with lots of words. I don't mind a bit of a rough discussion. I can agree with you that the decision making process on where to spend the money is not very good at the moment.
  12. zamaszysty, on 05 November 2013 - 02:48 PM, said: Huh? With the white paint it does not look military at all. More like some exploration or science ship rather than anything that could be used in combat or as a support. Except beeing able to land chinook helicopters, would it be armed at all? I can't spot any guns at all on the render. Here is its Wikipedia page. It is a supply ship. Meaning it meets warships on sea to give them new fuel and other supplies and it is not supposed to fight. Shade1982, on 05 November 2013 - 07:03 PM, said: 'Luckily'? Seriously? NATO may have a need for ships like this, but we certainly don't. I can think of dozens of other defence departments in very dire need of funds, which they are now not getting, just to fund unrealistic projects like this. Do you know how many ships are already operating on skeleton crew? Do you know why these budget cuts are no longer necessary? Because of the sheer amount of military which have already left the service voluntary, because of idiotic decisions like this. . Although I am all for state-of-the-art tech, and considering my area of expertise, this seems like a hell of a workplace. But right now, this does seem like another shining example of mismanagement and incorrect prioritising of resources... If there is any idiotic decision, its the one to buy the F-35. That expensive plane is supposedly worth its money because it is able to kick in the door of a country with modern air defences, something the Netherlands will probably never do. This is a decision taking valuable parts of the defence budget. At the same time, the Dutch Navy already lost a lot of its capability to operate independently when the Orion patrol planes were sold to Germany. With the HNLMS Amsterdam being decommissioned in the near future, the Navy would soon be without a supply ship and even more crippled. In my humble opinion the Netherlands needs first and foremost a strong Navy. The Netherlands takes a lot of its wealth from sea borne trade. I would love to have a strong Air Force and Army as well, but if the people, through the parliament, decide that they only give so much money for defence, you have to make hard decisions. The Navy needs this ship and with the M-class frigates being replaced by the smaller Holland class patrol vessels, I have yet to see an article on the Navy not having enough men to man all their ships. For those who speak Dutch, the website Marineschepen has a nice article on these points as well: http://marineschepen...iskoop-jss.html Of course the website is biased towards the Navy, but they raise some good points.
  13. The Netherlands was set to receive a new supply ship to replace the old HNLMS Amsterdam in the Karel Doorman: Very big ship, able to support even the big Chinook helicopters of the Air Force and very much needed in NATO where there is a shortage of supply ships. The base of the ship was just towed from its docks in Romania to Den Helder to be completed when the Dutch government decided to sell it as part of more budget cuts on defence.However, they luckily came back on a few of the cuts and the Karel Doorman will be put into service after all: http://www.defensein...ort-ship-06113/ Maybe with less crew or in cooperation with other European countries, but still, I am very glad to see this ship is not going away.
  14. DkySven

    Zheng He

    A very interesting and often forgotten part of history! It's a shame China eventually decided to turn inwards and stop these expeditions.
  15. DkySven

    Drawings of famous warships.

    The thread about the De Ruyter earlier made me remember I once when I was a bit younger found a scale modelling magazine from 1982 with drawings of the ship in it: I even started building a 1:500 model from it, but I never got any further than the AA-deck and the rudimentary shape of the tower(and a tiny little recon plane):