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  1. Exodude

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Heya, I was wondering if you still had room for another enthusiast! Would love to hear from you guys!
  2. Exodude

    If I were a Supertester

    If I were a superte- Oh wait...
  3. Exodude

    Battleship Accuracy test

    I guess, I meant the whole thread, but that includes it I guess
  4. Exodude

    Tier X - best choice ?

    His loss
  5. Exodude

    Battleship Accuracy test

    Wait, what?
  6. Exodude

    Tier X - best choice ?

    If you're going to make a thread like this, at least add the IJN ships to the poll. This way all people can voice their opinions and not just those that think USN ships are best.
  7. I think you have more luck talking to a tree right now, WG made up their mind regarding mods and this thread wont change that :|
  8. Exodude

    Can i play with the pro´s please?

    No, you may not.
  9. The Modder tears in here are absolutely delicious! My official stance on the matter is that mods don't belong in a competitive game, none aaaaaat alllll Also, they seem to be trying really hard to not listen to Wargaming and only make it worse :3 ~Competitive Integrity~
  10. Exodude

    [NSFW] South Korean Armed Forces

    Soo, this is pure straight down military porn that I just had to share with you guys: In glorious 1080p offcourse
  11. Exodude

    About "free xp-ing" ships

    At least go through the trouble of filling it out you lazy bum...
  12. Exodude

    Main "playstyle" of the IJN BB's?

    Nippon Banzai, just charge the enemy to death, it is the only honourabru way!
  13. Exodude

    "Stop sailing in straight line."

    This thread is golden tbh :3
  14. Exodude

    Thoughts of the Nagato?

    They would be apart from the fact that all the gunners are cross-eyed