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  1. Fakiru

    Romania players only

    Nu exista.
  2. Fakiru

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Very nice gesture ! Name:Fakiru Ship:Arizona
  3. You may be overqualified.
  4. Fakiru

    The "Ask an Expert" Thread

    What is the best ship in the game?
  5. 1.37k is quite a lot of hp for a benson 2."Kill securing" doesnt matter all that much.Avg exp on the other hand says a lot more.
  6. Fakiru

    Romania players only

    Cum sa va dea invite daca inca nu exista clanuri?Si sezonu de tb e gata.
  7. Im curious about how would omni fare against F3.They are the best,aren't they?
  8. Hi!My name is Ender and I am 21 years old.I mostly play battleships(got both yamato and montana).I can also play cruisers.I am looking for a clan where i can improve my skills and get competitive.My favourite tier 8 ships are tirpitz/atago but i have all premium tier 8's.If needed i can buy back the nc/amagi.Also,i have the mogami/admiral hipper/lo yang.Cheers
  9. Fakiru

    Please delete, old post

    Hi!I would like to join your clan.I mostly play battleships(got both yamato/montana).I can play cruisers aswell.I am looking for a clan where i can improve my skills and also have fun.I have the kutuzov as you asked and also many other prems(tirpitz included).We can talk in game/facebook if you want.Cheers
  10. Fakiru

    Romania players only

    sims e tier 7
  11. Pentru limba romana,apasati tasta 1.