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  1. You want commercial companies to buy things for you?
  2. LordTareq

    Change damage number to a Percent score?

    I’d like it to show both damage and percentage, although keep in mind % although more telling than just damage, still doesn’t equal effective damage. I.e. a HE spammer could potentially have a much higher %, but have less impact than an alpha strike ship.
  3. Lol those Kaga players should be ashamed of themselves
  4. With casual play I'm somewhere in the 3rd directive. Not a chance of getting PR or Gorizia with just a handful of matches per day.
  5. LordTareq

    Selling of ships like Alaska

    It's not really in their interest to reduce the playerbase by 60%.
  6. LordTareq

    Why AA skills are worthless

    The thing is, you are not fighting a single enemy ship, but a team. What happens when 2 Des Moines stick together? Or 3?
  7. LordTareq

    Fire prevention skill

    Fire Prevention is a must have imho. So much in fact I switched out AFT for FP on my secondary Bismarck. 9.6km secondaries are still good enough, but I was burning so much without FP.
  8. LordTareq

    Request: Make the 1vs1 a permanent gamemode

    Maybe don’t use a CV. I’ve noticed it triggers PTSD in some people.
  9. LordTareq

    Request: Make the 1vs1 a permanent gamemode

    Oh yes I’d love to see this mode for different tiers. I also enjoyed the friendliness during this ranked, lots of players said nice things rather than the typical toxicity. Joined one random battle today and naturally chat was one big cesspit with people calling our dd a noob and other insults, such a contrast.
  10. It's so much fun, really brought me back to play wows. But now that I'm rank1 I can no longer participate. It's a fantastic gamemode to train personal skill against mostly equal opponents.
  11. LordTareq

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Unless you are able to ambush them with torps from behind one of the islands, odds are very much stacked against Hipper / PE. I killed a couple this ranked in Bismarck by just kiting and letting the secondaries whittle them down.
  12. I fought exactly 1 CV (which I destroyed) during my tour of duty to rank 1. So clearly not so much of an issue. However majority of the matches was versus Tirpitz p2w players. I played mostly the Bismarck as its my only tier 8 battleship, as well as the Amalfi. I suspect there is some preferred matchmaking where you mostly end up facing the same ship class. At least in my Amalfi I fought 70% cruisers. In Bismarck 70% battleships. But yeah in my Bismarck, mostly Tirpitz's, many Bismarck's, many Massachuset's, many Vladivostok's, some NC's , some Richelieu's and some Kii's (which is quite OP as well in this with the 5x2 guns and torps). But yeah I was hoping for a bit more diversity in ship types.
  13. LordTareq

    Ranked sprint - "any non-cv" vs CV

    Ramming ends the match in a draw regardless of points doesn't it?
  14. All assumptions. Below average players can play competently in some matches as well. It's not as if below average players Always perform below average. Also, you don't know if the CV player was one of the clan members with hidden stats (which may be fantastic). You wrote CV's have no counterplay, I showed you an example where I beat a CV one on one (with a cruiser which has shitty AA). Dodging all his torps, smoking up to close the distance and guessing correctly his position etc. was me playing well and not just him playing bad.
  15. LordTareq

    SAP fake tales about ricochet angles

    Tier 8 CV's bounce SAP like crazy though at long range. Hard to hit anything but the deck due to the shell arc.