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  1. cherry2blost

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    Dude, you should display your stats, revel in them they are yours and only yours... no one can take them away from you, hiding them denies you of being yourself.... come on buddy if you suck that badly at least revel in it.... Oh and the give away was the "thanks to their 3man divisions"....... you are in a clan (well sort of) and should be able to find a buddy to division up with (or maybe 2) unless you are that pillock whom the whole clan hates, or the one who refuses to come onto whatever comms your clan uses.... sound familiar? well time to gitgud my friend !!!!
  2. cherry2blost

    Community Competition - Design A Patch


    Actually @Tuccy it's really nice seeing these guys WiP... you should let people post them here then enter them when finished. Whereas my artistic skills equate to stick men, it is a pleasure to see how a real artist @klakier1311_steel builds a work of art up.....nice job so far klak...... maybe you would take a look at our clan Logo and see what you could do with it
  3. cherry2blost

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Off the top of my head (ignoring the first 5) Supercrates are as follows.... 250x Premium Speed Boost 250 x Anti Detonation Flags 250 x +5% speed Flags 250 x Anti Flooding Flags 50.000 Free XP Lots of 5 x flags though...............