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  1. cherry2blost

    Eu players are bad?

    Maybe go back to RU? That seems to be the thing right now?
  2. cherry2blost

    Cashing in your Camo, what did you get?

    So, help me out here what exactly did I get for all of these?
  3. Fuso, Lyon and :: ahem :: Kami
  4. cherry2blost

    "Pls report..."

    Just hide your stats, I decided to hide mine to avoid abuse in game..... works wonders!
  5. cherry2blost

    Seriously, how can BB players be so bad.......😢

    Was in a Monarch yesterday, had a Montana and a Yamato HE spamming me whenever I got spotted....... does the Yammy not know he can overmatch my bow?
  6. cherry2blost

    WG when

    Oh dear, someone forgot to take the red pill.....
  7. cherry2blost

    Not a happy bunny...

    No, if you have a decent enough connection then a fresh install fixes all problems, I do a fresh install every second patch as after 2 there always seem to be issues.
  8. Isn't it amazing that pretty much EVERYONE who clicks BATTLE, breathes a sigh of relief when there are no CV's in their particular game round...... yet we are told that CV are popular, balanced and working as intended.....
  9. cherry2blost

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    Zoup was a crap CC! However it is a sign of the world society that we live in that you are treated like scum if you hold a view 'contrary' to the new generation of SJW's. (Better batten down the hatches boys. I campaigned to leave Europe, I like Donald Trump and believe BLM and Antifa are Marxist Terrorists , but because I live in a FREE society with FREE speech, I am FREE to hold those views; others are FREE to disagree with me)
  10. cherry2blost

    How would you repair WoWS?

    Well if you are getting into ED hit me up we have a fairly sizeable group running on ED! US cruisers had AA and SHAP, RU had RADAR and fire chance, Germans had Hydro and 1/4 HE Pen, IJN had torps and concealment, UK had Smoke with no HE, French had Range and Speed, Italians had smoke and SAP. US DD were all rounders, Germans were DD hunters, RU were gunboats, IJN were torp boats, RN were 'utility ships, French had speed etc etc. US BB's had accuracy, Germans Brawling, RU mid range bow tanks, IJN heavy hitting, French speed, British concealment, Italian smoke and SAP..... It really wasn't that difficult to have differentiation between lines; without having to 'blur' them? Subs wouldn't even be a problem as long as they were not able to do 40 knots submerged and were counterable..... If they had wanted to bring in more of a hybrid or crossover class, there is the perfect option of a Frigate/Destroyer leader class, or even flesh out some Battlecruiser lines the possibilities were endless but instead they went down the line of fantasy ships. Come off it, Cruisers calling in airstrikes? Really? New maps, new modes, fixed UI and hell even a subscription model, 2 or 3 Pounds, Dollars or Monopoly money Euros each month, for all, would bring in more money than beating a constant need to introduce more and more fantasy Premiums. It would also incentivise people to maybe improve their play a little. A small number would leave but truly the majority would stay; if the devs actually gave us something truly 'new'.....
  11. cherry2blost

    How would you repair WoWS?

    Honestly? I think it is now too broken to fix, it's beyond 'repair'.... It is unrecognisable to the original idea of a game using a rock, paper, scissor type of gameplay. Now you have DD's exceeding AA cruisers in AA abilities, Cruisers carrying BB performance guns, BB's that do more damage firing HE than AP and that is all without getting into the 'improved' CV mechanic. Remember the days when Cruisers countered Aircraft and DD's, DD's countered BB and CV, BB's countered BB and Cruisers and CV countered BB and CV.... Now no one class has a role as they have all been mixed up. RADAR seeing through mountains, Hydro same, DD/BB carrying RADAR and HYDRO, cruisers carrying Airstrikes and carriers able to eliminate DD's at will. Nope it is about as broken now as it could possibly be, we have people dropping like flies from our clans. But all is OK because there are always new 'players' to fill the wallets for WG (well for a few months anyway then they move onto the next new shiny thing). Take a look at Star Citizen, that thing is not even, really, into Alpha after 9 years yet the engagement with their paying customers means that they can still collect vast amounts of money from their whales, because they actually believe in the 'idea'. WG have done their level best to alienate, and at times ostracise their biggest supporters and spenders. Lesson one for dealing with your customer base.... " A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush"
  12. cherry2blost

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    I have Cancer and the in game metaphor does get kinda old, kinda quickly.......
  13. cherry2blost


    Better still, open everyone else's containers, much more exciting.......
  14. cherry2blost

    hyuga, where you've been so long?

    For me it is much the same story being a Fuso lover I got the Hyuga because she plays very similarly to the mighty Fuso. Being tiered against Tier 9's does make it harder to play than the Fuso, also being new CV's seem to have an unhealthy attraction to Hyuga. The reload booster is really just a gimmick; not really super useful in most situations and to be honest I regularly forget to use it. The biggest benefit to Hyuga over Fuso is her concealment with the ability to get it down to 14.7km she at least has a fighting chance of not being spotted from the moon. All in all I really like the ship but it will take quite a few more games in her to tweak her sweet spots, play style wise. Here are comparison stats from my account to explain my points above.
  15. I just read a thread (locked now) where a 'player' announced on multiple occasions that he 'only' plays to ruin the game for his team mates. Thread was locked, but it would be good to know if any sanctions will be added to the 'player' in question for "throwing games intentionally", thus griefing his potential team mates in game. Now this is NOT a name and shame as he openly posted these comments in THIS forum thus I will only quote the guy and hope that WG do something to remove such toxic players from the game ASAP! Will be watching the Last game played on this account closely to see if WG will actually sanction this guy with a short ban etc etc...