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  1. CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Nice to see some of the old guard coming back.... we remaining CBTers have been keeping the pilot light burning for you all !
  2. I dont mind detonations per se... but it's the frequency.... with Most battlesheeps now spamming huge HE rounds its such a high chance due to splash damage.... I have a screenie somewhere of me in a gearing Detonated.. with ZERO his... bloody Conqueror near miss detonated me.... WUT???
  3. Title says it all.... for a rare mechanic it is becoming more prevalent.... when did it become a 'thing' that running anti detonation flags is a 100% must in this game.... it's getting worse guys and gals NOT better... how about make DD have an automatic anti det flag or just remove the mechanic... FFS even the BB's that kill me are apologising in game now !
  4. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Sorry OP but could you change the title as we in BAD Armada take offense at the use of the capitalised BAD as a designator for poor play.... make it bad, or crap, or potato.... just remove the BAD please
  5. Heavy loosing streaks after Steam release.

    TL:DR I played badly, thus it is the fault of those pesky steam players.... Move on .... another pointless whining thread!
  6. Clan Battles Season 2

    actually 2 years 4 months but let's not be too pedantic
  7. How many premium ships do you have?

    Funniest thing about prancing around in my oh so premium Cesare was being berated by a dipstick in an Orion who got into a knife fight with said Cesare at sub 2 km... Me firing AP and taking 15 to 20k each salvo... Him spamming HE and doing maybe 6k per salvo.... After Orion dead to overmatch on bow.... He scream that I am a noob in a premium and should be reported..... Couldn't make it up TBH
  8. Game started to suck

    This thread is pointless
  9. BAD-Armada Warships Channel

    Hi guys feel free to pop into our Youtube channel and see some of the antics from myself as well as some other BAD Clans members..... http://www.playships.co.uk
  10. Editing request

    Are we to post them on our own youtube channels, giving you the links, or are we sending you the final product for you to upload to YT/Vimeo/FB et al?
  11. BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    The BAD-Armada community are always looking for new friends to join us in our journey .... Pop into our teamspeak and say Hi !
  12. BAD-B are recruiting new players who wish to learn the game in a friendly supportive environment !
  13. BAD-Armada (Fleet) BAD-F Open for recruits

    BAD-F are recruiting for players who wish to play Clan Battles without the stress ! Join today and become part of our family of 90+ players!
  14. Clan Question

    Hey Buddy, sorry for late reply but was stuck awaiting breakdown recovery for 9 1/2 hours today .... BW is right we have 3 clan groups so there are places for all abilities and intentions.... Pop onto our teamspeak if you fancy it... just remember to bring your sense of humour along !
  15. Know what I didnt check the dates .... duh !