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    Clan NNA, looking for competetive players for Clan Battles

    Hello fellow captains. We are still looking for new players.
  2. KopfloserReiter

    Clan NNA sucht neue aktive Spieler für Clan Battles

    Wir suchen weiterhin aktive Spieler
  3. Hello WOWS Community, We are a friendly but ambitioned Clan and currently looking for more active players for division play and Clan Battles. We played in Storm League and want to get further this Season Useful Tier 10 Ship required We use Discord for communication- We want players with decent win rate on their Tier 10's. For further information just ask, or contact me ingame. Regards Kopfloser Reiter
  4. KopfloserReiter

    Clan NNA sucht neue aktive Spieler für Clan Battles

    Die neue Clan Season hat begonnen. Wir haben noch Platz.
  5. KopfloserReiter

    Clan NNA sucht neue aktive Spieler für Clan Battles

    Die Clan Season beginnt am 28. November. Wir haben noch Platz.
  6. Hallo liebe WoWs Spieler, Der Clan Naval Noob Armada, (vormals Gold Ranking) war ein halbes Jahr etwas weniger aktiv und sucht nun einige fleißige und kompetetive Spieler für die kommenden Clan Seasons. Das Ziel wäre an jedem Clan Battle Tag potentiell die Möglichkeit zu haben Gefechte durchzuführen. Wir sind ein lustiger, aber ambitionierter Haufen und freuen uns über neue aktive Spieler. Wenn du interessiert bist, hier sind die Voraussetzungen: Discord und Headset vorhanden (und aktive Nutzung) -Mindestens ein relevantes Tier 10 Schiff mit Winrate 55+ -Hohe Aktivität und Wille sich zu verbessern. -Verfügbarkeit zu den Clan Battle Zeiten. -Gute Laune, auch wenn es mal nicht so gut läuft. -Du sprichst englisch. (Ein Teil der Spieler kommt aus anderen Ländern.) Für weitere Infos und ein paar Testgefechte schreib mich inGame an und oder bewerbt euch direkt beim Clan. Vielen Dank fürs Lesen.
  7. KopfloserReiter

    Chat server hamsters on strike again

    Deadlocked in a Division. That is fun.
  8. Hello everyone at Wargaming at community, This game is really great and i enjoy playing it since May this year. It is already a lot of fun and i want to add some personal insight. Problem : Most players seem to have no plan where to go in a battle and drive randomly around, engage alone or just stay there afk, maybe because they missed the start of the game. Solution Ideas: AFK Players. After 15 seconds of no input (no mouse movement, keyboard, disconnect etc, an Bot takes over and uses the Ship as good as possible.Since the player is afk or not playing, no credits and no XP should be awarded for hits, destroyed planes, caps etc, but at least the team won't suffer from the imbalance of AFK Players. Besides a tutorial to show players how to use their ships classes, i would love to see various improvements. For Example. Bonus XP for fulfilling your ships Main Purpose (for example a CV get more credits and more XP for killing planes, which would players focus on doing what they are supposed to do. Another Idea, Admirals. One player of each team will be appointed admiral when the game starts. He can then plan (visible on the minimap) which points to cap, which position to defend. Fulfilling these orders could grant bonus XP and Credits again. It should be easy commands, so it won't distract the team from the battle. For Example evey admiral could have 3 active orders and change them if needed or one is achieved. Debuff players who stay on border of the map, for example, make all their shots miss, make them slower, let the ship take damage which increases with time, bounce the ship back into the map, Just do something to decrease the number of map border abuses. Some other small ideas Show All damage Done on the right side of the UI, divided in AP, HE, Fire Damage, etc. Make it possible to see which upgrades can be built in ships you have not unlocked Add Champaign's as in WOT to help players understand their classes Add Feedback if a reported player got punished and how. Decrease the gold cost for fully retraining a captain on a ship, depending on how many skill points he has Show the ship name on the minimap next to its icon DON'T ADD GOLD AMMO Give carriers more room to customize their squad setup Reward Blocked Damage with some XP and Creds Reward Spotting as in WOT , for example if some ships is hit, that your team can just see because of you, you get a part of XP and Credits for that. Well this is it for the beginning, i am sure other players will follow up. Regards.