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  1. m4st3r

    Aufruf gegen Flaming/Hating

    Also ich hatte wirklich nicht vor, noch was zum Thema zu schreiben. Aber da muss ich es tun. Meine Großväter, mein Lieber, haben beide gegen die Nazis gekämpft, du brauchst mir nicht zu erzählen, was Nationalsozialismus ist, OK? So spar dir bitte deine Wiki-Zitate. Die Frage war: wenn wir alle in Europa, und insbesondere die Deutschen, so sehr furchtbar empfindlich und empört sind, über das, was damals passiert ist, wieso lassen wir zu, dass sich der Faschismus schon wieder massiv im Osten Europas verbreitet? Wir lassen das nicht nur zu, nein, die Bundesregierung unterstützt und fördert sogar diese Verbreitung, mit unseren Steuern. Und bitte, lass den "wählen-gehen"-Spruch, OK? In einem Vasallenstaat wie Deutschland (sowie die gesamte EU), bringen Wahlen nichts. "Wenn Wahlen etwas ändern würden, dann wären sie verboten". Also - weiter brav den Kopf in den Sand stecken, während die Faschisten im Osten täglich unschuldige Menschen umbringen und so langsam aber sicher den 3. WK provozieren. Hauptsache wir regen uns über 15-jährige pubertierende, pickelige Vollpfosten auf, die Schwachsinn im Chat eines Spiels schreiben. P.S.: Hey, und noch eine letzte Frage an die Scheinheiligen hier - werden wir, eines Tages, auch unseren Enkeln erzählen "aber wir haben damals nicht gewusst, was da passierte"? MfG und viel Spaß beim Zocken.
  2. m4st3r

    Aufruf gegen Flaming/Hating

    So, so. Echt komisch dieses Deutschland. Wenn jemand, in einem blöden Spiel, irgendwelchen Nazi-Schwachsinn quasselt, ist er gleich der Depp der Nation, ein Bösewicht, der sofort aus dem Verkehr gezogen werden muss!1! Wenn aber eine deutsche Regierung und eine Bundeskanzlerin offen und mit Millionen von deutschen Steuergeldern eine faschistische Regierung unterstützt, die die Macht nach einem Putsch ergriffen hat, dann interessiert sich kein Mensch. Wie nennt man so was? Heuchelei, Doppelmoral? Sind die Deutschen die größten Heuchler Europas?
  3. m4st3r

    Well, Patch 0.4.0. just killed my install

    Same problem here. I do not have mods, and I still can't start the game. Launcher works fine, but when I press "play", nothing happens. I installed the public test too, now I'm screwed.
  4. Als ich den Artikel sah, dachte ich aber sofort an Sheldon Coopers Youtube-Serie "Spaß mit Flaggen"
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  6. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    Good news folks! The new patch is there and the devs decided to listen to the huge majority of players, complaining about the silly capping mechanism. Now the capping speed is reduced! I will test it later, but that sounds really fantastic!
  7. m4st3r

