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  1. Gneckes

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I just got another one of those emails!
  2. Gneckes

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Just an apology, really. more like "really really disappointed".
  3. Gneckes

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

  4. Gneckes

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Got that email too. Felt really good and exclusive for a bit, then I saw this thread. Oh the disappointment :( Guess I'll just have to cry into my keyboard for a bit.
  5. Gneckes

    Supertest FAQ

    Got that email too. Haven't been able to log in to see if I actually have the ships, but I don't see the Supertest forums either so.. i'm guessing i've been baited? Real shame, but I guess it was too good to be true.
  6. Gneckes

    Armor Penetration Curves

    Can you do the Russian/Soviet 130mm guns please? I.e. all the DDs from the Gnevny upwards? And the 120mm Bofors as used on the Blyskawica? Or could you somehow send me the calculations used for creating the penetration tables?
  7. Gneckes

    Patch today?

    Just downloaded something like 760 MB of patch, version number ingame is now given as Any idea what is in it?
  8. Gneckes

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Which circle of hell does WOT represent?
  9. Gneckes

    A comment on post-closed beta Destroyers

    Destroyers are just so heavily gimped compared to Closed Beta. With the HE spam, the incredible ease with which everyone takes out your modules, and the death sentence that means to Destroyers.. I feel they are not worth playing at all. And Destroyers used to be my favorite class in CAT and CBT. And this reflects in that the ships they're supposed to counter (Battleships) making up the massive majority of all ships in the queue, to the detriment of the game.
  10. Gneckes

    What is wrong with IJN Destroyer line?

    I've recently made it to the Hatsuharu, and initially expected it to hate it, due to the reduced stealth and speed compared to the Minekaze and Mutsuki. But, I don't. For me at least, the torps are still "good enough" and the guns have become workable. Not so sure about the Kagero and Fubuki, as 35 knots seems borderline useless for a DD (ffs, Iowa does 33 kts, and the Ibuki 36 iirc), but the improved torpedo armament should be nice.
  11. Gneckes

    Dear Wargaming..

    .. when you change the order of ships in the tech trees, and don't feel like giving me the new version of the ship I had, that's fine. But I'm kinda pissed at losing all my upgrades and equipment for them.
  12. Gneckes

    Torpedoes what a drag

    Oooh boy, this thread. Well, here's my thoughts: air-dropped torpedoes are imo balanced by AA, the way you can see the planes coming from miles away and can reposition accordingly. If you keep turning into his planes as they reposition, you can force a CV to go for an unfavourable drop or risk losing a lot of planes. As for Destroyer torpedoes.. at long range, it's a game of luck as much as anything else, and when your primary weapon has a reload of two or three minutes, that's just not acceptable. At short range, they're balanced by the fact going into close range with a DD at higher tiers is complete suicide due to secondary batteries and generally increased skill levels. Not sure what a solution to that could look like, but reduced torpedo spotting from planes could help- as could shorter spotting distance for IJN Type93 torpedoes (historically they didn't have a bubble trail due to their use of compressed oxygen instead of air). Of course, that could lead to them being OP, so... maybe buffing IJN DD guns to reduce their dependence on Torpedoes would be good.
  13. Gneckes

    Mutsuki - waste of tier 6 japanese destroyer

    US Destroyers start having center-mounted torpedoes at tier VI.
  14. Gneckes

    New GERMAN Premium Ship!

    Or, you know, one nuke.
  15. Gneckes

    Torps, range and speed

    Let's see how the change to Torpedo detectability planned for 3.1 affects the Torpedo game. If it's still terrible, I guess my IJN Destroyers are going to get an extended stay in drydock.