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  1. varis

    Team Battles!

    One word: When? They didn't give us any indication of this. Also, it sounds like they are trying out some rather interesting ideas. I would make the teams more flexible though - allow more members, allow more mercenaries, etc. Perhaps the games should be larger too. I thought the company format in WoT was ... well, if not great then at least pretty decent! This is something they should have included at release.
  2. varis

    "Free to play" depends how you look at it....

    You, Sir, are the reason why they made it like this. Just be happy that the CEO can buy a new mercedes and WGN will be rolling something similar in the years to come - or, if you really like to play your ship that much - keep improving WoWS over the years.
  3. The true reason is extra storage space for the officers' wine and the crew's beer! Same thing as most tanks have those metallic shelves above the tracks. Also they can be used to store misbehaving PoWs and crewmen.
  4. varis

    OP by design?

    So, according to the infovid, soviet dessys will outclass the others. Shifty game design or just marketing?
  5. varis

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    Hit me with all the ferocity of a wet towel. Something might come over time of ranked mode though. But what they have in the pipeline is more exciting, I think.
  6. Thanks for the summary. Good to hear that team items are on the list. IMO they should be high on the list.
  7. varis

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Well, TBH it was a small thing as it's only 10 eur. But it's quite weak from WG, bad sales/marketing and also not good for PR. It's actually a bit funny they didn't cash in with some big offer (unless it was that cash + gold package, but didn't look so inviting to me and wasn't going to sink another 80 eur...). Usually F2P companies seem to offer that mega-bundle to milk the community - combine big discount with big price tag and you're making millions. Then again the whole release was quite unassuming. I suspect there is some deal between Wargaming and the developer which nicely screws the latter over with its tricky conditions. But that's just my uneducated speculation.
  8. You mix dead and released, but I agree that the game was released a few months too early.
  9. varis

    Newbie - help/Observations

    Check the good players thread for some evidence that win rates are indeed managed. Personally I have not noticed, there are streaks of course but good and bad "teams" is pretty much the essence of randomness.
  10. Slow firing, slow moving is a problem? Why do you want to play a class you don't like AND still insist on having an easy life? IMO it's very good game design if success requires some skills. And skills are evened out already by the BB RNG.
  11. varis

    Looking for advice for faster progression

    It depends a bit on how much you play and how long the investment should last. Stunt here may have given you the optimal solution. Another option could be getting as much gold you can, and buy 1 month premiums time to time (maybe the murmansk too). Forget the higher cost premiums, above your budget and not sure if they are that better? It depends if you need the murmansk either. Murmansk is nice if you like playing in an OP all-around cruiser that has very long gun range. There's also the flag package with 115 flags, you could consider that as an alternative to premium if you don't much for a while. the -5% repair cost flag probably comes in handy only beyond tier 7 or so.
  12. varis

    Experience per battle

    Alright, that explains it. And why on earth, it's getting useless indeed. Hmm kawachi at 1.2k average? I knew I can't be THAT good!
  13. varis

    Are you having fun with carriers?

    So far I haven't seen such play from US carriers. You could try and lure them to friendly AA.
  14. varis

    Experience per battle

    Have they changed the calculation? Mine seems to have skyrocketed in just a week or so. Like 700 -> 1150 per battle. Or is there some funny bug when your premium expires?
  15. varis

    The Myogi to Kongo

    The myogi is still lackluster after the patch, pls buff.