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  1. hey guys just to throw my pennies into the pool.... Just read these threads, went into game and spotted the X on my minimap......started to play around with it and it took precisely 30 seconds of wiggling to gain 3 hits on a section of island I was aiming at.... it was bouncing around like crazy with any slight mouse movement.... now when I say I 'hit' the section of island I meant it... however it completley missed the actual building I was hoping to hit by a country mile.... now if it's that ineffective against non moving terrain features then I really am beginning to wonder exactly how useful it would be spending all that time walking the cross onto a shadow of a ship that has probabl;y moved a couple of feet within its' smoke...... the chances of winning the lottery ( or getting a ship from a supercontainer in my experience) are actually better than the chance of getting any hits using that cross.... Now I agree that it should not be there but I can only assume that it was put in place as part of the minimap mod to show you where your guns were aiming on the map... Having read all the whining in all these threads this is another example of negative reinforcement...... someone killed you in smoke so obviously they are cheating! Anyway as this 'benefit' is deemed illegal it's time for me to remove the minimap mod and wait for Aslain to post one without the X ! (which TBH I hadn't noticed until the helpful 'snowflakes' here mentioned it)
  2. SINEP is censored because 13 Year olds..... (Pegi13 anyone?) ...... don't know that it isnt a rude word..... apparently
  3. Seems forum is broken for me as it keeps posting my stuff up twice
  4. I just thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the plethora of threads from today against us guys who raised these issues way back during BETA.... as I said seems the game has gotten more complex but the basic issues are still glaring.... T5 to 7 seems to be most peoples sweet spot.... this begs the question that if WG had wanted to make Clan battles more 'fun' and 'inclusive' maybe they should have set them up as 12 v 12 (any ship types) at Tier 7? Dunno but it would make more sense than the ridiculous system of 'rental' ships that we actually ended up with.....
  5. And this is exactly what is wrong with the game... and has been since its' inception..... there really is no incentive to grind up to Tier 10 and sit for 20 minutes attempting not to be spotted
  6. It's funny when you look back 2 1/2 years the fact that many of the gripes we had back then are still more than valid in late 2017..... Still the best fun to be had is T5 through 7...... odd how things change... but don't REALLY change all that much !
  7. For you Comrade.. the game is over !
  8. I voted 19.00 to 2200 but being in UK I kinda meant 19.00 to 2200 UK time (UTC) so actually 20.00 to 23.00 UTC+1 Actually to allow both EU timezones it would be better 19.00 to 23.00 UTC+1 thus allowing all to get the full 3 hours
  9. We have had a clean up of inactives and now we have 8 slots available for excellent team players in BAD A... BAD-F is looking for players who wish to take part in clan battles in a training format and BAD-B have several slots available for those who are not yet eligible for clan battle's... Join BAD ARMADA and join one of the oldest communities in WoWs
  10. Hey just a thought ,with the clock changes in UK and some parts of Europe the time stamp UTC+2 now means that UK is 17.00 to 20.00 and Mainland EU is 18.00 to 2100.... these are not exactly peak hours for the multitude of players who have to work for a living (and to spend money with WG) how about a change to UTC+3 for the remainder of the CB season?
  11. I was coming on here just to post this...... 17.00 to 20.00 is hopeless for the UK and To be honest even our mainland European players will be struggling with 18.00 to 21.00....... how about changing the base time to UTC+3 for the rest of the season?
  12. So Captain Slack Bladder...... come see BAD-Armada, your spititual home....... Monty Python, Red Dwarf and Slack Bladder knowledge is a must !!! come see us on our TS
  13. you gotta love these copy paste replies..... BAD Armada a 3 clan community.... British based, English speaking with an international flavour..... humour ...... in buckets... requirements are an extensive knowledge of Monty Python quotes and/or a sprinkling of Red Dwarf quotes !
  14. yes we are and we are glad you popped in matey !
  15. bump