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    Mouse won't Click on anything

    Thank you very much! Typical Comodo being overly cautious, now I can get back to working my way to the Bismark :D
  2. SPIKER602

    Mouse won't Click on anything

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new to all this forum stuff. Have been playing WoWS for a few weeks/couple months now without any issues whatsoever (Default settings, never change anything). That was until I logged in today and the mouse will not allow me to click on anything. The mouse works perfectly on any other program (including WoT) but once I have loaded the login page for WoWS I cannot click Login. I can, occasionally, press Enter to move to the Port Page (the main page once you log in) however this doesn't change anything as I still cannot click anything. It was working perfectly fine when I was online yesterday. I have had a look on Google (and these forums) but the only recommendations I have seen are all 'wait for patch' etc. Thanks for any help!