    The game hates me

    Forget about BBs and CVs guys, thats the key. If you want to have fun and win sometimes, just forget about them. Because in a game where 3 out of 4 battles are domination battles, with such a (lets say strange) capping mechanism, those ships are totally useless. Use destroyers and you will win again. Because a DD has a much bigger influence on the outcome of a battle, compared to BB. Don't forget, this game is about capping A, B and C, not about shooting and doing damage... When I was playing first with battleships, CVs and CAs at the beginning, I was trying to do damage instead of capping and I had 39% win ratio. After switching to DDs (I dont play BBs and CVs at all at the moment) and changing my game style (cap cap cap!!1!1!!), my stats started to raise slowly again and now I am at 47%. Hopefully I will get 50%, some day...
  8. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    My point is - a player has a much bigger influence on the outcome of a domination battle with a DD than with a BB or a CV. My team just won a battle only because I was swimming around like a crazy duck with my Nicholas and captured bases B and C 3 times... After I quit playing with BBs and CVs (stopped at Fuso and Independence), I really started to have big fun with this game again! Even after losing or after draws. So, there is my advice for all new captains, who: - want to have fun- want to get huge amount of credits and XPs- want to be able to affect the outcome of a battle- even want to win now and then FORGET about BBs and CVs! Those ships are absolutely redundant in a game where the majority of the battles are domination battles. Forget about them and take the ultimative fun machine - the destroyer! Here are some screens of my recent funny DD battles*: * Please note, that I'm still a pretty n00b DD player. Just imagine what a skilled DD player could do!
  9. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    Very nice post, 3Form, thx. It reminds me of something: If you want to have some fun and be successful, forget about BB, forget about CV. The current state of the game forces you to use DDs and CAs only. BBs and CVs are totally redundant, because as we already know, its all about capping/recapping and BBs and CV are not the best ships for this thing. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the good players with good stats here in forum and see what kind of ships they are using... So, I just decided to stop the BB line at Fuso and the CV line at Independence. I will try to improve my game with DDs and CAs instead. Happy capping folks!
  10. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    I played some battles today too and there was lots of whine against our beloved but - lets be honest - failed domination mode. There was even a battle where a guy was spamming in chat and calling for boycott of it... I know, we - "whiners" - are too retarded and damn stupid to undesrstand the brilliant vision of the Devs and some of our much appreciated alpha and super testers, regarding the implementation of this great mode and that our opinion cant be that important for such great minds, but still I have to warn you - be prepared guys! There will be massive whine waves, comming straight against you. So, dear cap-bigots, its better to act now and spare us all this inevitable whine, because, as we all know from WoT - "whiners" always win and Devs always resign at the end. So, do it the right way now, when you still have time to adjust and tune things. WoWS has a huuuuge potential and could become such a great game! Don't let it end like WoWP! By the way, 2,06% of my battles are draws. Just wanted to share it with you.
  11. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    Absolutely true. Thats the sentence which summarizes the current situation! At the moment its all about capping. And I can tell you the real reason for the implementation of the capping mechanism the way it is working now. All that talking about how this game will create a new super smart, mega intelligent blue-eyed and blonde-haired community without any WoT n00bs (because "they are another "demographic" group"...), how people will learn to adapt and to act the way they should is - I beg your pardon - b***sh*t. The real reason is very simple - as I already said, Devs know that the huge majority of the new WoWS community will be the good old zombie WoT player base. Devs understand very well, that the dark red siemka Hero Hans/John/Ivan/Jarek/Francesco, who cant hit a still-standing Maus from 50 meters in WoT, will NEVER EVER be able to hit something in his entire WoWS career. So, they decided to make it possible for absolutely everyone and his dog to win a game, without the need of shooting and hitting even once, without the need of skill. Thats the real reason. Once again - NOONE here is against capping. Capping SHOULD be PART of this game. BUT! As Panzerschreck1985 wonderfully said: capping SHOULD be an OPTION to win a game, NOT the WHOLE POINT of the game. And I have a suggestion - if Devs decide to keep the current situation when game goes officially online (which will be a mistake in my opinion), then at least make it like in WoT - add the option to switch off the domination mode. Cheers!
  12. m4st3r

    Remove the cap system...

    Sounds great. The only problem is, that 95% of the future WoWS player base will be the good old WoT player base... Which says a lot, doesn't it? The huge majority of those WoT players will not care about thinking "of the big picture". Some will just want to relax and have some fun after work, other will be simply too stupid for this game. You would maybe say - well, its the same issue in WoT and in any other team based online game, where is the problem? Not exactly - the problem in WoWS will be the additional frustration, which will be artificially implemented by the Devs if the current capping mechanism stays the way it is now. Just think about it - even though the random WoT solo battles are really horrible, good players still keep playing them. Why? Because there is still some kind of satisfaction after a great but lost battle. The good player thinks - "hey I did 8 kills, 10 k dmg, 120 reset points, I did what I could. I'm great, but my team was retarded." He is angry about the loss, about the teammates, but hes not frustrated! I know a lot of unicums who don't care if the battle is won or not - the only thing important for them is the damage and how good they were in that battle. Such a thing will never happen in WoWS. A good player in a BB for example just won't have the chance of such a great game, because he will never have the time for it. And when this happens a lot, those players will get frustrated for sure. Ok, and what about the bad players who can't or refuse to learn, to adapt? Well, they will be frustrated too. In WoT they have plenty of time - they can watch the way the wheels and tracks of their shiny tanks are rotating, they can sit in some bush enjoying the scenery around, may even shoot a couple of times to hear the gun sound... What will they do in WoWS? Not even reached the corner of the map and the battle is over, wtf? So, in my opinion, the capping mechanism could stay, but it should definitely be reworked, especially in the domination mode. I don't remember having a single good battle (doesn't matter if win or loss) in this mode.