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  1. cherry2blost

    Minimum requirements

    WoWs server in mother Russia
  2. cherry2blost

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    Hey buddy, for DD's your 1st 10 points are really the same across most lines 1) Preventative Maintenance 2) Last Stand 3) Basic Fire training / Torpedo armament expert 4) Concealment
  3. cherry2blost

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    We are still looking for players... pop in and have a chat Teamspeak IP : PW : cherry
  4. cherry2blost

    Looking for mature English speaking clan?

    Hey buddy we are an eclectic collection of oldish farts here in the BAD Armada community, plenty of members good sized teamspeak and a cracking sense of humour. Come take a look at us, maybe join TS and see how it goes...
  5. cherry2blost

    Well if you’re going to be stupid enough to admit it...

    We do a lot of count ins but we are an equal opportunity type of clan.... any broadside is fair game... often I kill a cruiser and then apologise profusely as I didn’t realise it was a clan mate.... well ‘sometimes’ my apologies are sincere.... while struggling to conceal an evil snigger.........
  6. cherry2blost

    Royal Navy Collection

    1st six crates I opened I got 6 x 120mm Gun MK IX ..... so 1 x useful and 5 x duplicates.... was asking same question as OP in Teamspeak last night!
  7. cherry2blost

    Game & Balance Improvements

    No, I have to disagree Cossack was perfectly balanced with the old set up, her 8 guns balanced out with slow traverse, now she can knife fight with more guns.... but thats not its party trick... that is brutalising cruisers and Battleships with IFHE rain of hell...
  8. cherry2blost

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Well I have to say that the Buffs to Cossack are EPIC.... Cossack was already a great ship, but with that new Turret traverse buff (50%) and the torpedo reload buff, this has now gone from a great ship to a truly outstanding mini cruiser. I have now taken the decision to sell off all my T8 non premium DD's, so sayonara Kagero, see y'all later Benson, proshchay Kiev and Ognevoi, Auf Wiedersehen, Z23, toodle pip Lightning, chai-kian Hsienyang.... The Cossack in its' current form now makes ALL other Tier 8 DD's obsolete, want American Guns? Japanese concealment, Russian Survivability and Hydro to boot.... get a Cossack, get grinding those Guineas guys !
  9. cherry2blost

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    It was awful... I kind of gave up in the end just stopped... anyway well played !
  10. cherry2blost

    Arkansas Beta, AA-less.

    Someone actually asked this question? Are we to assume that you may actually be the Second owner of that account?
  11. cherry2blost

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Update: Now have 60FPS stable using Vsynch Method: 1) Completely uninstall Nvidia drivers using Display driver uninstaller IN SAFE MODE from www.guru3d.com 2) Reboot and let windows do its thing, then go to device manager and update driver using windows update This should install version 399.24 (Nvidia) Its getting late so this is a first run on settings but here is where I am at , at this time WiP... Hope it helps
  12. cherry2blost

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Crazy lil thing called Google....?
  13. cherry2blost

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Did you first go to MS and update the DX9.0c runtimes ?
  14. cherry2blost

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Just an update for anyone who is interested (looking at you WG) have found a workaround, and it goes as follows... Go to settings, max out everything as you would normally, then click drop down box for DX11 / DX9..... Select DX9... Game will restart and voila you have perfect FPS with ZERO drop in quality... For some insane reason this crappy engine looks identical in both DX11 and DX9 back to mid 60's and am 'happier....slightly' At a guess someone who has been coding the Submarine patch from this weekend may have inadvertently used coding designed for DX12 and NOT DX11 / 11.1 TLDR: WG need to get their finger out and fix their DX11 implementation it seems !
  15. cherry2blost

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Yes all water cooled CPU temps mid 50's. GPU Temps mid 60's Run heaven benchmark @ 3440 x 1440 Ultra 8 x AA and get 48 FPS drop to 2 x AA and steady 62, run 1080p getting 100 to 110 so it must be this game and this game only. Just replaced Primary NVME SSD to 970 EVO with the old NVME PM961 as secondary... still no change Also have adjusted OC on 1070Ti to 2100 and 4500 gained another 2 FPS overall. Funniest thing is that when you reduce in game settings it gets worse, the FPS at countdown is 75, drops to 30's as soon as game starts, then as ships are destroyed the FPS gradually creeps up and when only 5 or 6 left its back at 58 to 65.... has to be a coding issue. Hey sorry to shoot you down but the connection has zero to do with FPS that's purely hardware based, ping at 30 network tracker shows zero packet loss and my connection is not too terrible either...