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  1. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    So in effect Wargaming believe that the majority of their customers are Stupid..... actually this is true somewhat... with the fact we keep buying Overpriced pixel ships for whatever eye watering price they decide.... so yeah... working as intended !
  2. Ships that need a buff

    Lyon could do with a 10 second reload buff and maybe a centre Turret just to keep the numbers nice and round at 20 barrels of fcuk you........ every 20 seconds...... but can settle for a 14 second buff an' we'll do without the 5th... 16xFU every 16 seconds... see WG it's simple mathematics really ;)
  3. In case we are ever going to be merged with WoT...

    Hang on theres a problem here..... what about DD's ? Surely their stealth Torps will be able to do somthing? As the carriers will happily spawn their aerial torps out of the nearest available rock near the said cluster of Mauses?
  4. Moderation Fail

    Yeah tried that seems that the English Mods ... ummm ... don't... The OMNI-Z thing was a protest at the lack of feedback from WG DEVS about clan abuse.... was never a serious suggestion just a pointer to say this sort of thing IS happening and the Devs don't give a hoot.... Funniest thing was the warning, no explanation, no pointer to which thread nothing ... just a warning out of nowhere... *edit ....
  5. Moderation Fail

    Any of the senior mods wanna tell me why I got a warning for nothing and with no explanation?
  6. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    So...... Soon then?
  7. Premium ship xp

    bugger me, I cant even get a supercontainer like .... ever.... you feel hard done by?
  8. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    OK, lets take some examples for a non linear dispersion model.... All these with an arbitary 10% on concealment values (will explain in the examples) Fuso: Concealment 15.8 range , gun range 21.8 or 26.16 (spotter) Dispersion 1.02 Metres per 100 Metres of range (Linear 'as is') Conc +10% = 17.4KM Linear (as is ) dispersion upto 17.4KM = 1.02 M/100M Non linear element 17.5 to 21.8/26.16 as follows... A curve of +20% (arbitrary) dispersion on a secondary linear line from 17.5 to max range giving a linear dispersion number of 1.224M/100M So at 17.4KM the dispersion should be 177.5 (rounded) @17.5 214M @18.5 226M @21.8 263M @26.16 325M Kutuzov: Concealment 11.1, Gun range 19.1 Dispersion 0.86 Metres per 100 Metres of range Conc +10% = 12.2KM Linear dispersion (as is) upto 12.2KM = 0.86 M/100M Non Linear element 12.2 to 19.1 as follows... A curve of +20% (arbitrary) dispersion on a secondary linear line from 12.3 to max range giving a linear dispersion number of 1.03M/100M So at 12.2 KM the dispersion should be 104.9 (rounded) @12.3 126.7M @15.0 154M @17.5 180M @19.1 197M Obviously the values could be 'adjusted' up or down as this is just an example but this for ALL classes of ships or something along these lines.... Reasons for using concealment as a base value is to allow for the fact that higher ships were built to spot enemy ships at longer ranges hence they are more visible themselves... have used best case concealment values for all these and have added the 10% to allow for sneaky tactics not being penalised. Also the 20% could be even higher or put onto an exponential curve from the start point for the secondary dispersion line. Also there could be a curve added to the sigma values dependent on range this would be harder to calculate my end. Could also could look at differing dispersions for self/proxy spotted targets also ? Dunno maybe it would work?
  9. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    oh but most of mine are ;)
  10. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    But that drains any element of fun or engagement from the game for me personally as I like to do the fire and manoeuvre thing even in fatties like Nagato or Fuso..... Oh lookie I have been abandoned again let me scrape what little damage I can before I 'inevitably' die.... fun and engaging? Not really....
  11. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    Then fix that problem with nerfed max range dispersion by bringing back the old invisifire mechanic...... you want to max range spam HE at BB then you can do so but with a much reduced dispersion, or you get better dispersion but are visible while firing...
  12. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    This is exactly right.... however, as soon as the enemy is spotted the screen melts back behind the Battleship leaving is as the, defacto, point of the spear... with a choice to push in or risk a 180 and the citadels that will come with that move....
  13. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    I actually like the idea of an xp buff/nerf dependent of ranges engaged at.... would mean that passives are penalised and aggressive's are rewarded....# This would work but would HAVE to be across ALL ships AND classes.... Cruiser dispersion at max ranges (15KM+) is already very good so to adjust BB dispersion on a non linear model would have to include cruisers and DD's too !
  14. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    As a BB/DD main I can see both sides of the argument here... as I have stated before (and anyone that knows me will attest) I am by far one of the most aggressive BB players in most battles I play. I support cap contests tank damage, use concealment to get up close and personal with the enemy team and 'most' of the time I get decent results. However, my biggest gripe is that a team seeing a BB acting in this way should use the tanking as an opportunity to push and get kills on the enemy while they are concentrating on the BB.. or start to dodge incoming fire if the enemy switches..... now if the enemy does switch then my BB has a free hand to deal massive damage at optimum range (normally sub 12KM)... BUT as I have said multiple times a BB pushes up to support DD/CL and as soon as BB engages the Support tends to melt away to the rear leaving the BB to die alone.... A lot of the time I am able to weather the storm and run away to heal up, but I can kind of see that as a major reason for the 'lesser' experienced BB players to just sit at range behind a screen of lighter team mates..... So to sum up... while you all complain about BBabies you guys who drive DD/CL really need to take a long hard look at how much support you really give to a willing Battleship player.... before running your mouths off about BBabies et al.... 237 CQE and 437 Dreadnoughts are my credentials for BB's (oh and 2071 Dev strikes)
  15. Can these patches be deleted

    I want a Potato patch .... so I can wear it with pride !