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  1. Being a Supertester for WoWS occasionally gives you the possibility to test new ships on the live servers. A legendary ship, one of the first US casualties during that nations participation in WWII, the USS Arizona battleship is currently being tested on the live servers, and it has become one of my "Go to" ships, when I want a ship with durability. I even took it out in Ranked battles, and as this battle shows, it was a wise choice. The battle went badly, all the way to the last 4-5 minutes, with the team far behind in point, even though the team fought valiantly and smart. Yet still we managed to turn it around in the last 5 minutes, to make it a win. Will the Arizona be a ship in my port, upon release ? You bet, definitely buying this premium ship. Result of the battle : 4 ships sunk 116917 damage dealt, 565609 credits earned 9510 XP earned First Blood achievement Dreadnought achievement High Caliber achievement Confederate achievement And a nice warm feeling in the belly after a great fun battle, which could have gone both ways. (note to staff : Publishing permission from Vadim in Minsk : You can post this video after July 1st 0700 MSK)
  2. Why no Asia or KR servers ? Data is available through the API for those too.
  3. Being in Europe and playing on the Asia server means at times I'll be playing during low population hours. In those cases battles might end up with 4v4 or similar, due to the limited amount of players online at that time. This happened with my Tirpitz battle, a 4 versus 4 Domination mode battle on the Hotspot map. Spawning alone at base A, while the other 3 on the team spawned together at base C, meant that it would be an interesting battle, at least for me. A late load-in due to being the first battle I played in the session, meant that the HE had almost loaded, when I entered the game, so my first volley on an Izumo at 18 km range "just" did 2.9K damage with the 5 shells that landed taking out 3 secondary guns,, and damaging another secondary gun and an AA gun. Then the fun began in earnest - An Atago coming for me, supported by a sneaky Fubuki with 15 km range type 90 torpedos - 4 salvos with 3 citadel hits took care of the Atago, then a lot of torp dodging, including a torp going under the stern between the screws and the rudder - thank god the torps were contact fused and not proximity fused, or my Tirpitz would have met the same fate as the Bismarck, its sistership - stuck rudder and no steering. ;) An Iowa then turned up dealing a lot of damage to me, but getting a surprise in the form of a full citadel hit for 21K damage, followed by a torp hit for 9.7K damage, followed by another citadel hit for the remaining 14K health she had.. Yep, the Tirpitz is fun, and with its mobility and good guns + the torps, it can be a nasty opponent to deal with. In total, the battle ended up with over 108K damage dealt, 2 kills, a High Caliber award (hitting 4 or more targets for at least 30 % of the total HP in that team), 500K+ credits earned, and a staggering 5592 XP earned, considering there were only 4 targets in total. The sheer funfactor of the Tirpitz makes it a no-brainer : A must-have ship. Highly recommended. Get it in the Giftshop if you can - You won't regret it. As usual, available in 1080P HD for the full gory details, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end of the video. p.s (NDA on videos for the Tirpitz has been lifted - Message received on skype 07:08 UTC from the WoWS producers meeting in Vienna)
  4. If you managed to play during the first Rock-Paper-Scissors event during the Closed Beta phase, you might remember the infographics which was posted after that open for all event. The St. Louis tier 3 USN Cruiser, affectionately called "The Gun Porcupine" due to the amount of guns and thus amount of steel it could hurl towards targets, was the most played cruiser during that event. A lot of things has happened since those days, nerfs, buffs and changes in shell effects, but make no mistake - the St. Louis is still the "Gun Porcupine" which can hurl a lot of pain towards targets. Just remember to use the appropriate ammunition depending on target, range, aspect etc, and you will be the terror of the enemy. This battle ended up with 5 kills, including the newly introduced Mikasa IJN battleship, and other protected cruisers like the St. Louis and the Aurora. A total of 3123 XP earned, with over 80.000 HP of damage dealt - Don't discount the St. Louis, if you face it - its rate of fire and 203 mm guns is a force to reckon with, even after the changes made since the Rock-Paper-Scissors weekend. As usual, avaliable in 1080p HD for the full gory details, and includes the complete after battle report at the end.
  5. If you were an Alphatester, you received the Iwaki Alpha as a reward, if you qualified for the amount of battles needed, when World of Warships went into the Closed Beta phase. The Iwaki Alpha is a Tier 4 cruiser, a planned deriative of the Tenryu class of IJN Light cruisers, which have the ability to use smokescreens (although of a shorter duration than Destroyers), a decent range on its guns, 2 set of torpedolaunchers, firing 4 torps each with a range of 10 km, and fair selfprotection AA capability for its tier. It was never actually built, but the several of the design decisions in the plans, was used in the Kuma class of light cruisers. It excels as a Destroyer hunter, and due to its 10 km range torpedos, is also a high threat for other cruisers and battleships. Its one of the ships in the game, I am happy to keep, both for the e-peen of showing that I was in the Alphatest, as well as its ability and funfactor in play. This battle, ended up with 5 kills, including a battleship, 2 destroyers, and 2 cruisers, with a total of 3824 XP earned, and over 80.000 hp damage dealt. Pretty good for a tier 4 cruiser. As usual, available in 1080p HD for the full gory details, and includes the full After Battle Report at the end.
  6. Not having played much since OBT began, due to moving and other stuff interferring with time to play, I finally got time to play after my trip to Gamescom. The Gremyaschy, or as I call it, the Gremlin, from the pre-order pack is one of my favourite destroyers, and even though I was a bit rusty, it turned out to be a good game. 104 hits with the guns, 6 torp hits, resulting in a sunk New York Battleship, a sunk Fuso Battleship, and a sunk Ryujo Aircraft Carrier. And the battle was after midnight.. So the old rule about never feeding a gremlin after midnight holds true - It becomes deadly ;) As usual available in 1080p HD for the full gory details, and includes the complete after battle report at the end.
  7. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Why dont EU have a CBT Hall of Fame

