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  1. cherry2blost

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    BAD-A and BAD-F are still looking for English Speakers with a sense of humour (and maybe a few skills) to partake in Clan Battles, division play and other organised events.... if you like a friendly spot where you won't be judged, then pop onto our Discord and say hi ! Discord : https://discord.gg/Y5sMxD3
  2. cherry2blost

    Giulio Cesare

    TLDR: You can 'maybe' get Caesar IF you spend a ton of money gambling on Loot boxes!
  3. cherry2blost


    Take no notice, just ignore it... it's a pointless 'sop' to allow people to vent their rage at the perceived lack of skill shown by their team mates and is mostly used by terrible players to make themselves feel better about their inadequacies.... I have Karma of 323 its been above 400 its been below 200.... does it give me extra XP? Nope! Is it worth worrying about ? Nope!
  4. cherry2blost

    State of BBs

    TLDR: Practice and you will get better! Battleships are fine as is, although those times when you get nibbled to death by a T9 fire breathing HE spamming DD from behind an Island can be a tad vexing...... If more CV players spent more time at game start hunting and spotting DD's rather than loading torpedoes for their first sortie, then those problems could be mitigated. If CV players quit bombing that BB that is on sub 1000 health that has 3 fires raging then things would be better.... I personally regard every game with CV's now as a loss to me, that way I don't get wound up by CV's..... Destroyer torpedoes are relatively easy to avoid, you may take one every now and then but it's far more fun taunting that DD who has been chasing you the whole game and missing than anything else. I personally play mainly BB and DD, best advice I can give ANY BB player is to "git gud" in DD's BEFORE playing BB's.. that way you KNOW the strengths and limitations of the DD WHILE you are playing a BB.... HE spamming Cruisers can only farm you upto a certain range, after that the shells hang too long and can be avoided..... change speed constantly in a BB change direction and that HE fire breathing Cruiser will soon give up and move onto easier targets... Also don't forget you always have the option to disengage... move away then re engage from a different direction, use an Island to kill your detection, STOP firing at times to aid this.... seriously the average skill level of BB players on the servers is abysmal, they have no positional awareness, they obviously don't use mini map, do not have last known positions enabled (or haven't a clue what it means) then complain that they are dying.... Set your Battleship up for maximum survivability, Fire prevention reduces chance of fire and gives max x 3, using skills and flags you can get burn time down to 30 seconds, 25 with certain Captains ONE fire? Let it burn , TWO fires in same salvo put it out, one fire running and get 2nd? check the timer for 1st BEFORE repairing if in excess of 15 secs repair it.... THREE fires in one hit? Hit that repair ASAP Always remember that most of that fire damage is healable, and all the time you are lower on health your Adrenaline rush is kicking in, use it, then heal up..... come on guys this is the basics of BB..... Don't be noobs just L2P CC's ..... take no notice of these guys, I have streamed I have posted vids, they are looking for the most views they can get, they WILL NOT EVER post that game where they got nuked at start by a Musashi at 22KM, likewise they are 'generally' better than average, the majority of sheep who follow them are Below average..... what CC's can do will have absolutely no impact on what their 'fans' will see as they are just better at the game... so just play the game and look at yourself after each game, check your endgame detailed report, work out if maybe you should have used more HE or AP in each game, also play the same frigging ship back to back for multiple games, that way you LEARN how the guns react, how the shells fly and where they hit, you will begin to understand the unique characteristics of that ships weapons and be a better player........ Yes I hate CV with a vengeance and YES I have just finished a 12 month forum ban for voicing that opinion... but please PLEASE Battleships are the most fun you can have in this game IF PLAYED PROPERLY AND WITH A MODICUM OF BRAIN USE !!!!! By the way feel free to ban me again mods, as it will remove the temptation to keep coming on here, and wasting my life reading the same whingeing detritus as has been around since Alpha !!!!!!!!
  5. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    hmmm mods staying after update, that may explain why the reformat did the job, however doesn't help me now as still cannot get into a random match with clean install..... Co-Op was fine but random not so fine...
  6. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Yeah BW no mods installed so that shoots that one down buddy
  7. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Just an update, have uninstalled again, have deleted the folder, formatted SSD where game resides and done another fresh install (so around 60GIGS so far today) and game appears to be working in Co Op...... TBC
  8. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Because that is a game ready driver with only updates for the 20 series cards, if you keep up to date on what needs patching and when then you would also know that patching 10 series with 20 series specific drivers give zero benefits to 10 series cards but can also introduce other problems, so as far as my 10 series card is concerned the drivers are actually up to date. For further reading you can also read your GPU manufacturers website to glean information on which drivers to update and when. Thanks for pointing that out though buddy...
  9. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Wait until 6Pm through 10 PM there will be torrents.....
  10. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    @Excavatus Sorry to appear a bit disgruntled buddy, but last time I submitted a 'support ticket' for a fault it took 18 days to get remedied. Why would I not be a little miffed that I stand to potentially lose use of upwards of 3 weeks paid premium time AGAIN? Every other game I have installed on my system, all of my video editing softwares, streaming softwares etc are working perfectly fine, why is it that perennially the only problem software I ever seem to have comes from a 'certain' developer. Why does it take so long for support to process tickets, mainly because they have so many problems and too few people to help out customers for the volume of 'issues' that this patently poor product causes. Thanks for the honourable attempt to deflect and appear helpful.
  11. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Erm... are you really going with the 'AMD Victim' thing? really in 2019? Laptop..... erm.... yeah ... 8 core 16 thread overclocked watercooled CPU, 32 GB DDR4 3600 Ram, RAID 0 NVME SSD's and Watercooled GTX1070Ti....... yep that's obviously a Laptop......
  12. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    No, not exactly super confident anything will get done this side of 0.8.4.xx
  13. cherry2blost

    Pink because Patch (polite version)

    Update 0.8.4 and THIS ..... Hit battle sit for 3 mins staring at load screen with ships moving on map... CTRL ALT DEL 3 times, give up go to repair in game centre... come back and THIS.... come on guys you are taking the michael... now am afraid to hit battle in case I get kicked to Co OP....... another nail in the coffin of my willingness to play your, increasingly failing game any more ! And having deleted the game, taken the time to do a complete re install, update of ALL drivers and softwares on my patently antique Ryzen System.... I come back to this........ Oh and now it happened a 3rd time AFTER re install, various updates and restarts..... me thinks that this is going to become an issue once the majority of players get on during prime time..... nice work Wargaming !
  14. cherry2blost

    Pink because Wargaming's Crap coding

    Waste of time buddy, during the week that it takes for the edit* to reply to a ticket I would have lost too much premium time to actually give a crap anymore *Edit: Language please
  15. cherry2blost

    CV Rework Discussion

    I forsee 500+ pages and still edit* won't do a thing....... game is now broken beyond reasonable repair and it is my belief that an organised, mass, chargeback on premium time and items is the only way that anything will get done *edit: insult