    Well, not really structured, and not going by Raw XP, but including all bonuses.. But whatever rocks your boat here ;)
  8. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Why dont EU have a CBT Hall of Fame

    Guys, girls, sailors and Tuccy Why haven't you guys started a CBT Hall of Fame thread, like we have on the Asia server ? Could be interesting to see how well people do, across the different servers. Link to the Asia server HoF : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/4054-closed-beta-hall-of-fame/ The rules used there are : Anyone playing on EU, feel free to copy format and set it up here ;) Or are ya guys afraid ya can't compete ?
  9. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Atlanta - Curtain of Shells delivery vessel

    Each 5 inch AP round weighed in at 25 kg, I fired 930 rounds in that battle, so more correctly that thing put out 23 and a quarter craptonnes of shells
  10. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Atlanta - Curtain of Shells delivery vessel

    The Tier VII Premium USN Atlanta cruiser, is one of my favourites, and has been since closed Alpha. Its not really fast - Its maneauverability can best be described as sluggish, but it has not just one thing to its advantage - it has 8 things to its advantage - 8 fast moving, fast loading 2 gun turrets. It can supply a curtain of steel and explosives, which an enemy target has to sail through, and it can do it every 4.6 seconds - Even though the caliber isn't larger than 12.7 cm, you can rest assured that a full volley is felt and hurts when hitting on target. And as a premium ship, it rakes in credits even in bad,or average games - not to mention a good game can rake upwards of half a million credits with a premium account. What is its bad sides then ? Sluggish in maneauevering, can't really take much damage, and you need to get into around 10 km's range to ensure enough shells lands on target. But even with those limitations, it has become my favourite, for its fun factor, its credit earnings capability, and ofcourse for the noise 14 guns (only up to 7 turrets out of the 8, can bear on a target at any given time) firing every 4.6 seconds make. Oh, did I mention - it got torps as well ;) Highly recommended if you only are getting one in game premium vessel. As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end.
  11. The second destroyer in the 3-in-1 Preorder pack, is not that widely known here in the western world, the tier V USSR navy Gremyashchy Project-7 destroyer. But boy, oh boy is the "Gremlin" fun to play. It has an excellent range on the guns, for a destroyer, with a good RoF, a great topspeed, decent maneauverability, and medium range torps so you can reach out and tell "say privet to my little tovaritsches" to any enemy targets within 8 km. I managed 4 kills in this battle, having great fun including playing tag with, and soloing a Tier IV Myogi battleship. I just want to say to the Phoenix player - "Bad time to go AFK, your team mate could have used your help..." As usual, available in 1080p HD, with the complete After Battle Report at the end.
  12. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Sharing the Murmansk Love

    Our Supertest manager, KaZanova, decided to gift 10.000 tokens to the Supertester on the Asia server, with the most Supertest battles, and lo and behold, that was me with over 300 battles on the Supertest server - more than any other Supertester, including the russian ST players. But as I am fully aware that it is a team effort to test things, I declined that gift, and instead negotiated a deal with him (some people would say I used info from my little black book of Extortion info collected over the last 5 years, to twist his arm, but that is just a rumor.. At least thats the story I am sticking to...) - That all active Supertesters on the Asia server, would receive a Murmansk Tier V premium ship, during CBT. This ship was applied to the accounts today, and I had my first battle in what in effect is the 1942 version of the Omaha, whereas the regular Omaha is the pre-WWII version. Ofcourse for my first battle, MM decided to flip me the birdy, and put me in a Battle Tier VII battle, AND on the team with 2 less vessels, AND in a Domniation map... Talk about hybris. *sigh* Amazingly it went quite well anyways - only 1 kill, but a load of damage dealt, enough to make me the highest earner of XP in the team - And we won. A fun ship, which I can only recommend - although having the Omaha as well on my account, the upgraded regular vessel, still does better, due to the much higher DPM it is able to dish out with the extra guns. But as a premium ship, credit earnings are higher, running costs are lower (ammo etc), and it can be used to train the russian line crew. As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end.
  13. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Sims, the T50-2 of the high seas

    I purchased the 3-in-1 preorder pack, containing the IJN Yubari cruiser, the Russian navy Gremyashchiy destroyer, and the USN Sims destroyer. All of them fun, but the Sims is above the two others in funfactor. If you played World of Tanks, you might remember the T50-2 light tank - well the Sims is the T50-2 of the seas - Excellent maneauverability, good gun with very decent damage and high RoF, and ofcourse the trademark of the USN destroyer line: Short range torpedoes. Dont discount the latter though. With its maneuverability you are able to get close enough to launch torpedoes, AND able to get away - not unhurt, but still alive and able to fight. If you only want to get one pre-order ship, get the Sims. Highly recommended! As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle report at the end.
  14. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Off Peak 3v3 random battles gives good XP

    Playing early in the morning server time on whatever regional server you play on, you risk battles like this 3v3, due to low player count at that time of day. But even though you only have 3 targets, you can still make decent XP and credits, as this battle in my Pensacola cruiser shows. As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete after battle report at the end.
  15. ArmsAndLegsGuy

    Let the Galaxy quest begin...

    Oi, Shepbur, can you throw me on the EU ST status for the forums ? I am a ST'er and moderator on Asia, I also have ST status on the NA forums. Asia : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/user/aalg-2000619604/ NA : http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/user/armsandlegsguy-1000218482/